Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

April 23, 2010 | Glenn Clark

Happy Friday!

It’s a Happy Friday for me because it’s the culmination of “Green Week”, and I really feel as though I’ve made a difference. I don’t get involved with too many causes, but I think the picture of Ashley Greene, the video of Green Day doing “I Fought The Law”, the video of Al Green & Dave Matthews Band doing “Take Me To The River” and the video of Seth Green as “Special K” in “Can’t Hardly Wait” have really helped promote whatever the cause is behind “Green Week” in Charm City.

And-as you could have guessed, it wouldn’t be “Green Week” for me unless I tied it up with the picture of Diora Baird as the sexy Orion from “Star Trek”…


I LOVE “Green Week.”

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Ravens traded 25th overall pick to Broncos for 43rd, 70th, 114th overall picks

Clearly, the decision to trade out of the 1st round left a number of football fans in Baltimore with a feeling comparable to when they were 16 and their girlfriend told them “I’m not ready yet.”

It’s not just disasppointment. It’s ABSOLUTE discomfort.

I think NFL fans across the country are probably a bit more fond of the NFL Draft’s move to primetime this morning than fans in Baltimore. I think there’s a handful of fans in Baltimore who are probably thinking to themselves, “Damn. I missed 30 Rock for THIS?”

It’s hard to keep big picture perspective when most of us want nothing more than instant gratification. The good news is that we can safely assume that this IS a big picture here…unlike some other local sports franchises that have failed to give us ANY level of gratification in recent years.

I’ll do my best to leave that alone at this point.

2.’s Glenn Clark says Ozzie Newsome and company sent ‘mixed signals’ by trading out of 1st Round of NFL Draft

I’ve heard a lot of fans/analysts make statements about how it must be remembered that trading the 3rd & 4th round picks initially landed the team Anquan Boldin, so it could be said that the team dealt their 1st round pick for Anquan Boldin and a 2nd round pick.

That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

But what I wrote about last night has much more to do with the idea that the team is working under the premise of “need to win now”, and trading out of the 1st round may not necessarily be the best reflection of that premise.

And if the goal is to do everything possible to make sure the 2010 season culminates with John Harbaugh hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy at Cowboys Stadium, I wonder if the combination of Anquan Boldin and Dan Williams, Anquan Boldin and Kyle Wilson, or Anquan Boldin and Sergio Kindle (who is still available) would have ultimately proved to be a better Draft haul than the group of players the Ravens end up walking away with.

Again, the idea is that the team “needs to win now.”

On Friday morning, I don’t feel as though the team is in better shape to do that than they were 24 hours ago.

Hopefully I’ll have a different feeling 24 hours from now.

3. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Ravens had chance to trade up and select Dez Bryant, say they ‘probably’ wouldn’t have taken Bryant at 25

And in poking around, I get the sense that they were being honest. It looks like Denver’s offer was too much (in their minds) to ignore. As Eric DeCosta said last night, and as both Drew Forrester and I speculated all along, they wanted more picks.

Dez Bryant was clearly the most complete receiver on the board, despite the fact that Demaryius Thomas was selected ahead of him. Dez Bryant may be as talented as Michael Crabtree (or MORE talented), and if he turns out to be a rock star, the organization may regret not making the swap to pair him with Anquan Boldin for the next 4 years.

But I don’t think it would be fair to judge this decision simply on the fact that the Ravens DIDN’T end up with Dez Bryant. Maybe it would have been fair to do so if he had slipped to 25, but not given where he was picked.

4. CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco mocks Alabama DT Terrence Cody, Oklahoma CB Dominique Franks to Ravens in Round 2

And each are likely choices.

Terrence Cody is ABSOLUTELY a mountain of a man. He is ABSOLUTELY a gap stuffer, and would ABSOLUTELY fit in with the “Play Like a Raven” mentality.

So why is it that so many of us have been uneasy about the thought of him donning purple?

I’ll say Virginia CB Chris Cook and Arizona TE Rob Gronkowski are the 2nd round choices myself, but that could be wishful thinking. It is VERY possible that both players are gone before the Ravens make their respective picks-especially with both Kyle Wilson and Devin McCourty coming off the board late in the 1st round-leaving teams like the Vikings more suited to take Cook.

