Joe Blanton? That’s it, huh? Joe Blanton?

July 31, 2012 | Drew Forrester

If the reports are true and the Orioles have zeroed in on Phillies pitcher Joe Blanton as their final trade-deadline piece, I have one word for Dan Duquette:

Make that two words:  No thanks.

Joe Blanton, really?

That’s Duquette’s big move at the 11th hour?

As Denzel said to Ethan Hawke in Training Day, “This s**t’s chess, it ain’t checkers…”

Bringing in Joe Blanton is checkers.

You’d be better off just going with Miguel Gonzalez or some other dude from Norfolk who might parlay a major league cup of coffee into a few wins in August and September.

Reports out of Philadelphia yesterday indicated the Phillies asked the Orioles for minor league prospect Jonathan Schoop and for the Birds to pay the remaining $3 million of Blanton’s 2012 salary.  The Orioles, predictably, have balked at paying the money.

There hasn’t been any indication that the Orioles have agreed to sending Schoop to Philly, but if they do – for Blanton – they’re completely nuts.

Schoop as part of a deal to bring in Cliff Lee?  Yes, that’s fine.

Schoop for Blanton?

I’d hope Duquette isn’t that gullible.

The Orioles already have Joe Blanton.  His name is Tommy Hunter.  If Duquette’s goal is to add another pitcher who will give up a couple of home runs and surrender 5 earned runs in 6.2 innings of work, then Blanton is a perfect fit.  But if Duquette really thinks a starting pitcher can take them over the top and into September as a real player in the playoff race, I’d hope he banks on someone other than Joe Blanton to get it done.

I’m all for the Orioles adding players at the deadline, by the way.  Read that again before you whine and complain in the comments section about how “even when they add a player like Blanton, you find a way to complain, Drew.”  Here goes, again:  I’m all for the Orioles adding players at the deadline.

I just want them to add good players.

And I am not interested in renting those players if, instead, I can be a buyer and have someone in the fold in 2013 and beyond.

I’d rather see the Orioles buy then rent.

The Justin Upton rumors were intriguing to me because a player like that is only made available on rare occasions.  And I’d even be willing to give up a high prospect or two or three to get him because he plays every day.  I wouldn’t rule out taking on a Cliff Lee, either, if he would be willing to come to Baltimore, but on the whole I’ll take a field player over a pitcher every day.

I’d much prefer the Orioles be buyers rather than renters. I’d like for the team to get better, now, and be better heading into next spring.  That’s what happens when you buy.

But if they’re going to rent, I hope the Orioles get the 3-bedroom condo with the view of the Inner Harbor.

Don’t bring in the basement level 1-bedroom studio that faces the ice machine and the back entrance to the garage.

Come on Dan, the Harbor is beautiful this time of year.