Edsall says QB Young “inconsistent” in spring

March 10, 2013 | WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall


Opening statement:

“I didn’t think today was as good a day as what we’ve had so far, but again, we’re getting things installed. It’s a lot of little things. We’ve just got to keep harping on paying attention to detail; fundamentals; techniques. When you watch the film you see improvement but then you see sometimes in the next play, and you think ‘What were they doing?’ It’s consistency, and that’s what we’re striving for. We don’t have the consistency after four days that I’d like to have on either side of the ball. That’s something that we’re going to have to continue to work at and that’s why we’re out here in spring to get that accomplished.”


On the team’s progress:

“I think there are guys that have been OK, but I don’t think there’s anyone, to me, through four practices who’s nailed it each practice. Hopefully once we get all the things installed, it’ll start to come together. Once again, this is what you have spring for. For guys to work to get better, and you can see guys getting better, but it’s a matter of getting back out here. They haven’t been doing any of these things since November. We’re getting back in the swing of things and seeing them do it.”


On quarterback Ricardo Young:

“He is a good athlete, but he’s got to pay attention, master the fundamentals and technique and be exact. These are the things he’s supposed to do. He hasn’t played in a while, and now he’s getting some reps under fire. We’ve got a chance to see how he’s handled that, and I think there’s been some good things that he’s done but he’s been inconsistent through four practices.”


On injured players:

“They’re coming along. The doctor’s told me that he’s pleased with where everyone is at right now. The big thing for those guys is to continue to really work hard and continue to do what the trainers ask them to do to get themselves healthy. We know by the time we get back in August that they’ll be fully ready to go in terms of practicing.”


On the wide receivers and defensive backs:

“I think there’s really good competition for those guys. That’s the big thing for them, is to really push each other in practice. For Stefon [Diggs], Nigel [King] and Deon [Long] to push [Jeremiah Johnson] and Dexter [McDougle], and for those guys to push them. I think the other thing is, I think J.J. and Dexter know they can’t rest on their laurels because I didn’t think Alvin [Hill] had a good day today, but I thought he had been playing pretty well, and then Will Likely has been playing well. So they know there’s competition, and the thing I like is they have been competing. They don’t think they’ve got something sewn up, and that’s the mentality everybody has to have. They’ve got to come out here each and every day and look to get better. As we get that, then we get the consistency, and then everything can come together.”



On the linebackers:

“You have guys who have ability like L.A. [Goree] and Bradley [Johnson], who are guys that have experience. It’s the little things with them. Abner [Logan], Brock [Dean], Shawn [Petty] — they’re out there and you can see they have ability, but they don’t have the experience and the knowledge that they need right now. You can see that they’re going to be good, but it’s just a matter of them continuing to work at it and not getting frustrated and continuing to get better. They have that ability. It’s the same thing you can see with [Yannick Cudjoe-Virgil], and Marcus Whitfield has the experience. Cudjoe is very athletic, and then you’ve got Alex [Twine], Avery [Thompson]. You can see the difference between the guys who have played and have experience versus the guys who haven’t played. But the guys who haven’t played do have ability and they’re pushing. It’s just a matter of them getting everything down.”


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