Everyone attending a MLB game this weekend gets free testosterone (why not?)

August 22, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Anyone else getting tired of baseball players cheating the system?

And cheating one another?

I mean, are you SERIOUSLY tired of it?

I am.

Maybe it’s the upcoming Presidential election that has me focused more and more on getting sold a bill of goods, since we know neither of the candidates will come even remotely close to following through on whatever they promise, but I’m getting more and more fed up with creeps like Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon breaking the rules and getting busted.

Plus, we also know this, for sure:  If you see a snake while you’re hiking the Gunpowder State Park, you know for sure there are others slithering around close by.  Snakes hang out with other snakes.  In other words, the baseball game you’re going to watch on television this weekend will feature other PED users.  That’s a given.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the Orioles vs. the Blue Jays or any other American League tilt, you can bet your bottom dollar that guys on that TV screen are on the juice.  I don’t know how many players at Oriole Park this weekend are using Testosterone, but I know without question some are.  That’s a definite.

I used to laugh at them.  Now, I’m just tired of them.

Tired of the deceit.

Tired of the wild goose chase that incurs after they get caught.

Tired of the lies.

I’m just tired of it all, knowing that no matter what rules are put in place, there will be players who try harder at circumventing the CBA than they do hitting a fastball in the 7th inning.

I heard someone in town yesterday, a media member, basically apologize for the rule breakers, saying something to the effect of “Hey, look, these guys are trying to cash in and make upwards of $100 million…if they have to use Testosterone to do it, that’s just the way it goes.”

Sure, that’s the way it goes if you’re a bum.

If the only way you can upgrade your season or your career is to put stuff in your body that the league has ruled against, then that makes you a bum.  Period.

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  1. matt Says:

    i like it

  2. Unitastoberry Says:

    If Frank Robinson did roids and hormones plus lift weights he’d have 750 homers. That puts all of this crap in perspective.

  3. joe of bel air Says:

    The Os ought to give some testosterone to Tommy Hunter for the playoff push, the way he has pitched. Even if he gets caught the suspension won’t take place till next year. Besides, who cares if Hunter got suspended for 50 games

  4. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    So right on with these Prima-Donnas, do anything to beat the system until you get caught. That’s why watching the Little League World Series is so enjoyable, just (hopefully) clean kids playing a great game.

  5. The Armchair QB Says:

    This scandalous behavior has the unintended result of casting aspersions on every player in the game today! One can no longer watch a Beltre, for example, hit 3 homer runs in four inings as he did last night without thinking that he might be cheating! In the final analysis, that could deal MLB a death knell from which it may never recover!

  6. Jason Manelli Says:

    Ha! Come on Drew, they’re not ALL bums!

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