Edsall pleased with Brown in first practice since injury

August 05, 2013 | WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall


On tight end Andrew Isaacs’ injury:

“He’s fine. I don’t think there are any issues there. There were a couple guys I was worried about coming out today. I wasn’t sure how much [Stephen] Grommer would do, but he did quite a bit. We’ll get Daniel [Adams], Silvano [Altimirano] and Bradley [Johnson], the guys who had surgery this summer, worked into things. They were doing individuals today, so hopefully we can get them into the team periods when the doctors will allow us.”


On place kicking:

“It was very inconsistent. Brad [Craddock] started off really well and all of a sudden he got into a rut. There’s guys there that have legs and they have the ability, now it’s that focus and concentration and doing the same thing all the time.  Brad’s the guy, but we’ll continue to kick them quite a bit, we’ll chart it all, and however it plays out we’ll run the numbers, and whoever you get a good feel from a confidence standpoint [plays].”


On defensive back Will Likely:

“I’ve liked Will since he got here. He’s got some innate ability that you can’t coach; instincts and knowledge of the game. I think Will’s going to be a good one for us. He’s in that mix to be a contributor this year.”


On quarterback C.J. Brown:

“You could tell that he felt comfortable doing the things that he had to do. He didn’t do any team work during the spring. I’m sure he’s got more confidence after today. The timing and things like that will be much better the next time we come out.”


On the quarterbacks coming off injury:

“I thought they moved well. We’ll see how they are in the morning, see if there’s any soreness. I thought they all moved well and didn’t show any ill effects in terms of limping or favoring the leg. We’ll find out a little more in the morning after getting off the leg. But I don’t anticipate any issues.”


On quarterback C.J. Brown throwing the ball:

“I thought he did well. I thought all the guys kind of had their moments, typical first day. The little things today were just in terms of getting out and rolling and throwing it on time, trying to get it to the right shoulder. All that stuff will come. I thought he threw the ball well. For the most part they threw the ball well, they may not have hit all the reads, but I thought the velocity and all those things were good today.”


On the wide receivers Deon Long and Stefon Diggs:

“You can see Deon is a talent as well. To be able to have a weapon that is only going to enhance us and it’s going to make people play a little bit more straight. If they want to go and turn their coverage to Stefon, you have a guy opposite of him that can really do damage and if they want to roll to him then you’ve got Stefon. We’ve got some guys. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.”


On Taivon Jacobs, Zach Dancel and DeAndre Lane’s injuries:

“Taivon’s still coming off the knee and we knew that coming in. Zach ended up having a hamstring, but that happened last week. He was working out and that happened during the week that they were home. DeAndre tweaked his hamstring a little bit. But I saw some things out of him I really liked. He tweaked that, so he’ll probably be on the shelf for a couple days. But Taivon, again, I’m not sure exactly when he’ll be back. He’s got to get a little bit stronger, but he’s made really good progress in the six weeks that he was here in the summertime.”


On his impression of offensive lineman Ryan Doyle:

“It gives us a chance to get Ryan in there and see what he can do and try to hopefully get him some confidence and get him some more reps. Hopefully we don’t have the injury, but at least we do get him that work. You look at these things and what it does, it’s unfortunate some of those things happen, but it also opens up some opportunities for other people. So we get a chance to see them and then if they do have to play, [we know] what they’re good at and what we can highlight with them.”