Glenn’s Drew’s Morning Dish: Incoming Terps better be as good as advertised

April 09, 2014 | Glenn Clark

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Since I’m in for Drew Forrester (with Luke Jones) on The D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction today, I figured I wouldn’t hold back.

(As you read this, just remember that Drew is currently no more than three to four feet from Jim Nantz and will almost certainly not leave that space for the next 16 hours.)

As you probably heard Tuesday, there was a “mass exodus” of sorts from the University of Maryland basketball program. Roddy Peters, Nick Faust and Shaquille Cleare all chose to transfer out of coach Mark Turgeon’s program, depleting a roster than would have been the deepest of Turgeon’s era.

Reaction from Terrapins fans and those around the program was at least a bit mixed. This Twitter response to the news from WNST listener Sam Bruck was not uncommon from those in the Maryland fan base…

Meanwhile former Maryland G Terrell Stoglin had some very different thoughts about his former coach and former teammate (Faust)…

I talked to Stoglin Tuesday night about Turgeon off the record, I’m hoping we’ll be able to connect with him in Italy on Wednesday’s show. I reached out to Faust but didn’t hear back (I did briefly speak with his father) and I didn’t bother trying to get in touch with Turgeon after reading the incredibly vague comments he gave the Washington Post about all three players Tuesday night.

At 6am Wednesday, I’m forced to tell you that I can’t say with certainty what happened with the three players who chose to transfer out of the Maryland basketball program Tuesday.

I’m not sure that matters though. Having been around the program and having talked to others around the program it doesn’t seem like it would be hard to do some reasonable deductions.

Faust has been moved from role to role during his three years in College Park. The former City College standout has played at both the two and three as well as spending part of the 2012-2013 season at the point. Just this past season he mostly came off the bench to provide a defensive presence for the Terps while still getting mostly starters minutes. While Faust’s defense made him more valuable than most Maryland fans will want to admit, his inconsistent shooting and puzzling basketball IQ decisions lead to him never really living up to his expectations as a top recruit.

Faust won’t be graduating in time to avoid sitting out a year via transfer but could be capable of making a Danny Miller-like move and offering some role player help to a team in need of veteran assistance at a high level in 2015-16.

Cleare was also a highly sought after big man recruit out of Texas, but had only recently started playing the game after growing up in the Bahamas. Cleare struggled to adapt to the college level and never showed signs of consistency in his two seasons. You can only imagine he’ll be transferring down a level to try to develop further against lesser competition.

Peters is the most surprising and frustrating of the group, as he was considered a major pickup after Turgeon couldn’t land Kentucky stars Aaron and Andrew Harrison. Peters came to Maryland in large part because of the work former assistant Dalonte Hill put in during his recruitment. After Hill departed Maryland and Peters struggled to see the floor in his freshman campaign, it seems logical that he’ll look for a fresh start-also likely at a major program-in 2015.

Some will see three players depart a program and consider it a “mutiny” of sorts. Some will say Turgeon doesn’t have control of his own program. Some will say it’s further evidence he won’t be able to succeed at Maryland. With the defections coming at the same time Turgeon’s top assistant (Scott Spinelli) appears ready to depart, it’s easy to understand why those statements will be made.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the rest of Mark Turgeon’s tenure at Maryland, but I know he isn’t going anywhere. Turgeon is under contract for five more seasons and even the new Big Ten Network money infusing the athletic department won’t be enough for a firing to even be considered this year or next.

In the meantime, there’s still reason for hope.

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  1. Chris Says:

    It’ll be the same story. He gets good recruits but won’t know how to make them better basketball players. I’ve talked to Nick’s dad about it and that is his biggest complaint…that he’s a terrible teacher of the game and has absolutely no system for his offense. I feel like turgeons doing to the program what that former Dunbar coach did in the late 80’s (admittedly I was only 8 years old then)…ruin it.

    My question is when does the AD get fired? It was his questionable hires and contract lengths that put the university in this position.

  2. Rodney Says:

    I can’t remember a time when the Terps had no threat in the post. Their big men played (except a few games) as if they had no purpose. Hope next years class changes that. It would help our guard play!

  3. The armchair qb Says:

    Agree that the AD needs to be accountable for some of the turmoil for some rapid & questionable hirings. Also, apparent that Kevin Plank may have too much influence, but “money talks”! The loss of these players Is not earth shattering as none lived up to their billing. That being said, Turgeon will be on the “hot seat” &, if he doesn’t produce, despite the contract, he’ll be gone as one of the motives behind the move to the Big Ten was the ability to recruit better talent in both players and…..coaches!

  4. unitastoberry Says:

    As a casual fan of U of M fan for 5 decades I do not remember 3 guys leaving the program all at once ever. I did not watch a single game this year on TV caught some action on radio driving around etc. I can’t see how this reflects good on the coaching situation. Either way your stuck with Turgeon. Eight year contracts for anyone is insane.

  5. John in Westminster Says:

    I think these 3 saw the writing on the wall. This new class should be Turgeon’s last stand if they don’t make the dance in the next 2 seasons. Particularly if Faust and Peters go on to have better careers elsewhere.

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