Edsall says Maryland players excited about move to Big Ten

November 20, 2012 | WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening Statement:

“Before I begin I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. This weekend we play North Carolina, which is a team with a very fast paced offense. When you take a look at it, there are a lot of similarities between their offense and our offense, and same thing on defense. They are terrific offensively and they have an outstanding quarterback. Another guy, who you don’t really hear about, is their left guard Jonathan Cooper, who is outstanding and is one of the best. They have been able to generate a lot of points, so we have a tremendous challenge defensively. They also have a defense that will bring pressure and they have a lot of good athletes. Going to their place is also a challenge because they have a very good environment but our guys are going to be ready to go. It is the last time that our 17 seniors get to put on a Maryland uniform so we want to make sure that we can go down there and finish on a high note and go into the off-season with a good taste in our mouths.”

On the reaction of the team to Maryland joining the Big Ten and if it was a distraction:

“They good thing for us was that the announcement came on our day off, so there was no distraction from our normal routine. The team was really excited about it, but all of that has now been decided and is done and over with. All of our attention today is focused on North Carolina so we just have to go to the practice field and take care of our preparations. Everything is pretty much normal for us, which how we need to have it.”

On what he is thankful for this season:

“I am thankful for these players, our seniors, and everybody else. All of the things that we want to do as a program are growing and getting better. I am thankful for the kids we were able to redshirt. I saw some numbers the other day of where they were in September and where they are now here in November in terms of the weight that they have put on and the strength that they have gained. I just know that everything is headed in the right direction. The players know it, the coaches know it, the recruits know it, and it is just unfortunate that we were beset with the injuries, but the will and the spirit of these guys has never wavered. They continue to do all of the things that are expected of them to be outstanding players in an outstanding program.”

On if he has seen the same sort of focus from the seniors this week:

“Yes I have. Statistics tell you that this will be the last time that [many of them] will play, not only for Maryland, but also for their careers. The one thing that I try to instill in our guys is to never have any regrets. I know that none of our players are going to have any regrets about not giving everything that they have. When you walk off that field, it is over for at least another year. For our seniors it could be over for good. I think what you always want to do is when you are ending the season or ending your college career you want to be able to walk off the field knowing that you gave everything that you had to help your team win. I know that all of our guys will do that.” 

On his own memories and thoughts from the last game he played in his college career:

“I do have some memories. It was a bowl game and it was a great experience. For me, I knew it was the last time I was ever going to put the uniform on and play so it is all about going out there and helping your team win and to know that you are part of something special. They are all winners regardless, but what you want to do is make sure that you can walk off winning on the scoreboard.”

On if he thinks Maryland can compete in the Big Ten:

“I don’t think there is any doubt. There is no doubt we can compete and do well in the Big Ten. That is all due to recruiting, developing players, and players understanding what the expectations are. People will always have their opinion. But the only opinions that really matter to me are the ones in the building that are going out there each and every day and doing the things necessary in order to win. We will be fine. We will have the right people here, we will have talent, and we will develop talent in order to ensure that we are going to be competitive and win.”

On if he touched base with the recruits:

“Yes we did. There are no issues. Monday is the big night for us, with regards to recruiting, so we were able to touch base with them and tell them exactly what went on. Just like with everyone else, these kids react to the news, but when you get a chance to talk it through with them we can clear the whole thing up. We do not have any issues with recruiting due to the change in conferences.”

On his initial reaction to joining the Big Ten:

“I was ecstatic. I thought it was a home run for the university and I thought it was great for the athletic department. I really wanted to commend our leadership for making the tough call. It takes a lot of guts to do that. If you take everything and look at it, this was a decision where there was no way they could pass up this opportunity. It really enhances this university academically and financially, and it helps the student-athletes in a big way. It will allow the athletic department to better serve and better fund the student athletes and their programs in terms of what they need. I think the academic affiliation also helps our professors and gives them better resources so be able to go and be better. When you have a situation where you are given an opportunity to enhance that many constituents, you really cannot walk away. In the ever-changing world of college athletics, it is great to be involved with forward thinkers who see where everything is going to go so that you do not get left behind. I was just happy for everybody and it made this institution that much better and that much stronger and it will make this athletic department that much better.”


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