Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

August 08, 2008 | Glenn Clark

I am not as positive about last night’s game as Drew is.

The ONLY thing I can say is that after last night’s game, I still don’t know that the Ravens won’t be a terrible football team in 2008.

I still don’t know that there is a QB on this roster.

I still don’t know that John Harbaugh is a competent coach in the NFL.

I still don’t know that the Ravens will win more than 4 games this season.

But I also didn’t expect to learn those things from this game. It was a preseason game. It was so irrelevant that Bill Belichick didn’t even bother to tell his players there was a game scheduled last night.

I think Kyle Boller was exactly what we know Kyle Boller can be. When plays were scripted for him on the first drive, he was fine. When he actually had to do some quarterbacking; he made mistakes.

I think Troy Smith was exactly what we know Troy Smith can be. When he was zeroed in on a receiver, he found him. When the pocket collapsed, he made things happen. But when it came to just making throws; some were WAY off. And the diving catch he made on the sidelines might have been humorous; but if he had hurt himself; he would have entered into Bill Buckner-like lore.

I think Joe Flacco was exactly what we know Joe Flacco can be. That being said, we have absolutely no idea what Joe Flacco can be, and we don’t have any better idea after last night’s game.

It WAS nice to see Fabian Washington make two picks though. That will be my one lasting image from preseason contest number 1. Heck, I’ll even forgive the Ravens for giving an actual player Jamal’s number-if Fabian can continue to play.

Overall, I’d give the first game an Incomplete. We just didn’t learn much of anything.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

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-The Ravens SHOULD be interested in Chad Pennington…if this was June. But because it is August 8; the Ravens can’t afford to disrupt their current QB carousel to give Pennington the chance to compete. Pennington is NOT a sure fire starter on this (or most other) team(s). The Ravens COULD have used a veteran on the roster; but Kyle Boller will have to do. It is just too late to make that move.

-A player to be named later might not seem like much for Chad Bradford, but finding a team to take $4.5 million worth of salary off the Orioles’ hands IS pretty significant. Bradford will help the Rays; and the money will help the Orioles……we hope. Hayden Penn deserves the chance to get into the rotation; as Dennis Sarfate really never has had the stuff to be a big league starter anyway.

-Josh Portis had a 2nd consecutive good day in practice? This reminds me of when he won the Heisman Trophy for me last year as my QB in NCAA Football 2008 on Playstation. Can someone get me a Portis jersey? I’m also going to need a Fabian Washington jersey while you’re shopping.

-I will admit-I will probably take some time to watch the Olympics. It is a shame that I don’t know when Michael Phelps’ important races are on live; as I would actually like to watch them. I’m hoping to find some sort of “Phelps TV Schedule” online somewhere.

-The Ravens are helping to honor the ’58 Colts and the Greatest Game Ever Played in ’58? Can they also foot the bill for a ’66 World Series celebration?

-Best of luck to Terry Hasseltine in trying to lure more major sporting events to Maryland. Make sure they build you the arena first.

Talk to you Monday, have a great weekend.