For the Harrisburg Heat, a new era has arrived

July 21, 2016 | WNST Staff

It’s a brand new era for the Harrisburg Heat.

On June 3rd, Carl Delmont, CEO of Freedmont Mortgage, was named the owner of the Heat. Several weeks later, we learned that another local figure is heading to Harrisburg as former Baltimore Blast great Denison Cabral was named their new head coach.

“The buzz has been absolutely overwhelming,” Delmont said earlier this week on “We knew right away that he was going to be a great choice. We’re very confident in his ability to coach.”

Delmont continued to discuss his new hire with Nestor Aparicio and in a perfect world, he’d like to take a page from another local championship organization’s playbook…

“He’s a student. We talk five times a day, we strategize together. You look at Ozzie (Newsome) and Steve (Bisciotti), how they have a relationship where they just get along. Not comparing us to them, but it feels so natural.”

“I’m really really happy, and the response from the fans, media, industry, and the sports world has been beyond my expectations.”

As for Cabral, it’s fair to say that this opportunity is a dream come true for someone who didn’t get to the United States until he was 19 years old.

“It’s amazing to not even think about ever playing soccer in America, and becoming a player here, growing up, and now I’ve been here longer than I was in Brazil,” Cabral said.

Cabral also discussed his relationship with his new owner and their vision for turning around this once proud franchise.

“Carl is such a nice guy,” Cabral said. “He’s a coach. It’s something that I’m very fortunate and honored to be involved with. He wants to change the face of the team. I have a good idea of what that’s going to take, and I know the history of the Harrisburg Heat with some tremendous years. Carl has a great approach. He’s positive, he’s involved in the community, and he’s willing to take this on and create major change. In the past, the situation with the organization wasn’t really the most positive one, as far as the whole set up. The players weren’t making that much money and they were competing against teams like the Baltimore Blast and the Milwaukee Wave who had full time players practicing everyday. Carl is coming in with the approach of lets be professional, lets practice everyday, lets bring in some star players from overseas. There are some big names in the league that want to be a part of this. We’re excited about building the new face of the Heat.”

To hear Nestor’s full conversations with both Carl Delmont and Denison Cabral, listen here: