It’s time to show some appreciation in this week’s #WNSTSweet16

February 18, 2014 | Glenn Clark

1. Adrian Branch

When I made the “debuts” list, I said that no matter how many times I re-visited every season that cracked the final sixteen, there was no chance there would ever be anyone at the top spot other than Frank Robinson in 1966.

I feel the same way about this list.

Quite simply, Adrian Branch is the greatest player in school history to not be recognized in the rafters at Comcast Center. That makes him number one on this list. The most appreciation the school can offer to a player is not bestowed on a player who is deserving of that appreciation. He’s one of six players in school history to score 2,000 points. The other five are recognized. He also finished his career with over 500 rebounds.

His number should be there. Plain and simple.

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