Finally, finally, finally…Orioles fans are “winners”

May 25, 2012 | Drew Forrester

It’s good news all the way around.

The Orioles keep a young, budding superstar in the fold.

Adam Jones gets rich.

But, most importantly, Baltimore baseball fans are FINALLY going to claim victory.

Make no mistake about it, if the reports we’ve been hearing for the last 24 hours turn out to be true and Jones does indeed agree to a long-term extension with the Orioles sometime this weekend, the signing becomes a huge win for a beleaguered fan base.

Personally, I’m thrilled.

Jones deserves the money – whatever it turns out to be – because he’s labored here for five seasons and has suffered through more losing and more bad teammates than any man should have to endure.

The Orioles get to keep one of their best players in the fold for the next x-amount of years (at least five, maybe even six or seven) and also keep him from playing for the Yankees or Boston at the same time.

And the fans…well, they can now go to the games and feel confident that the organization is committed to fielding a good team by keeping their quality players.  Last year it was J.J. Hardy.  This season, it’s Adam Jones.  Sometime in 2013, it might be Matt Wieters.

This is how you get good.  You sign and pay good players.

For a long time, the Orioles haven’t wanted to do that.  They’ve tried to win with patchwork rosters and guys looking to play for free, and all they’ve done is lose.  And lose some more.

Signing Adam Jones is a HUGE win for the fans, because they can really start to smell the aroma of — can you believe it? — winning.

So, congratulations to all of you out there who have helped fund MASN with your $3.00 a month.  Adam Jones reaps the biggest benefit of all by earning $100 million or so via his new contract, but you wind up winning, too, because you just might get to see some winning baseball in Baltimore in the not-too-distant-future.

And that’s all the fans have ever wanted.

Winning baseball.

With Adam Jones in the fold, a major step towards that goal has been taken by the Orioles.

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  1. joe of bel air Says:

    Well said Drew.Hopefully this will be the start of 14 years of winning baseball.

  2. Dan Says:

    I was thinking Jone’s play this year was because he had incentive $$$ driving his performence ( like the old days ) when players had to produce every year . I hope he doesn’t regress. PS.. the whole team has benifited from Buck. Managers Count.

  3. eric Says:

    Dan Duquette just told R Kubatko that nothing is imminent. (DF: Duquette is lying. It’s imminent.)

  4. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    All any “fan” ever wants is to know that management is as devoted and committed to winning as they are!

  5. Oriole85 Says:

    Looks like your predictions of him playing for the Angels were wrong. What do you think Angelos woke up yesterday morning and decided to start “trying?” (DF: I didn’t know the Angels were going to spend $250 million on Pujols 2 years ago when I said Jones would eventually wind up in Anaheim. Maybe all those empty seats for years and years finally woke Angelos up. Or, perhaps, he finally realized that banking all of that MASN money he’s been taking from the people of the Mid-Atlantic isn’t helping his team get better.)

  6. Chuck Says:

    So does this mean this summer’s Free The Birds (from Angelos) has been suspended? God Bless the Orioles.

  7. BmoreBobRob Says:

    I hope it happens but I don;t want to get my hopes dashed. Wieters will be a more difficult player to sign since he is represented by Boras who likes to get the most for his players regardless of what they want to do.

    Sorry to be skeptical but I’ve been burned before as an Orioles fan. It is kind of like what happened with You Pon-I bought into the pub and the excitement and then all of a sudden it was gone. Now I am waiting on the current state of Baltimore media which Nestor promised about 4 months ago.

  8. unitastoberry Says:

    Keep winning! Lets be buyers this year!

  9. John Says:

    Time for you and Nestor to climb out from under Steve Bisciotti’s desk and start beating on them about Flacco and Rice. (DF: I would, but I’m too busy beating on the Ravens for all that losing they’ve been doing for the last 14 years. Oh, wait…)

  10. Tim Says:

    Here it comes – wait for it, wait for it – “You naysayers are not welcome back on the bandwagon.”


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