Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

March 26, 2010 | Glenn Clark

Happy Friday!

It’s a Happy Friday for me because Gus Johnson beat Xavier and Kansas State in double overtime last night…

…in a game that I watched sans pants, mostly because they would have only gotten in the way.

And as I said on Twitter last night, if you could watch a game like that last night and tell me you prefer the NBA to college hoops, I’m not sure you and I would be able to have even a 5 minute conversation before I was done with you.

Now, Butler also beat Syracuse last night, so the sound you heard was a soft whimper as I realized that Intern Genna was now certainly going to beat me in our in-house bracket contest here at 1550 Hart Rd.

That’s right, I’m going to have to suck it up and admit that I lost to a girl.

BUT…at least it was a really photogenic girl…as evidenced by this photo her modeling agency sent to us…


And the other thing abotu Intern Genna that I like a lot is the fact that she’s classy. She told me she was considering running for a spot in the U.S. Senate in the future-and you know what, I think I’ll just do her a favor and put together the slideshow she should use at her campaign fundraisers….

Classy gal. I know she’d get my vote.

Of course, while researching Genna’s Facebook pictures for some appropriate photographic material, I couldn’t help but notice her much prettier sister…


She may be skilled on Photoshop, but she’s in for a long fight on this.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP says Brad Bergesen went 5 2/3 scoreless for Birds in 8-0 win over Yankees

I swear to God, can the season just go ahead and end now? It’s not getting any better!!!

Hell, MASN has no guts at all if they don’t just go ahead and turn this one Spring Training win into one of those “This is Birdland” commercials.

Which is at least better than the last commercial Brad Bergesen was involved with.

(Edit from GMC: Hey-O!)

2.’s Brittany Ghiroli says Jake Arrieta reassigned to Orioles minor league camp

He’s GONNA get the chance this season, right?

I mean, I assume that Chris Tillman is the 5th starter and David Hernandez would be the first guy to move into the rotation if necessary; but Arrieta is the next guy after that.


I mean, I know the Orioles are mad because he complained about the facilities in Ft. Lauderdale; but even they knew the place was a dump and packed up for Sarasota-so they can’t possibly still be mad, can they?

For example, I was mad at Talulah Riley for letting Esquire get a copy of those personal pictures she sent to me; but I’ve decided I could get over it. (Thanks Egotastic!)


3. USA Today’s Scott Boeck says Brian Roberts set to return to O’s lineup tonight against Twins

Which is why I’m glad I have nothing to do tonight. I’ll just sit at home, crack open a cold Moosehead, and enjoy Baltimore-Minnesota live on MASN!

Wait a second…

You mean to tell me the game isn’t on TV?!?!?


(Edit from GMC: In all seriousness, welcome back B-Rob. Now please don’t let it take weeks for you to heat up. We don’t have that much time.)

4.’s Mike Duffy says Ravens re-signed RB Matt Lawrence


To be serious, Matt Lawrence was a valuable special teams player before the Ravens before injuring his knee, so much so that he was active week in and week out despite only getting RB snaps at the end of the blowout win over the Browns.

But the fact that he shares a name with an actor from Boy Meets World makes him so much more valuable to me. If only there was a way the Ravens could sign someone named “Danielle Fishel”…


5. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Ravens attended Pro Days for Mississippi State LB Jamar Chaney, UConn WR Marcus Easley

Not the sexiest of names, but apparently Charlize Theron wasn’t holding a Pro Day this year.

Easley will be an interesting choice, somewhat similar to Ole Miss WR Shay Hodge, who we talked about yesterday.

Keep in mind, the Ravens will almost certainly draft a receiver, as Donte’ Stallworth is under contract for only one season; and the Ravens are uninterested in doing something long-term with Mark Clayton, Demetrius Williams or Marcus Smith.

6.’s James Walker says Ravens will have 25th, 57th, 156th, 157th and 194th overall picks in NFL Draft

No pressure here Ozzie Newsome and company, but if you don’t come up with NFL starters for next season with all of those picks; Ravens fans are going to beat you up.

It’s just what we do now.

7. The AP says WR Mark Clayton in South Africa in advance of this summer’s World Cup

Which is kinda funny, considering I saw Trevor Pryce, Domonique Foxworth, Clayton and others in the Ravens locker room playing soccer many times during the season last year.

If I was making a trip to South Africa, I would need to see this fella…

8. The Diamondback’s Jonas Shaffer says Maryland womens hoops team sees season end with loss to Providence in WNIT

Congratulations to Brenda Frese’s team on another 20 win season, even if it did fall short of what we had hoped they would accomplish.

Hopefully a year from now we will be talking about a Final Four return.

Sorry I don’t have more to add here. It’s the WNIT. I’m more geeked for the EagleBank Bowl.

9. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Caleb Porzel will miss ‘much of’ Terps’ spring practice due to academic reasons

Good to see that mainstream Maryland reporters are out at Spring practice to cover important stories like this. Not that Patrick isn’t a mainstream reporter (he very much is-he just doesn’t have a mainstream revenue source supporting him); but it would be nice to see the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, Carroll County Times, etc. reporting on things like this.

Of course, sometimes this is what happens when you go 2-10.

10. Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh says Terrapins FB Taylor Watson suffered likely ACL tear, could miss up to 6 months (must subscribe)

Speaking of important stories from Spring practice.

But in fairness, as important as Taylor Watson news is, does anyone have any news on Taylor Cole from the show “Summerland”?


11. Inside Lacrosse’s Sean Burns previews tomorrow’s ESPN2 showdown between Johns Hopkins & Virginia, ESPNU showdown between Maryland & North Carolina

UVa & UNC are evil. They most go down.

12. PRLog runs down tomorrow night’s card for Shogun Fights II at 1st Mariner Arena

Be there. Or this man will haunt you in your sleep…


And finally, I leave you with this.

Sunday night is WrestleMania 26 in Phoenix, and an old friend of mine called me yesterday to offer me a ticket. Sadly, airfare is WELL over $600 for even the cheapest flights, so I will be unable to attend. BUT….I will certainly be watching. Not only to see “The Excellence in Execution” try to avenge the Montreal Screw Job, but also to see Chris Jericho defend his title against Edge.

And I heard something about Undertaker & Shawn Michaels???

No calls Sunday night.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…