Here’s a tip from the top: Please don’t whine (again) this week as Ravens head to AFC title game

January 14, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Thankfully, the Ravens won in Denver.  So, we now have another opportunity to see if Baltimore football fans can conduct themselves appropriately.

And here’s what’s going to happen this week:  The exact same thing as last week.

I’m here to tell you, like I tried to tell you Monday – and Wednesday – and Friday, that NOTHING the media says about the Ravens or the Patriots means anything at all.  Do you get that?  It has ZERO bearing on the game.  It has no impact at all, none, on the game Sunday in New England.

If it bothers or aggravates you, that’s YOUR fault.  You have a choice in this matter.

You should be enjoying this second straight trip to the AFC championship game.

Don’t let the national media take your joy from you.  Their job is to give an opinion.  That’s all any of us in the media do.  We share our opinion on sports.  But none of it has anything to do with what actually goes on when the games are played.  It’s white noise, essentially, when you compare it with what matters most:  The scorebard at the end of the game.

This much we know for sure:  The Patriots are going to be the favorites on Sunday.  Most of the national writers and talking heads are going to focus a lot more on Tom Brady than they will Joe Flacco.  The discussion, the articles, the TV segments — 80% of them are going to be centered on New England.

The Ravens will be disrespected this week by the national media.  They won’t be given much of a chance . They will, of course, be written off before the game begins.

If you don’t know that going in, you’re either in denial, not paying attention or, no offense here, just not that smart.

Simply enjoy the fact that the Ravens are again within sixty minutes of a Super Bowl trip.  Only four teams in the league get to “enjoy” that privilege each season and only four fan-bases get to celebrate it.  Baltimore, again, is one of those communities.

As Joel Osteen said on Sunday, “Don’t let someone else take away your joy”.

It doesn’t have to be that way this week.

But if you let it happen, it’s all your fault.

And if you ARE going to whine and complain about the way the national media disrespects the Ravens, please call the FM station in town with your sobbings.  I can’t handle it for another week.

(By the way, I’m picking the Ravens to win the game 33-24.  I’ll be writing about that and bragging about it and guaranteeing it all week.  Maybe I can aggravate those nitwits up in New England.  hehe)