Let’s all hope our children grow up to be just like Tim Tebow

November 26, 2013 | Drew Forrester

A long time ago when it was cool to be a law abiding, God fearing, decent human being, Tim Tebow would have been a role model for children in America.

These days, he’s a cartoon to most people.

It’s no longer the in-thing in America to respect God, your teachers, your parents and your neighbors.  It’s no longer cool to dress nicely as a young man or woman.  If you’re not a half-a-derelict these days, you’re the one who’s a “square”.

People are so afraid of Tim Tebow these days that he can’t get a job in the NFL, despite the fact there’s no way on Earth he’s worse than some of the stiffs currently taking snaps behind center in the world’s best professional football league.

This piece on Tebow, authored so magnificently by Thomas Lake of Sports Illustrated, is, without question, a must-read for any parent.

If only my children grow up with the integrity of Tim Tebow.

If our current President was more like Tebow and less like the charlatan he is, the country would be in much better shape, I assume.

That he isn’t playing in the NFL these days is more about not wanting to do with the Tebow “show” and less about whether or not he can actually contribute to winning.  In fact, when he WAS a starter, his NFL team DID win.  His teams at the University of Florida won, too.  Tebow is the kind of player you really don’t want on your team right up until he beats you.  Then, you swear to yourself he didn’t have anything to do with it.  The next time you play his team, they beat you again.  And so on.

I’ll take Tim Tebow on my team any day.

And, if my son and daughter grow up to be just like him, I will have won the most important game of MY life.

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  1. Robert Says:

    Bravo Drew! Cheers.

  2. Kolo Jezdec Says:


  3. Kolo Jezdec Says:

    Who is most likely to be on an NFL roster next year, Richie Incognito or Tim Tebow? The answer tells you all you need to to know about our culture today.

  4. dave hittinger Says:

    Nice Drew, copying a quote calling our President a charlatan. Clearly you believe that, but when you cross over into sharing your political views in your columns you’ve lost me. I know you’ll view that as good news but I generally enjoy your columns when you stick to sports. (DF: Our President IS a charlatan. That’s the truth. If you can’t handle a “sports guy” commenting on every day life, you can come back tomorrow.)

  5. The Armchair QB Says:

    Well done, Drew! Clearly, the guy is a “winner” in the truest sense of the word! Given what we’ve seen in sports lately, maybe he’s just too “good” for the game!

  6. Russ Says:

    Good article Drew. Dave, sometimes you just have to call an acorn what it is….an acorn!

  7. unitastoberry Says:

    Tim Tebow is a very interesting topic. I believe based on his performance with Denver and his playoff win over the Stillers that this guy can play with an offense that is built to his talents. I would compare him to a guy like Billy Kilmer on the field but not off the field. He can’t throw a spiral or set up in the pocket or throw off his correct foot but he’s a winner. It took a guy like George Allen to realize that with Kilmer but I don’t know if there’s anybody like Allen in the league today to give Tebow a chance?
    Off the field he’s a true role model and I agree with everything you said about him.

  8. dave hittinger Says:

    Sport is sport. Politics are politics. When the sides meet and the lines get blurred, so does our ability to escape.

    It’s your station, your column but I’m out.

    (DF: Oddly enough, had I been on YOUR side of a political discussion, you’d be saying, “That Drew, what a smart guy…” You people crack me up. “Ability to escape”…escape what? The government being in ruins? No need to escape that. It’s reality.)

  9. dave hittinger Says:

    Did I mention what side I’m on? (DF: No, but please don’t mention it. This is sports, remember?)

  10. dave hittinger Says:

    You have the last word.

  11. jay Says:

    This is asinine – Tim Tebow is not good at playing football on an NFL level, therefore he no longer has a job, it’s really that simple. Comparing him to the President? What the hell man? You want our president making decisions based on what they believe “god” told them or something? Jeez Drew, I used to enjoy you, but you are rapidly becoming too much like Bob in Parkville. (DF: Actually, I just want the President to be honest and have integrity. I thought that was part of his job description, but evidently these days it isn’t. That’s the only way I compared Tebow to the current President. If our President had the integrity and moral compass that Tebow does, he’d be much better received by the citizens who employ him.)

  12. Vince Says:


    Apparently you committed the worst atrocity of all…. calling a charlatan a charlatan in an opinion piece in a country with free speech. How dare you.

    Here’s an opinion- Tebow has more integrity in his right pinky than all of our politicians combined. Not a low blow, just a fact.

  13. unitastoberry Says:

    @Jay In case you forgot the President takes his oath of office on the Bible and swears to God he will uphold the US Constitution. Bob From Parkville, Drew ,myself, and others just want someone who will up hold that oath and tell us the truth.

  14. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Drew, after reading all the comments, I totally agree with you & your article concerning Tim Tebow, our politicians are way out of control !!!

  15. jay Says:

    Wow – i’d like to buy BK a beer! I could not have said it better myself. Opinions are like ummm noses, everyone has one…but I don’t get why you are instantly an idiot if you point out a hole in the logic of Drew’s stuff – He has like a mini cult following that do no question him no matter what and it is kind of odd! I just think that we all need to keep an open mind here, I believe the president deserves respect regardless of your politics and I believe Tim Tebow is just a guy who isn’t good enough to play in the NFL – I wouldn’t put him on a pedestal because he is bound to fall from grace, I mean he was hanging out with Aaron Hernandez not too long ago…

  16. raz_la Says:

    I have no idea what a charlatan is………….Dave?…….Democrats these days. (DF: Charlatan, def: imposter, fraud, hoaxer.)

