I could have held the Lombardi Trophy today — but I’m a goof and I didn’t…

February 07, 2013 | Drew Forrester

I completely dorked out today at the Ravens facility in Owings Mills.

I did, honestly.

Before the “State of the Ravens” press conference, a team employee brought out the fingerprint-stained Lombardi trophy and set it in front of the media for a photo opportunity.

Nearly everyone in the room went up there with their cell phone and snapped a picture of it.  Some gave their phone to a friend or co-worker and posed for pictures with the coveted trophy.

What I’m about to say is in no way a slap at anyone who posed for a photo with the trophy or picked it up and held it while someone snapped a picture to capture that “moment in time” when they had their hands on it.

I’m the idiot, here.

I didn’t touch the trophy.  I didn’t pose for a photo with it.  I thought about it.  But then – as I’ll explain here – I didn’t snap a photo and I didn’t pick it up and ask someone to snap a photo for me.

I might regret that ten or fifteen years from now.

But I didn’t touch the trophy.


Because I’d never go into the locker room at Augusta and grab someone’s green jacket and throw it on “just for s**ts and giggles”.

There’s nothing more in the world — other than a long, healthy life for my wife and two children – that I’d rather do than slip on the green jacket.  But that’s only if I won The Masters.

If I was in Augusta on the Monday after this April’s tournament and someone said, “Hey, before Lee Westwood comes in for his morning-after press conference, would anyone like to try on his green jacket?”, I think I’d run from the room for fear the golf gods might punish me for even THINKING about putting it on.

You’re only allowed to touch the green jacket – and slip it on – when you’ve conquered the Augusta National course and the field of great players who tour through the Georgia pines for four days each April.

If I would have mugged for a photo with the Lombardi trophy or picked it up today, I would have been doing a disservice to Joe Montana and Kurt Warner and Warren Sapp and Jerome Bettis and Teddy Bruschi and Ray Lewis and — the guy I thought of the most today — Ed Reed.  Those guys did the whole “blood, sweat and tears thing” to get one moment with the trophy.  Much like my dream of a green jacket, they would have given anything to hold that Lombardi trophy in the air.

I admit, I’m a goof when it comes to stuff like that.

But my fingerprints don’t deserve to be on the Lombardi trophy.

So, I just sat in my seat in the auditorium and watched everyone else take pictures of it and pose for photos next to it.

Somehow, it didn’t seem right that I could touch it and someone like Junior Seau or Jim Kelly or Donovan McNabb never had that chance.

I sure would love the opportunity to wear a green jacket someday.  Alas, that’s probably not going to happen for me.  Instead, I’ll just admire the guys who do earn that right and I’ll follow them every April as they try to accomplish a lifelong goal that should never be tarnished by some knucklehead like me walking into the Augusta National locker room and saying, “Angel Cabrera’s jacket looks like it’s my size, I think I’ll put it on real quick and act like I just won The Masters.”

I’m a goof when it comes to sports and winning championships.  I’ll readily admit that.

Carry on with your day…

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  1. P Gavin Says:

    Professionalism, respect, perspective and good upbringing led to your decision. Never saw you listed on the roster, masthead or stockholders page, so obviously you are not part of the organization. It would be silly to kiss the trophy or act like it is yours. Just like visiting a museum, the trophy should stay under glass unless a Raven wants to touch it.

    Everyone doesn’t always get a trophy. Teach your children well, my own great father once told me about autographs as a youngster. I wanted a Frank Howard autograph and he just looked at me and said “He is a man, just like you.. and a man never asks another man for an autograph, just shake his hand”.

    The only thing sillier would be buying a “ring” as if you were a member of the team.

    I, for one, commend you. We love the team, but we are not ON the team. The honor of the trophy belongs solely to them. We can look at the trophy and be proud of the team we root for.

  2. Bmorebobrob Says:

    I wouldn’t have touched the trophy either. Now, I’ll sheepishly admit, if I had the chance to give Joe Flacco a backrub, I would gladly touch him.

  3. Unitastoberry Says:

    Your right about Kelly,Seau,McNabb. Lets add to that Marino,Tarkenton,Bruce Smith,Tony Gonzales,Barry Saunders,Warren Moon,Munoz,Chris Carter,Dick Butkus,Earl Campbell,Dan Fouts. Is it a big deal? HELL YEAH!

  4. Mike Paskoff Says:


    In your words regarding an opportunity to wear a green jacket someday “that’s probably not going to happen”.

    Probably not? How bout definitely not!

    Hahahahaha…That was not only hilarious yet perhaps the most accurate statement you’ve made in years.

    The bright side is that with you just turning 50 the Senior Tour is ready when you are.


    (DF: Ever heard of Francis Ouimet? If not, look him up. And then tell me about dreaming big.)

  5. The Armchair QB Says:

    We all have our principles, so there’s really nothing extraordinary about you not compromising yours. That being said, however, as a credentialed member of the media who regularly covers the team, it would not have been inappropriate for you to have posed with it. And, unlike the Masters and golf, football is a “team” sport, so the trophy belongs to ALL team members, which, arguably, includes the local hometown media…….

  6. Mike Paskoff Says:

    Of course you KNOW that I KNOW all about the 1913 US Open champion at The Country Club in Brookline who beat both Vardon and Ray in the playoff. (I think I may have even interviewed him on Classic Baltimore Sports LOL)

    And we also both know that we have about as much chance of winning a green jacket as Francis Ouimet currently does.

    But yes, it’s great to have dreams…but you may have to get rid of that soon to be illegal belly putter.

  7. P Gavin Says:

    @Armchair QB. That the “team” allows the local media to touch, kiss or hump the trophy is one thing. But to consider them part of the team is just dead wrong. Journalists are there to REPORT not celebrate with the team. Eddie Debartolo once gave the MEDIA rings after a Super Bowl victory, so we know they were bought off. He was treated with kid gloves for many years.

    Not saying that the Ravens are not classy and above board, but many media members give them a pass because their businesses are tied to them(player shows, live interviews and accessibility).

    In a perfect journalistic world there would be some sense of comportment and professionalism, but that ship has sailed. Kudos to Drew for maintaining his integrity and NOT considering himself a part of the team.

  8. Dan Says:

    Without the Fan there is no trophy , there is no Superbowl, there is no team , In fact Harbaugh gives the Fans a lot of credit for their success. I think he believes it I think he is right . You should have touched it. The green Coat , you were no help at all.

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