Every game the Orioles win, Adam Jones makes a little more money

April 29, 2012 | Drew Forrester

If that were to happen, I assume you’d agree with me that the only way it’s possible is if Adam Jones has a career year.  If Jones produced 35 HR’s, 115 RBI and hit .306 in 2012, the Orioles might very well be competitive, given the other contributions by Matt Wieters, Nick Markakis and the team’s young, evolving pitching staff.

And if Adam Jones produced one of those career-year type seasons, how much MORE money would he command from Peter Angelos and the Orioles?

He could easily go from a $15 million-a-year player to a $20-million-per guy, and add on 3-4 more years to the deal, just by leading the Orioles from the depths of despair.

Do you give him $90 million now?

Or gamble?

Do you lock yourself in at $90 million or do you wait it out and then, perhaps, get kicked in the jewels with a $150 million contract if Jones helps the Orioles win?

It’s a $60 million trip to the poker table.

And that still doesn’t mean Jones would take it.

All of this winning is indeed fun to watch, but don’t for one second think it’s not going to come with a price.  Yes, you’d expect that the club’s revenue would go up in years to come if winning returns to OPACY.  More tickets sold=more money made, but there’s no chance the added ticket revenue would ever equal what you’d have to give to Jones, Wieters and others over the next 3-5 years.

Winning – as Peter Angelos might sadly find out – comes with a price.

In fact, losing has come with a price in Baltimore, too.  It has cost the team millions and millions of dollars in lost ticket sales and sponsorship dollars.

But this winning, where the star players who want to be paid are coming through for you in droves, is going to cost the Orioles gobs of money.

What happens then?

What happens when Peter Angelos realizes his payroll is going to have to go from $85 million to $120 million by 2015 in order to keep Jones, Wieters and one of his young stud pitchers like Arrieta or Britton?

What happens – gasp! – when the Orioles actually have to pay to keep their own talent rather than feign high-dollar offers for guys like Teixeira and Fielder just to placate the dwindling masses who still follow the team on a regular basis?

Will Angelos fork over $15 million a year to Adam Jones?  Or $20 mil?

What happens when Wieters is a free agent?  Will the Orioles sign him to one of those $200 million, 10-year deals that every other rock star seems to get these days?

The Orioles have been terrible for the better part of 14 years now.   That losing has definitely robbed them of some of their money.

But if this team winds up being competitive and Adam Jones is one of the reasons, the price of doing business is going to go up for Peter Angelos and his baseball team.

I wonder what he’ll do?