Glory! Glory! They’re renovating the Camden Yards press box!

March 28, 2014 | Drew Forrester

The alarming news from Thursday that Ray Rice has been indicted by a New Jersey grand jury certainly came as a shock when you consider we hadn’t much of anything from the case over the last month or so.

Just like that — bam! — Ray Rice might be going to prison.

I doubt that Rice ever sees a day behind bars, particularly when you take into consideration there are drug dealers running free in every state in the country who never get jail time because “the facilities are too full”.

That said, what happened yesterday almost certainly guarantees that Rice won’t play a full season of football in 2014, which is what I predicted from the outset of this sad situation.  Convicted or not, Rice has brought shame to the league in a way Deonte Thompson (weed) and Jah Reid (bar fight) never could.  The NFL has been seriously courting the female fan for the better part of five years now, with each club in the league mandated to have events structured to teach women football and give them an opportunity to meet the players up close and personal.  There’s simply no way Roger Goodell can turn the other cheek on this Ray Rice domestic incident given the league’s effort to curry favor with female football fans across the country.

The biggest issue in the Rice case remains the video tape and what it reveals.  It would be fair to suspect the grand jury saw evidence that the former Rutgers star “punched” his fiancee with a closed fist, rendering her unconscious and forcing him to drag her out of the elevator since she wasn’t capable of walking out on her own.

I don’t know what happened, because I haven’t seen the video of the episode.

I do know it’s not good when a grand jury indicts you, though.

And, if I’m the Ravens, I start looking a lot more closely at free agent running backs and college players who carry the ball and are available this May in the NFL draft.

They’ll need someone to take Rice’s spot for at least eight games.


We’re doing our baseball predictions on today’s show.

I’m not going into all of them, here, other than to say this:  I think the Orioles will go 89-73 and claim one of the wild card berths in the American League.

I have Tampa Bay beating Arizona in the World Series.

The rest?  You’ll have to listen in.


After two straight seasons of being privileged to have an Orioles media credential, the powers-that-be shaved me off the list this season.

I know what you’re thinking — “Gee, Drew, what did you do?  It must have been something really bad.”

No, no, no.

The email I received said I lost my credential because of — quote from the Orioles — “severe space restrictions in the press box.”

I’m thrilled to hear they’re doing some major renovations in the press box.  I’m surprised they didn’t get them done in time for the season.  Must have been the snowfall in Baltimore over the winter.

The PR gal who sent me the email didn’t actually explain what “space restrictions” they were facing that caused me to lose my credential, so I just have to assume the press box is getting a re-do of some sort.  After all, the stadium is now 21 years old.  It probably needs a touch-up.

I can’t wait to see the newly renovated press box.

Once these “severe space restrictions” are fixed, I bet the place will look sharp.


If anyone is going to the Masters on Wednesday, April 9, get back to me via email and maybe we can meet up for a turkey sandwich and coca-cola for $4.50.