Everyone attending a MLB game this weekend gets free testosterone (why not?)

August 22, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Melky Cabrera was having a great season before he got busted.  But he wasn’t having a great season because he suddenly started utilizing his talents.  He was having a great season because he decided the rules didn’t apply to him.  That makes him a bum.

The same goes for Bartolo Colon.  He was also having a nice season…because he was using Testosterone.  He’s a bum, too.

They’re creeps, these cheaters.  Every single one of them.

They’re not ruining baseball, by the way.  The multi-year guaranteed contract has ruined baseball.  Signing someone to a 6-year, $100 million contract and having that money be guaranteed no matter what performance is provided in those six years is so unnatural that it can’t do anything but harm the game.  So I’m not here to say steroids and testosterone are ruining the game.

But I’ll tell you what they are ruining.

They’re ruining any thought at all that what these guys do on the field is special.

They are only special if what they’re doing is natural.

Putting a bunch of stuff in your body to circumvent the rules eliminates anything natural about your accomplishments.

It makes you a bum.

So the guys we’re watching these days aren’t anything special any longer.  They make a lot of money, sleep with the prettiest girls, drive the best cars and have the nicest beach houses.  And that’s all well and good…for them.

But they’re not special athletes.

They’re lucky athletes.

Nothing more.

They’re very fortunate that along the way, as they displayed their unique talents, they sold their soul to the devil and he responded by granting them carte blanche to break the rules and create the illusion that what they do for a living is special.

They’re not special.

They’re just bums.