I’m sold on Dan Duquette, but will Angelos and Showalter get in his way?

December 16, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

But if one of his ideas included gutting the major league team (aka trading Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, and/or J.J. Hardy), would Buck Showalter put a stop to it?

After all, Buck Showalter effectively hired Duquette, right? Buck only has two years left on his contract with the Birds. He’s also never been one to stay in one place for any considerable length of time. Oh, and most of all, Buck Showalter is a winner.

Unfortunately for O’s fans across the area, Buck Showalter, though no fault of his own, isn’t going to be managing a winning Orioles team for at least a few years.

Will he even be around in 2014 when the Birds might start reaping the benefits of the foundation Duquette has begun repairing? If not, why should he get to call any shots over a guy in Duquette who clearly has the long-term interests of the organization in mind?

To me, it appears the thinking in the warehouse is that Duquette will be the guy to focus on the future and revamping the organization, while Showalter will call the shots as far as the major league team is concerned.

That isn’t going to work. Dan Duquette can’t really say he’s rebuilding the organization, yet let Adam Jones go into 2012 without either an extension or a plane ticket to another city.

Dan Duquette can’t really say he’s rebuilding the organization, yet hold onto J.J. Hardy and Nick Markakis and attempt to build a core around the current “star” players on the team.

They’ve already said they aren’t going to spend any substantial money this offseason. Once that is established, there is literally no way this current core can contend unless the current group of young pitchers finally take a collective five steps forward. Again, not likely to happen.

So while Duquette is doing everything in his power to succeed in Baltimore, does he have enough of it? I say he doesn’t.

At some point, he’s going to realize that and the luster of a job that he’s wanted for a decade will wear off and he’ll realize why no one else in his position has been able to succeed since Pat Gillick was run off by Big Pete.

Pencil me in as a Dan Duquette supporter. But can he succeed in Baltimore under Peter Angelos?

No one can.