They’re going to get talent. If it ends up being Sergio Kindle, do I still get my chinese lunch?

If so, I’m choosing the Orange Peel Chicken…


5. Fanhouse’s R.J. White gives Ravens “B+” for 1st Round trade

I don’t know that I would give them ANY sort of grade yet, but I guess I can get behind a “B+.” Using the Jimmy Johnson NFL Draft trade value chart, they picked up 776 points and traded away 720. If you’re a nerd, that will mean something to you.

I’ll tell you who’s AT LEAST a B+ (but probably better). Jessica Jane Clement, who found some video of….

Before we move on from the Draft, a reminder that Round 2 starts at 6 tonight, with coverage on both ESPN & NFL Network. I’ll be out at Owings Mills to collect the scuttlebutt, and we’ll be discussing the Draft in our “Purple Haze”/”Orange Crush”/”Red Rocks” live chat at I’ll be more than willing to discuss any of those things, except of course the Washington Capitals. The Ravens are scheduled to make the 43rd, 57th and 70th overall picks.

6. The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says O’s players defensive of Dave Trembley

And why wouldn’t they?!?!? As long as he’s the manager, they don’t really have to try!

I’ve said before that I don’t think Andy McPhail is interested in making a managerial change this season. I still don’t think he’s interested. At some point he’s going to have no choice, but I don’t think he wants to actually hire someone until the end of the season at EARLIEST.

The weirdest thing about this story was when Andy McPhail called Dave Trembley to say “Don’t worry Dave…you’re safe” and Trembley responded “are you sure you don’t want to reconsider?”

7. STATS’ Nicolino DiBenedetto previews Orioles-Red Sox series opening tonight at Fenway Park

I’d usually like to take this time to stir up some old fashioned Boston hate, but what’s the point? They’re struggling, but they’re still much better than the Birds.

Instead, I’ll celebrate Boston. Not the place of course-because the place is so dreadful I can’t even begin to put it into words. Instead, I’ll celebrate the band.

And a note from our pal Steve Melewski, who pointed out (in all seriousness), that if the Orioles were to sweep the Red Sox this weekend, they’d be just a game behind Boston for 4th place in the AL East.

That’s solid analysis, Steve.

And if pigs were to fly out of my ass, my ass would probably hurt.

8. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Billy Rowell homered, Brandon Erbe struggled for Birds on farm

I feel like the Orioles have been waiting on Billy Rowell longer than I’ve been waiting on Busted Coverage to post pictures of Dorota Gardias, who is some sort of weather person in Poland…


Staying on the Orioles, Jeremy Guthrie faces Jon Lester tonight-first pitch is at 7:10 and the game can be seen on MASN.

9. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Adam Jones wants to be ‘role model’ for young African-Americans

I would prefer that Adam Jones would choose to be a role model to other baseball players by actually being…you know…good.

And before we leave the Orioles completely, a hearty congratulations to Jen Royle from 105.7 for being named today’s “Apologist of the Morning.” Her thoughts included:

“To lose 14 of the last 16 games and have a record of 2-14… something, to me, just isn’t adding up.

The answer of course is wins. She adds…

“Let me quote my favorite movie, Bull Durham: “A good friend of mine used to say, ‘This is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.’ Think about that for a while.”
– Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh

Luke Scott said he’s praying things get better — I think the entire city of Baltimore is as well. If things were only as simple as the movies, huh?”

Certainly would. For example, if things were as simple as the movies, I’d of course be with Mila Kunis…


10. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Terps Grant Catalino, Ryan Young, Brett Schmidt, Brian Phipps named to All-ACC lacrosse team

I have a special place in my heart for Brian Phipps. He’s a big Ravens fan, and came to our AFC Championship Game party in Pittsburgh last year. He even let me borrow his iPod when I was looking for music.

I also have a special place in my heart for Erin Normoyle. Thanks Barstool Sports!


11. previews ACC Tournament opener with North Carolina tonight at Byrd Stadium

This is big for Dave Cottle’s team tonight. If they want to prove that they are a contender to win a NCAA Championship, getting revenge on the Tar Heels would be a good way to start.

Winning a NCAA Championship would be a good way to follow up, for the record.

And finally, I leave you with this…

Here’s the Madden 11 cover with Drew Brees. It’s pretty awesome…


Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…