Everyone in MD knew you couldn’t play baseball last night — except the Orioles

April 16, 2014 | Drew Forrester

Because the Orioles don’t answer questions posed to them from the media, we don’t really know what went into their decision to wait until 5:25 pm last night to postpone Tuesday’s game at Camden Yards.

If the Ravens were forced to make some kind of similar decision about a game postponement or, even, a time change (like they did a few years ago when they changed the kick-off time of a Bears home game), their officials would make themselves available to discuss the decision and answer questions from the media.

The Orioles, of course, don’t lower themselves to discussing their decisions with the media, which means the fans never get an answer.

I can still ask the question this morning, though:  What knucklehead in The Warehouse thought it was a good idea to wait until 90 minutes before the game to call it off?

Do they not have Weather.Com at Oriole Park?

If this was August or September, I’d understand.  If last night’s game was against the Angels or Astros, I’d probably be a little more forgiving.

It’s April 15.  Tampa Bay comes to town twice more this season.  There are gobs and gobs of off-days on the calendar between now and the end of September.

Susan  sent me  an  email last night to explain her fuster-cluck situation and the not-so-surprising customer service “tip” she received from an Orioles employee.

She was coming to the game to meet her son, who was attending as part of a group from the Eastern Shore.  She called the front office at 11am and again at 3pm and was told “the game is going to be played.”  Perhaps they thought that, actually, but anyone with a brain, access to the internet and the ability to look at weather radar could have told you that was silly.  Her son’s bus departed from Cape St. Claire at 4pm.

Susan left Severna Park at 4:30 pm.

She arrived, paid to park, and got to the stadium just in time to hear the announcement the game was canceled.  She then had to track down her son, which took about twenty minutes before they connected.  Finally, she was able to get to the box office to discuss the ticket exchange policy and offer a few choice words to anyone who would listen.  An Orioles representative said to her, “That’s the risk you take buying a ticket to an April game, I guess.”

Yes, indeed.

Solid-gold customer service right there.

If you’re one of those people asking, “OK, Drew, what COULD the Orioles have done?”, I’d say this:  For starters, they could have done what the Yankees and Phillies both did.  Postpone the game at 3pm instead of 5:30 pm.  Second, knowing they were telling ticket holders (on the phone) the game would be played and to come on down to the stadium, the least they could have done was have some sort of free parking coupon made up for a future weekday game (Monday thru Thursday).  It takes twenty minutes to have an intern design a coupon and have it printed at one of the local printing shops.

That’s customer service.

Instead, because the Orioles keep their policies private, no one gets to understand the how and why; they just get the typical shabby treatment provided by an organization that would be far better served being up front with their fans rather than treating them all like they’re privileged to have a team in town and have no reason to question anything they do.


Enough of the Rolando McClain experiment.

Reports from Owings Mills indicated McClain showed up late for his private workout yesterday and was then less-than-stellar on the field, unable to even complete the conditioning part of the program.

That’s it.

No need to look at this guy any further.

See ya.


If you’re one of those folks looking for daily examples of “what’s wrong with our country and how has it gone this far downhill?”, all you have to do is read THIS STORY RIGHT HERE ABOUT CLEMSON FOOTBALL COACH DABO SWINNEY.

Shameful, really.

Another group of people interested more in their press clippings than whether or not what they’re doing is good for the culture of our country.

I’m hardly ever amazed at people anymore, but this one makes me shake my head.

Carry on Coach Swinney.  Some of us respect you.