Edsall says no separation in race to backup QB Brown

August 14, 2013 | WNST Staff



Head Coach Randy Edsall


On the competition for the second quarterback spot:

“I want to see Ricardo [Young], Perry [Hills], and Caleb [Rowe] because I have no idea right now who our number two QB is because no one has really separated themselves. So I thought it would be a good day today to get those guys involved with the first unit and evaluate them because within the next day or two we have to move forward. I’ve got to make a decision on who the number two is so I can get him all the reps that we got to get him to be prepared to play in a game so that’s why I did what I did today. C.J. [Brown], I know what he can do, but I have to find out who the number two guy is and get this thing widdled down and get that guy ready to play and get the third guy some work because we just can’t give five guys work moving forward.”


On if any of the quarterbacks separated themselves today:

“I don’t think anybody separated themselves today. I wasn’t real impressed with things today. I think there were a couple things that they did well, but then there were mistakes that they make that you don’t think they should make. Again, it’s not just off of today. We scrimmaged the other day and have that for another evaluation and have really every day that were out here practicing. It’s not just what you see taking place on the field, but it’s also how are they managing the huddle. Are they getting the things translated from the sideline to the field, and getting the plays off and all those sort of things. There’s a lot that goes into it. But this gave us another pretty good evaluation to evaluate those three guys.”


On the offensive line:

“I think they’ve made progress. Not enough consistency yet. But I think there’s been a lot of progress made from the first day and I feel as though we’ve got the guys in the right position. We got Mike Dunn, back up left tackle, and have Ryan Doyle over there with Nick Klemm. I think that’s going to be a battle to see which one of those two guys will be a starter by the [Aug.] 31. Ryan Doyle, I thought he has improved and been playing a lot better this preseason then he showed before. He moved to right tackle and Dunn’s at left. Again, I think that were solid with [Mike] Madaras at left, [De’Onte] Arnett at left guard, Sal [Conaboy] at center, [Andrew] Zeller at right guard, and then I think we’re going to continue to evaluate that right tackle spot with Ryan Doyle and Nick Klemm.”


On what is driving the competition at right tackle:

“I think it’s probably more of a product of what Ryan’s [Doyle] doing. I think he’s doing better than he did before and again the other thing too is sometimes people open the door for you as well. I think it’s probably a combination, but I think it’s more of what Ryan’s doing than anything [Nick Klemm is doing].”


On Ryan Doyle’s improvement:

“I think he’s got a little bit more confident. He’s doing the things we’re asking him to do from a technique standpoint and I thought that was the thing that was really holding him back before. He’s a try-hard guy and he’s got ability, but I think that he’s gotten better at the techniques and fundamentals of that position and that’s allowed him to be better.”


On A.J. Hendy getting reps with the first team defense:

“They’re switching. A.J. and Sean [Davis] are still switching, so nobody has established themselves as the starter there yet. We still have that competition going from A.J. and Sean, it just so happened that today was A.J.’s day to work with the ones. Again, that’s something that we’ll continue to evaluate. We know both of them are going to have to play for us in the different packages that we use. That one will probably go down to game week, and we’ll see if someone separates themselves. We still have a couple more scrimmages where we can evaluate those guys”


On Anthony Nixon:

“Anthony’s doing good. He’s coming along. You can see that having a year under his belt he’s more confident, more talkative and a better communicator. The thing with Anthony is that he’s a smart kid. He really understands the defense and what’s expected out of him.”


On Amba Etta:

“I thought that he started off pretty well and then we got the pads on and he had to get adjusted to those a little bit, but I think he’ll be steady and be solid for us. He’s just going to continue to get better. He’s a long strider. He can catch the ball in a lot of different areas, but the thing is his ability to go up and get the ball and his ability to run certain routes.”


On Will Likely.

“Will’s very competitive. Will plays with a ton of confidence and everyday he’s out here working to get better. When you look at corner, we’ve got five guys who can play. We’ll just have to see how it continues to play out and where we might be able to fit him in, but he’s a very good football player.”


On who has surprised him the most:

“Probably Jacquille Veii [has surprised the most]. I think he’s probably made the biggest impression on me out here. I just hope he continues it. Right now he’s the No. 3 tailback, and you’re going to have to have three that are ready to play.”


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