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January 27, 2014 | Drew Forrester

OK, so we’re here in New York for a week of radio from “radio row” in the NY Sheraton in Manhattan.

So far, so good.

I did put one cab driver on blast Sunday afternoon who was beeping the horn behind us as we unloaded our bags in front of our hotel.  The scene reminded me of the stupidity of booing the home team at a sporting event.  You think I’m going to get my bags out more quickly because you’re beeping the horn like an impatient fool on a Sunday afternoon?

I didn’t watch the Grammy’s last night.

I didn’t watch the Royal Rumble with Glenn and Luke.

I forgot the Pro Bowl was on, honestly, until Nestor said, “We should watch the Pro Bowl for a few minutes of comedic intervention” and I mumbled something about my iPod and wanting to listen to The Pet Shop Boys Greatest Hits.  I can proudly say I didn’t watch one play, although I’ll admit – having seen the highlights this morning – the uniforms were pretty cool.

The only sports I watched on Sunday?  The PGA Tour event from Torrey Pines, won by Scott Stallings at -9 after everyone else with a chance gagged it down the stretch.  That’s a nice win for Stallings, who now has three victories on TOUR.  He drove it all over the lot on the back nine, but managed a bunch of nifty up-and-downs and made birdie putts at #17 and #18 to win.  Tiger got Jordan Spieth’d on Friday when the kid posted 62 and TW shot 73, then Woods threw up a 79 on Saturday and ducked out a day early thanks to the rarely used “too many guys in the field” rule that resulted in a “MDF” (made cut, did not finish).

Speaking of Spieth, despite his shaky short game on the back nine Sunday, this is the guy the TOUR has been waiting for since the early part of last decade when Tiger blazed through the entire roster of potential competitors, leaving guys like Duval, Garcia, Els and Mickelson in his wake.  Spieth is the real deal.  The only thing he has to be leery of is the much-discussed “golf burnout” that players of his age (20) sometimes get when they arrive on the scene and start making $300,000 for shooting five under par and want to play in every single event on the schedule.  I’m sure Spieth has someone to guide him through this, his first full season, on TOUR, and he’ll handle the workload just fine, but it’s the only thing that can set him back over the long haul.

That’s it for now.

Luke and I are getting ready to launch WNST’s forty hours of live coverage of Super Bowl 48, so I better end this edition of Drew’s Morning Dish and get to the microphone.

Stay warm back there in Charm City.


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  1. lakerboy Says:

    Of all the All-Star games I think football may be the “lamest”. Of course that could be dabated, because they don’t play defense in the hockey All-Star game, and basketball is also a scoring parade. I don’t care for football’s new format. Is it really possible to have any emotional attachment or involvement for Team Sanders or Team Rice? I must be an old timer since I always enjoyed watching the “old” NFL teams go up against the young turks of the AFL. I suppose those designations of NFC and AFC are kind of passe’. However, I still remember the NFL and AFL competition was a very big deal to the teams, networks and broadcasters. It was a huge deal to Howard Cosell, who seemingly always had a warm spot for the old AFL teams. He probably came by that affinity honestly, since he had a friendly relationship with Lamar Hunt, Al Davis, Joe Robbie and some of the other AFL owners. I didn’t tune in for any of the Pro Bowl, it just didn’t have any captivating story line…just like the Royal Rumble. The real question today that must be broached is why Daniel Bryan wasn’t in the Royal Rumble Battle Royal??? After all he’s currently the WWE’s most marketable super star. And one follow up question for any wrestling afficionados…Where are Jeff Hardy and Sting headed now that their TNA contracts are up?

  2. The Armchair QB Says:

    Adam Schefter reporting Gary Kubiak now the front runner in the Ravens’ OC competition. He would be a great addition and makes one wonder if Ozzie and/or Bisciotti were instrumental in this late development…….

  3. lakerboy Says:

    PLEASE no Kubiak! We don’t need to double down (Juan Castillo) with the zone blocking scheme that didn’t work well this season. We still don’t have the personnel to run it properly. Have the run game fit the existing personnel!

  4. Dan Says:

    To bad you missed the Grammys , Beyoucy had her crotch on display again , her Hubby ( I think ) WJZ was MC , and I also saw Snoopy Poopy Dog , he was there too . Willie and friends did a tune , ( they’re all about 80 , To bad you didn’t catch some of it . I wonder if Bruce was there ? Games in Jersey right ?

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