  17. Chuck Says:


    Quality perspective today. Thanks. (DF: Interestingly enough, Chuck, nearly everyone who chided me didn’t really get the actual “concept” of what I wrote — which was, of course, that I’d love for my two children to grow up to be just like Tim Tebow is at age 26. That was the main point. Everyone got hooked on one issue I brought up regarding Tebow’s integrity level compared to that of the President and used that for their own platform. But, it’s all good. Those people deserve our prayers too.)

  18. Dan Says:

    I found this article by Drew and some of the comments very interesting and pretty much on target. I don’t know Mr. Lake but I suspect that he may soon be unemployed , like Tim Tebow for saying such harsh things about Mr. Obama . I see nothing wrong with a little politics thrown into the mix now and then . Drew , welcome to other side. (DF: Thomas Lake didn’t reference The President in his piece on Tebow. I did. I didn’t say anything “harsh” about him. I just said he lacked integrity. Which, of course, everyone in America knows is the truth.)

  19. Mike Paskoff Says:

    As Lee Corso says, “Not so fast my friend”. Are you really sure you want your kids to grow up like bible toting Tebow?

    First off, more and more folks in today’s society are shunning traditional, formal, organized religion for many reasons.

    The majority of Bible toters are anti-homosexual. Do you want your kids to be intolerant?

    Bible toters discount science and facts and believe more in “the talking snake” and other outrageous tales that are not based in fact.

    Many bible toters disagree with modern science and think the world is only a few thousand years old when scientists know it’s millions of years old.

    Many bible toters are in denial about climate change and the man-made effects. Again, they refuse to believe in scientific facts.

    Many bible toters disagree with abortion in almost any case, do you want your daughter to grow up in a world where she has no choice? Most likely when she is an adult she will vehemently argue with you over her right to choose over her body.

    Many bible toters blindly follow their leaders and allow the molestation of children and the subsequent cover-up.

    For certain Tebow does many postive things for society in that he has visited third world countries and brought assistance. He has conducted himself in a classy and responsible adult manner. He is a winner on the football field and most likely in life but we all could do without his religious trappings.

    So many bible toters are hypocritical anyway. They go to church or synagogue on Saturday or Sunday and then come home to drink, use drugs, gamble, abuse their wife and kids and otherwise act in a “non-Christian” or “non-Christ-like” fashion.

    It’s so offensive to see rich celebrities or even successful regular folks wearing their big crosses and talking all about being Christ-like when they have no idea what it means to live a Christ-like life.

    Wearing fancy clothes, driving an expensive car, residing in a mansion, and eating at Ruth’s Chris and going to church/synagogue and dropping a few coins in a hat doesn’t make you Christ-like (if you believe such tales)

    Giving away your possessions, sharing your food and shelter and clothing, helping those less fortunate, and not caring so much for material things makes a person “Christian” or helps them lead a Christ-like life.

    Sorry to mix sports and religion but I just wanted to offer my thoughts.

    And for the record nearly every President we’ve ever had may fail the “charlatan” test as they have had their own skeletons in the closet. They have all lied either politically or to cover up their social sins. From Washington and Jefferson sleeping with their slaves to Lincoln strongarming and making “promises” to congressman to support his 14th amendmant, to FDR having affairs, to JFK and his womanizing, to Bush and his lying about WMD,,,they all LIE. Sad, but true.

    Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!!

    Mike Paskoff

  20. Phil Says:

    To Mike P.-

    You were serious? Wow. I noticed you offered a Thanksgiving wish…you participate in the holiday? Who are you thanking for your blessings?

  21. Mike Paskoff Says:


    I thank my mom and dad for giving me life. I thank my children for being good kids and contributing to my enjoyment of life. I thank my girlfriend for her kindness and for being with me. I thank my boss for his generosity and leadership. I thank my friends for being a part of my life. Does that make sense?

    That’s why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Family, friends, food and football. Great food and time spent with family and no religious ties and no need for gift giving and monetary stresses.

    So, do you think I should thank the talking snake? As Tom Hanks said in ‘Angels and Demons’, “Faith is a gift that I have yet to receive”.

    If it works for you Phil, enjoy.
    Best Holiday wishes to you and yours.

  22. OVER40DON Says:

    Hey,Paskoff. What about all of the scientist that say man made global warming. no wait a minute, hasn’t it changed to “climate change” is a hoax. Are you sure about that statement that bible toters( not a word actually) are mostly anti homosexual,many advocate child abuse ????? where do come up with this B.S. ??????? You are a mixed up dude who obviously has no faith in any deity and that is unfortunate for you and your like. I’m not a devout religious person myself but good god, I mean grief, get a life dufus.( also not a real word)GO CALL A TLAK RADIO STATION FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.


  23. Mike Paskoff Says:


    Please understand I am NOT trying to change your mind or keep anyone from worshipping anything they want. I just think people should open their eyes to facts.

    Yes, man has contributed to global warming. What, did you think it’s god puffing on a cigar to destroy the Ozone layer and cause the ice caps to melt at an historically fast rate? Notice the intensity and frequency of storms over the last 20 years? Fact is when ocean temperature rises more moisture is in the air and that means storms have greater intensity. But don’t let scientific facts get in the way of a good story like the Bible.

    And I never said they “advocate” child abuse. I simply said they have covered it up and protected priests from punishment until recently. Again, facts.

    read this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_and_homosexuality

    and this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic_sex_abuse_cases

    Have you read the bible? Check out Leviticus 18:22 or Leviticus 20:13 where the Bible states anyone engaging in homosexual acts should be “put to death”

    Decide for yourself. If you’d like to discuss feel free to email me thebaltimoresportsguy@yahoo.com

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  24. Dan Says:

    Mike P. What are you doing weekdays 10-12 , ? Call Nestor , he has a slot and the $$$ is good :)

  25. BK Says:

    I don’t like Drew. (DF: Wow. Really? That’s a shocker.)

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