Here’s what I’m feeling for Sunday’s Ravens/Colts showdown

January 02, 2013 | Drew Forrester

I don’t know how to say it and soften the blow, so I’ll just it over with, I suppose.

I’ll be surprised if the Ravens beat the Colts on Sunday.

There…that wasn’t so hard.

I’m serious, though.

I’m not expecting the Ravens to win their playoff opener this weekend.  The fact that they’re playing at home should give John Harbaugh’s team enough of an advantage to move on to the second round of post-season play, but I’m not feeling it.

I guess this makes me the bad guy, but I’m here to tell you what I think.

I certainly HOPE the Ravens win.

But I don’t think they’re going to, unfortunately.

Too many holes on the offensive line.  Inconsistent defensive line play. You saw it all the during the regular season, particularly in the final month of the campaign when they nearly collapsed their way into a wild card berth.  This Ravens team was a coin flip on any given Sunday, although they were much better at home than on the road.

Indianapolis has a good team.

So do the Ravens.

But one of those teams has played well of late and the other hasn’t.

I hope the Ravens win, but I’ll be surprised if they do.



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  1. eric Says:

    Praise the lord. Drew just put his curse on the Colts. We’re money. (DF: Yeah, sort of like when I picked the Broncos over the Ravens a few weeks ago. Or the Bengals last week. Where were you then? Oh, that’s right…”memory of convenience.” Loser.)

  2. Unitastoberry Says:

    This years version of the Ravens are unpredictable and if I was a betting man I would stay away from this team totally.

  3. joe of bel air Says:

    The Ravens lost 2 games at home to two teams (Steelers and Danver)with very good defenses. The olts do not have a good defense whih is why the Ravens will win.

  4. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    I listened to Flacco on the Mike & Mike show this morning, does this guy even have a pulse? Hopefully he has one on sunday and beyond. He such a bore to listen to, no wonder he lacks respect around the league.

  5. The Armchair QB Says:

    Here’s hoping you’re wrong, Drew, but I understand the lack of confidence in a team that has been inconsistent not just week to week, but also quarter to quarter. That being said, if both teams play up to their potential, the Ravens will win. But, that’s a very big……IF!

  6. Mike Says:


    3/11 wins v teams that do not have winning records
    -30 pt differential

  7. jpetrosino Says:

    I also don’t have any confidence heading into this game. All the Colts need to do is stack the box on defense and let Joe beat himself just like the Bronco’s game. Dare Joe to throw his way to a win.

  8. Bo Says:

    Why do you like to pick against your own team every week? I doubt your fandom of the ravens. You’re funny still but its really stupid to pick against your own team who will obviously win. (DF: I love proving people like you wrong. It’s hilarious, really, how you have NO idea what you’re talking about. I’ll go ahead and give you the rundown from this season. Then you can apologize if you have the balls to do so.
    In order, here are the games and what my Friday on-air prediction was for that game: Cincy (Ravens win), Philly (loss), New England (loss), Cleveland (win), KC (win), Dallas (win), Houston (loss), Cleveland (win), Oakland (win), Pittsburgh (win), San Diego (win), Pittsburgh (win), Washington (win), Denver (loss), Giants (loss), Bengals (loss). So, in 16 weeks, I picked them to win 10 times. Checkmate, son…)

  9. Dan Says:

    .I aggree with Drew , different reason . The Ravens usually lose to the Colts . 2- With the Caldwell story , the Country will want the Colts to win , the press will want the Colts to win , the TV network will want the Colts to win, the league will want the Colts to win, and The Refs , , they know who signs the checks .

  10. Dan Says:

    And here’s a guarantee , you wont be seeing any pass interference calls, late in the game, going the Ravens way . Count on it .

  11. GlenW Says:

    In order to win the game the Ravens have to win on all aspects of the game: offense, defense, and speical teams. If the Colts out play them in any of those, then we will be one and done, which is what I’ve been saying since Halloween.
    P.S. If the Ravens wear black uniforms, they won’t have a chance.

  12. Dion Says:

    Ravens will win by 3 touchdowns, and here’s why: 1) The defense is as healthy as it has been all year, and they’ll get after Luck. He has not running game, and he will throw some picks. 2) Their LG is out (Joe Reitz) and they will not be able to protect Luck. 3) They can’t stop the run and we can run the ball. They can stack the box all they want, they are not stopping Rice and Pierce. 4) Crowd noise. Luck is still a rookie, and he is not playing in the friendly confines of his own dome stadium. He will be under center in M&T, where the hostile crowd will be at a fever pitch, creating a deafening sound that will rattle Luck. Ravens 31 – Colts 17

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