In response to today’s Deadspin post, this is important

August 28, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Those of you who heard yesterday’s interview (with Denver talk show host Vic Lombardi) know very well I did not make any sort of disparaging comment or light of the tragic Aurora shooting. Instead, I alluded to it in hopes of getting my interview subject to understand the gravity of the murder and crime jokes he was making about Baltimore-a place where there have been 150 murders this year alone.

Nothing about murder has or ever will be funny. Deadspin commented on my allusion to the tragedy without context (which is understandable considering how stupid the entire chat was). It has lead to me being troubled by the thought that ANYONE might actually think I truly made some sort of joke. I did not. Unfortunately, the insinuation that I did will mean that what has otherwise been fun radio/social media silliness will likely have to end.