Let’s all hope our children grow up to be just like Tim Tebow

November 26, 2013 | Drew Forrester

A long time ago when it was cool to be a law abiding, God fearing, decent human being, Tim Tebow would have been a role model for children in America.

These days, he’s a cartoon to most people.

It’s no longer the in-thing in America to respect God, your teachers, your parents and your neighbors.  It’s no longer cool to dress nicely as a young man or woman.  If you’re not a half-a-derelict these days, you’re the one who’s a “square”.

People are so afraid of Tim Tebow these days that he can’t get a job in the NFL, despite the fact there’s no way on Earth he’s worse than some of the stiffs currently taking snaps behind center in the world’s best professional football league.

This piece on Tebow, authored so magnificently by Thomas Lake of Sports Illustrated, is, without question, a must-read for any parent.

If only my children grow up with the integrity of Tim Tebow.

If our current President was more like Tebow and less like the charlatan he is, the country would be in much better shape, I assume.

That he isn’t playing in the NFL these days is more about not wanting to do with the Tebow “show” and less about whether or not he can actually contribute to winning.  In fact, when he WAS a starter, his NFL team DID win.  His teams at the University of Florida won, too.  Tebow is the kind of player you really don’t want on your team right up until he beats you.  Then, you swear to yourself he didn’t have anything to do with it.  The next time you play his team, they beat you again.  And so on.

I’ll take Tim Tebow on my team any day.

And, if my son and daughter grow up to be just like him, I will have won the most important game of MY life.