I once had a Donald Sterling “slip-up” of my own

April 29, 2014 | Drew Forrester

We’re back.

I’m back.

It feels so good.

After a weekend of web-related issues here at WNST.net and two days of Drew-n0t-having-a-computer, the Morning Dish has returned.

I have a brand new computer, which came with its own version of sticker-shock, so I should be good-to-go for the long haul.

I was guilty of my own Donald Sterling slip-up once — back in the early 1980’s.

A friend of mine somehow entangled himself with a girl who attended Old Mill High School.

He sheepishly said to me, “Do you mind if I’m dating a girl from Old Mill?  It won’t affect our friendship will it?”

I said, “No, not at all.  Just don’t bring her to any of the games at Glen Burnie and we’ll be fine.”

Speaking of the long haul and my new computer and all that stuff — I’m guessing Donald Sterling of the L.A. Clippers is no longer in it for the long haul.

There’s not much to say or write that hasn’t been said or written already.  I’ve listened six times to the audio clip of the conversation he had with his girlfriend that was tape recorded and shared across the country over the weekend and, honestly, I’m still not exactly sure what he was saying to her.  He sounded frustrated and confused, sort of like my late, great grandfather at the family picnic.

I don’t think highly of “her”, either, but in this case, his excuse for the whole thing can’t be “I have a maniac for a girlfriend.”  He said what he said.  Given the opportunity on several times to either correct her or say, “Wait, that’s not what I meant”, he couldn’t or didn’t do it.

Like I said, there’s nothing else to say about the whole thing, really.

Donald Sterling will be ushered out of the league in a fairly expeditious manner and the Clippers will probably be better off for it.


These NHL playoffs – even without the Washington Capitals – have been amazingly good.  The Kings were once down 3-0 in their series against the San Jose Sharks.  I wrote the words “once down” because they’ve now evened things up at 3-games-apiece after a Game 6 win in L.A.

The Chicago-St. Louis series was phenomenal.  The Blackhawks have somehow become my second favorite NHL franchise over the last few years.  Maybe it’s the jerseys.  It could go back to their win over the Flyers in the Stanley Cup a few years ago.  I don’t know why, but I just find myself watching them and rooting for them.

It’s probably the uniforms.


If not for that buffoon Nene getting tossed out of Game 3 in Washington, the Wizards might have swept the Bulls in four games.

That said, despite how well they’ve played to date, this thing is far from a done deal for the Wizards, even with their 3-games-to-1 lead.

Remember, they’re still the Wizards.

They’re the Orioles of the NBA East.

In other words, they’re not used to winning, so when the time comes for them to muscle up and push through, they’re not all that familiar with how to get it done.

I think they’ll figure out a way to get past Chicago now that they’re staked to a 3-1 lead…all I’m saying is don’t buy your second round playoff tickets yet.


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  1. Robert Says:

    I’m glad you’re back, as I missed reading your weekday am thoughts.

    Regarding the Sterling brouhaha, two facets trouble me:

    1) the devil-may-care attitudes of most these days in regards to our lack of privacy, thank you NSA, FecesBook & Twitter

    2) given the choice between a person who speaks their mind however distasteful and a person who says one thing in public & the opposite in private, I’ll choose the former because at least I know where that person stands


  2. Chris, Bel Air Says:

    I’m not a huge hockey fan but tune in to the Caps throughout the year and like to watch the playoffs. I watched a good chunk of Colorado/Minn and Dallas/Anaheim the other nights, wow, what great games. If you are a sports fan and don’t check out the Stanely Cup playoffs, you are missing out. I’ve also noticed the Caps couldn’t hold the jocks of any of these teams. Shocker, I know.

  3. The Armchair QB Says:

    I was beginning to experience serious withdrawal symptoms! LOL! No excuse or defense for Sterling’s reprehensible and repugnant remarks! But, the fact that someone taped them without his knowledge or consent may not only be a crime, but also is indicative of someone obviously wanting to exact some kind of revenge. Ushering him out of the league may not be as easy at it appears on the surface, however….

  4. Dan Says:

    Drew- “honestly, I’m still not exactly sure what he was saying to her.” That’s how I felt , she kept trying to get him to say something Racist and he kept saying he likes blacks and other minorities . I think he was trying to educate her to the feelings of her ethnic group , ( whatever that is ) and she was focused on steering him back to say something negative about blacks . In any case he’ll prob. get 10 years in the slammer . You just can’t say that kind of stuff at home ( whatever it was he said ).

  5. Kolo Jezdec Says:

    My Donald Sterling moments come when I tell my wife not to allow any Flyers fans in the house, especially during the playoffs. Go Pens!

    Part of me hopes the Rangers beat the Flyers because I think the Penguins have a beeter chance to beat the NY Team. But playing the Flyers would likely be a better series, and there would be more pleasure in beating the Flyers.

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