Edsall says QB Brown will “be good” to return Saturday

November 05, 2013 | WNST Staff


Head Coach Randy Edsall 

Opening Statement:

“It is good to get back out to playing again this week, after having last week off. We got a chance to work on some things and get some guys back in the fold. We’ll see how the rest of the guys do this week with practice and we’ll see where we are with these injuries coming back. We’re playing a very hard nose and physical football team. We have to be ready to stop the running game on defense and handle their quarterback, Terrel Hunt, who is getting better at running the plays. They have an aggressive, attacking and blitzing defense that we’re going to go up against on Saturday. We need to make sure that we have a good week of preparing and understanding all of the things that we could see and will see. We have to make sure we go out and don’t turn the ball over, so we can give ourselves an opportunity to win and make sure that we can get some turnovers to help us win.”


On facing his alma mater:

“I have great feelings. I love the place. They gave me an opportunity to get my education and start my coaching career. I have very fond memories. I spent 15 years of my life playing and then coaching. I met my wife there and she got the better end of that deal. It’s always a place that will have a special place for me. All of the friends that I have from there are special. So, you just worry about what you’ve got to control in terms of getting ready to play the game this week. “


On the left tackle position with the departure of Mike Madaras:

“Moise [Larose] is at left tackle, [Ryan] Doyle is at right tackle, Jake Wheeler is the backup at left and Nick Klemm is the backup at right. I feel really good about it.

“Situations come up and you deal with him. Moise is the best guy to play that position for us, so he’s out there. I know that we’ll do a good job and he’s been working hard. He’ll give everything that he has and I’ve been impressed with him since he’s come in here. Sometimes people get pressed with things maybe a little bit quicker than they would like to, but that is part of the game. You’ve got to adapt and overcome those situations.”


On Syracuse:

“Watching them on tape, defensively they are very aggressive. They do a lot of blitzing and give you a lot of different looks. [Jay] Bromley has eight sacks. Their linebackers, Cameron Lynch, Marquis Spruill and Dyshawn Davis, are very active. Those guys run really well and the secondary is sound and solid. That’s the thing when you watch their defense. They put pressure on you and give you a lot of different looks. Offensively, they’ve made a change for the Wake Forest game and moved Ashton Broyld to the outside and brought in the young man, [Brisly Estime], to play in the slot. He caught some balls for them and had some good plays. They like to run the ball and a big thing that you’ve got to be able to do is stop the run. With their running backs, [Jerome] Smith and [Prince]-Tyson [Gulley], rushing for almost 200 yards a game. To add to that, I am extremely impressed with the videos I’ve been watching on Terrel Hunt.”


On earning their sixth win and gaining bowl eligibility:

“I told our kids. They know what they want to accomplish. They have the goals in mind of what we want to accomplish so they understand what’s there. I told them, we’re a 5-3 football team. Where we want to go is up to them. I thought we had some good practices last week and I thought Sunday they were focused. They know what’s on the line and now it’s up to them to go out and practice well this week and work to try to get the sixth win this week.”


On the health of quarterback C.J. Brown:

“He practiced last week, and hopefully barring any setback or anything this week, he’ll be good. As far as that, it’s the depth chart, that from a health stand point, it was there before as a health stand point, but now the doctors and the trainers and all them, watching him do the things, he was good. Now we just feel that’s the way it will turn out this week too.”


On place kicker Brad Craddock:

“Well, I think Brad is a great role model for everybody on our team. You see that he’s a semifinalist for the Lou Groza award this year. And you take a look at the year he had a year ago, and then to see the amount of work that he put into getting better and wanting to improve himself and never complaining or having a bad attitude, all he did was go out and work his tail off, was motivated and worked on his craft to put him in that position.”


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