Fantasy Super Bowl Party Invites

January 25, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

The Harbaugh Brothers


Who knows the two teams left slugging it out better than the two coaches who just had them all but beaten?



Ozzie Newsome


From the end days in Cleveland and the ouster of Belichick to the 2010 draft referendum that played out on the field on Sunday with the Kyle Boller trade in between Ozzie deserves as much credit as almost anyone for the dynasty Belichick has forged in New England, although I doubt he’d be happy to accept it.



Randy Moss


For all of the records, credentials and accolades he amassed over his career, Moss never got the ring. If the Patriots now bookend the Moss experience with rings it would be telling. This is a team that might have simply taken Moss along for the ride this season if he had just kept quiet and played nice.



Drew Bledsoe


Although I won’t be requesting (or demanding) any kisses from him. Bledsoe, a fine quarterback in his own right is now little more than the Wally Pipp to Brady’s Lou Gehrig.