Edsall says WR Leak dealing with hamstring issue in Spring practice

March 01, 2014 | WNST Staff


On today’s practice:

“The thing that I was really pleased with today was I thought the communication was very, very good on both sides of the ball in terms of calling things out and doing all the stuff that we were asking them to do. I thought they did a great job. That was impressive for me today.”


On Wes brown and the overall team effort during practice:

“He lost some weight and you can see, starting to get back into the swing of things. I thought overall, the communication was good. I wasn’t really pleased with some of the things, tag off, we need guys [to] get down and bend a little bit more. Technically, we’ll get better. I thought overall the effort and enthusiasm was pretty good.”


On Evan Mulrooney working at guard:

“I think the thing is it’s different than playing center. It’s just a matter of the footwork and the technique that he’s got to get down. He’s smart enough to pick everything up. Again, I thought they communicated well. I thought that was the big thing and a lot of energy out there today.”


On Matt Robinson:

“It’s good because Matt is a leader here on our football team. He’s smart, he’s experienced. That will help us come together even more as a defense. To be able to have him out here now a whole spring like this, to have that leadership and to have that knowledge on the field is going to help everybody.”


On Will Likely:

“I think what Will will do, he’ll get better in terms of knowing what he’s got to do and putting himself in the right situations. Today I saw him a couple times taking some of the younger guys and talking to them and teaching them about technique and things that they were doing wrong. I think what will happen now is Will will become more of a leader for us now having that year under his belt and doing the things that he’s done.  Just for him to take his game into another level after this spring.”


On the play of the quarterbacks:

“You can see that C.J. [Brown] feels comfortable in the system. I thought Caleb [Rowe] did some good things today. Shane [Cockerille] is a guy that just has to get everything down. He’s a little bit of a wild horse right now, but again, it will come for him. Perry [Hills] I thought did some good things today. That’s the other thing, this is the first time in the spring we’ve had quarterbacks to really work with. Again, good competition makes guys better, makes things go a lot smoother. There were a lot of expectations on those guys because they’ve all played, they all know the system. We’re not going to expect some mistakes out of those guys that maybe sometimes they’ll make. They’ve got to hold themselves to a higher standard because of the experience and the reps that they’ve had in this system.”


On communication before the snap:

“I’m looking more today for the communication and the talking that takes place before the snap. That was the thing I thought everybody did a pretty good job. Again, there were guys that made plays, guys that didn’t make plays. Overall, I was pleased. It’s good to be back out here. The guys are hungry and excited. Now we just have to keep building on it again tomorrow.”


On new assistant coaches Chad Wilt, Greg Studrawa and Keenan McCardell:

“I think they’re all exactly what I thought in terms of the kind of teachers [they are]. They all bring energy and enthusiasm out here and [they are] very sound, fundamental coaches with great knowledge of what it takes to win at this level. I thought it was fun to watch those guys out here teaching today.”


On wide receiver Marcus Leak:

“Marcus really didn’t do much today. He’s got a tight hamstring. He started off a little bit and then they put him over with the injured guys. Hopefully that will come around, but he’s experiencing a little bit of a tight hamstring right now where he really didn’t do too much today.”


On team improvements:

“I think the biggest thing is we just have to get better. We have to get better fundamentally; we have to get better with our technique and everybody understanding what they have to do in order to improve. You can run any scheme you want to run, but if you don’t get it done fundamentally and if you don’t use good technique, the schemes don’t mean anything. And to me, that’s the biggest thing that we’ve got to continue to work on and to develop our players so they can become better.”

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