Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

January 08, 2010 | Glenn Clark

Happy Friday!

Let me start by saying “Thank You” to everyone who came out to our Brian Billick “Milkshake Social” at Chick-Fil-A Nottingham Square last night. It was a TREMENDOUS turnout, and a very cool event. A SPECIAL “Thank You” to Steve Pavlovsky-the Godfather of Chick-Fil-A Nottingham Square, who I believe I managed to convince to adopt me last night. Steve also took the time after our event to show me a Chick-Fil-A Chicken sandwich secret, called “Carolina Style.” For those wanting the inside info, these are your ingredients……


….You’ll thank me. Let’s see what everyone has to say…..

1.’s Nestor Aparicio thinks Ravens fans aren’t fired up for playoffs

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I guess I have to agree-but I’m certainly understanding of fans who don’t decide to invest the money in a 9-7 team that has gotten questionable play in a number of crucial areas. That being said, I can’t WAIT to get on the bus tomorrow morning in White Marsh and head to New England to watch the Ravens. Like I said, if you want to challenge me in Pop-A-Shot basketball tomorrow night at Dave & Buster’s in Providence, feel free. But I will kick your ass.

2.’s Glenn Clark says Ravens sporting new patches after Harbaugh’s postgame speech

Unfortunately, I can’t take still pictures in the locker room-although I might try to sneak one today if possible. The shovel and sword essentially represent a “Keep digging but stay fighting” mentality that Coach Harbs has tried to pass off to his team. Find out more by checking out this clip of the post-game speech after Sunday’s win over the Oakland Raiders……

3. The Sun’s Edward Lee says McGahee not ‘comfortable’ with being backup, but not concerned about it right now

Anybody not think this was the case? Of COURSE Willis McGahee doesn’t want to be a backup. But Ray Rice is THE guy in Baltimore now-there’s not even a way to argue that… all. You can hear Willis’ comments in the Audio Vault at He didn’t say the wrong thing, he was just honest. As long as he continues to work hard while he IS a Baltimore Raven, I don’t have a problem with him admitting that he’d probably rather be somewhere else.

4. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Cameron hasn’t been contacted by Bills


If I had to guess, Leslie Frazier ends up getting the job in Buffalo. That being said, I think Cam probably does deserve another chance as a head coach. And in fairness, Buffalo might be the perfect spot for him-as they can’t REALLY have great expectations up there. If the Ravens don’t advance past the AFC Wild Card round this weekend, I would expect Cam WILL be contacted, and will get a chance to interview.

5. 4 of 4 Boston Globe analysts pick Pats to win Sunday

If you add the analysts on “The Comcast Morning Show”, you can make it 6 of 6. During our “Picks and Comment” segment this morning, Drew picked the Pats to win 24-14, and I picked the Pats to win 26-17.

Look, NO ONE wants the Ravens to win more than I do, but Tom Brady has never lost a playoff game in Foxborough. I can’t just ASSUME that Joe Flacco will be the 1st quarterback to go beat him.

But I’ll be hoping.

6.’s Greg Gaber says Harbaugh worst in NFL in saving timeouts for crucial situations

I know Ed from Park Heights doesn’t put any value in this statistic, and the statistic alone is not the issue. The issue is that John Harbaugh really struggles with game management AND the team tends to struggle with get play-calling in quickly AND Joe Flacco often struggles to adjust at the line.

They’re all issues. The statistic is just a representation of those things.

7. SI’s Tim Layden says 6 sure fire future Hall of Famers will be on field at Gillette Stadium Sunday

You know the list-Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Junior Seau, Bill Belichick, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. I don’t think Ed Reed is a slam dunk (and Randy Moss might not be either) YET, but I probably agree with the rest of the list.

Of course, this is what happens when you get good teams together….they have talent, arguably historic talent. It will be a joy to watch these teams, there’s no doubt about that.

8. The Sun’s Dan Connolly and Jeff Zrebiec say reunion with Miguel Tejada ‘unlikely’ for Orioles

I guess this can’t be surprising since Garrett Atkins is going to be the guy at 3rd base. I know some people will say Tejada can just play 1st base, but there’s no reason to just ASSUME Miguel is a 1st baseman.

That being said, the Birds need to sign SOMEONE to play 1st base. Michael Aubrey should not be the guy…..but he probably will be.

9.’s Drew Forrester says Blow Horn Equity, Angelos group attempting to be “stalking horse” in Pimlico, Laurel auction


Our long civic nightmare continues?!?!?

My “leader in the clubhouse” remains David Cordish. The tracks remain more valuable to him for multiple reasons than they do anyone else. He has slots rights (so he can make money off his own facility) AND he’s a local guy who cares about the state and the horse racing industry.

10. Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Seminoles will be tough defensively for Terps

They’ll be tough all around for Maryland. The good news for the Terps is that they don’t shoot lights out, and the shouldn’t run up a 12 point lead early in the 2nd half to make things tough. I’ll say Terps 81-73. But of course, I WOULD say that. The game is on Comcast SportsNet (Fox Sports Net nationally) at 5:30 Sunday from Comcast Center. Someone will need to keep me updated while I’m on my way back from NE.

11. Maryland Official Site says Terps women blown out in ACC opener at NC State

This is exactly what I was saying about this Maryland team. We have NO IDEA if they’re any good or not. There’s no one who has the responsibility fall on them if things aren’t going well. They are clearly MUCH better in College Park than they are on the road-I think that’s fair to say. But it will be a dogfight for Brenda Frese’s troops in the ACC.

12. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Maryland’s Nick Ferrara named freshman All-American

He’s deserving. He was asked to do a lot this season with Travis Baltz hurt, and he should certainly solidify the position for the next 3 seasons. There’s a few other positions that need to be solidified still…..

And finally, I leave you with this.

College football season wrapped up last night with a bit of a thud (although credit Texas for making a game out of it even after Colt McCoy left on the first possession of the game), but certainly there were a number of more memorable moments throughout the ’09-’10 campaign.

One of my favorite moments had nothing to do with football. Instead, it happened just 7 days ago before the Sugar Bowl when country band Lady Antebellum sang the national anthem. Really REALLY freaking good.

Talk to you later from 1 Winning Drive.

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