“Looks like we’re going 4-12 next season” (said the dummy who tells people he knows football)

March 13, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Life goes on at One Winning Drive for this simple reason — Ozzie Newsome and Eric DeCosta and Pat Moriarty and the rest of the “team” over there know what they’re doing.  Period.  That’s it.  They’re smarter than everyone else.

Now, there’s always a chance you take a step back to an 8-8 football team, no matter if you’re the Ravens, the Patriots or anyone else with a good roster.  How many times next season will the visiting team botch the final thirty seconds and miss a game-winning field goal like Dallas did in Baltimore last October?  How many 4th and 29’s will the Ravens convert in the final minute of the game?  Will you kick three field goals against someone and still manage to steal a win like Baltimore did against a woeful KC team a season ago?

I’m smart enough to know s**t happens in the NFL and you can’t win ’em all, but to sit here on March 13 and start waving the white flag is just silly.  No one’s roster in the league is even half-way close to being finalized and people in Baltimore are already packing it in.

Finally, there’s one more piece of business to handle and then I’ll roll.

If only the sports fans in Baltimore held the Orioles to the same standards they hold the Ravens to, we might not have endured fourteen straight years of losing, the last half dozen of which appeared to be intentional.

The Orioles have signed exactly one top level free agent in the last 15 years — Albert Belle.

The Orioles have signed about fifteen free agent DUDS in the last 15 years.

They’ve made a habit of never spending any money on good free agents during the off-season.

From 1998-2011, they were the laughingstock of the American League East.

And since 2006, when the team’s owner debuted his regional sports network, the community has chipped in hundreds of millions of dollars and the franchise has still refused to dip its toe in the waters of free agency.

Somehow, though, that’s all acceptable with the baseball fans in town.

The Ravens, meanwhile, have won two Super Bowls since 2000.  They’ve made the post-season eight times in twelve seasons.  They’ve signed quality free agent after quality free agent along the way.

All the Ravens have done…is win.

All the Orioles have done…is lost.

And when the Orioles stuff the fan’s money in their pockets, no one says a word.

When the Ravens don’t sign anyone in the first two hours of free agency and lose a couple of effective-but-nothing-special players, all hell breaks loose and folks start calling for the GM’s head.

It’s amazing that people aren’t more in touch with reality here in Baltimore.

Maybe all of that winning the Ravens have done has clouded everyone’s judgment on what has taken place over the last decade or so with both teams in town.

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  1. Lisa, Aberdeen Says:

    Well written Drew. It’s ashame some people still won’t get it after reading this.

  2. Lisa, Aberdeen Says:

    Well written Drew. It’s ashame some people still won’t get it after reading this.

    If being a GM in the NFL was such an easy job, just ask some of these fans you mentioned in your blog, the league would be flooded with such GM talent (note: sarcasm).

  3. unitastoberry Says:

    Was a bit surprised to hear about Ellerbe.I always liked how this kid played. Don’t forget he was forced into a starter role last season by injuries to Ray and McClain at ILB in a 3-4 defense.Going back several years Ellerbe stood out to me in preseason games and I often questioned why McClain got the nod the last 2 years. I think it goes back to a preseason game where Ellerbe intercepted a pass and ran it in for a score then taunted the defender with the ball. Harbs came running off the bench and got into his face like I have never seen him do since. I think Daniel has been in the doghouse from that point on ala McKinnie.Either way he is gone and the Dolphins did overpay him. Crazy world of pro sports strikes again.

  4. Vince Says:

    Name one Ravens free agent casualty that made Ozzie look dumb for letting him go, I can’t think of one. The guy makes a living not overpaying for talent, and telling players to go get paid somewhere else. Adalius Thomas and Gary Baxter come to mind recently, it was like they disappeared when they left Baltimore. I have utmost faith in Ozzie, zero in the Orioles. Not a low blow, just a fact.

  5. Troy Says:

    I feel much better now. Thanks Drew!

  6. charlie Says:

    thanks for being a voice of sanity on this one, drew. the team just won the darn super bowl, for heaven’s sake. when that happens, other teams overpay for some of the residual magic that supposedly adheres to players on the roster. if the defending champs are stupid, they’ll overreact, treat each player as indispensable, blow their cap. . . and then we’ll really hear from some angry fans.

    even though the ‘q’ loss stings, this front office deserves better than for us to hit that panic button.

  7. matt Says:

    when flacco got his contract i predicted the ravens would miss the playoffs, regardless of if those bums went to other teams. so im with you on the ‘step back’ thing. 7-9 or 8-8 with the bengals winning the division

  8. Steve From Sandpoint Says:

    Just how many March departures from the past have really come back to haunt us, none that I can remember. Let Ozzie & his staff do there thing for God’s sake !!!

  9. The Armchair QB Says:

    Same fans, no doubt, that had dire predictions after we let Mason, Heap, McClain, Gregg and McGahee go. Also, many who predicted the Eagles would win the Super Bowl prior to the 2011 season because of all their free agent acquisitions as well as predicting the Colts to have a losing season last year due to rookie QB,personnel changes, new head coach and front office changes. What the average football fan doesn’t know about football would fill volumes…..

  10. Such Says:

    It’s Chicken Little Season in Baltimore again. “The sky is falling!” Fans have no patience. I’m sure glad the Front Office does. Come off the ledge, people,you’re exhausting…

  11. matt Says:

    stuff just got real with pollard leaving though

  12. jpetrosino Says:

    I think it’s a positive the Raven fans to voice their frustration b/c that shows that we care about the team unlike the Orioles. In fact, the Orioles have turned off their fan base to a point we don’t care or, to be honest, don’t notice.

    For me, there is only one sport in town and that’s football 365.

    Go ahead, let the Yanks, Sox, Phills, Dodgers buy all the players and they can play amongst themselves.

  13. Jackie Says:

    Call me a ‘girl’ but the thing I LOVE about the Ravens is not just how awesome they are on the field, but how classy they are off the field. I’m glad to see the players be a part if their community. That’s the piece I hope we don’t lose with all the moves.

    Since you brought up dem O’s… As someone who still follows BMore sports, even though I live half way across the country, let me see I couldn’t name a single O’s player today (after having followed them religiously since I was about 10). I won’t recognize them as anything having to do with my hometown until Angelo’s is gone!!!

    Will travel for Ravens (and have)!!!! Orioles – where do they play?

  14. The Armchair QB Says:

    It bears repeating that fans who think they know more about personnel moves than Ozzie Newsome are simply….delusional!

  15. Robbie Says:

    Have Pollard and Williams and probably Reed leaving changed your opinion at all? Will there be a point that you won’t “trust Ozzie?” (DF: Nothing about my opinion changes until we see what the Ravens roster looks like in September. They haven’t signed any players yet.)

  16. f4phantomphreak Says:

    Who really cares, they gave Flacco all the cash and now they’re a one man team, I shall follow my O’s all the way to the playoffs baby, all the way!

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