Maryland DC Stewart respects “pro style” of NC State QB Glennon

October 17, 2012 | WNST Staff

Offensive Coordinator Mike Locksley

On the problems NC State’s defense presents:

“I think the big thing they do that we’ve had to deal with the last six weeks is a lot of pressure. I think that’s something that they are. Watching them on film, regardless of the opponent, they like to pressure they like to force you to have to make decisions and throws. We have to handle them bringing the heat.”


On if he’s had any players comparable to Stefon Diggs in the past:

“I mean it’s so hard to compare because he’s a different player. I know in this same system, we live the same life with a guy like Arrelious Benn. He and Stefon are two guys with two different skill sets. We’re pleased with Stefon and the things he’s been able to accomplish thus far. As we know and as he knows, we’re watching and there’s still so much room for growth. I think he’s continued to get more and more comfortable with each game, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. I don’t think he’s even scratched the surface for what his potential can be just yet.”


On the play of Devin Burns:

“Well it’s something we had talked about doing, give him a series of plays. Obviously we would love to get him more involved because I think Devin brings some things to the table offensively. I think if he continues to give us the ability to trust him and his decision making as a quarterback, I think there’s a place and role for him to help us on the offensive side of the ball. He does some things a little better than maybe Perry does in certain sets and certain schemes. Even having both of those guys on the field at the same time with Devin having spent some time at receiver. I think it will give us some options and something the defenses will have to prepare for.”


On the play of the linemen Josh Cary and Evan Mulrooney:

“Well again, we finished with negative yardage rushing, so I’d venture to say that none of us did well in the run game. I think they both did some decent things in the passing game, as all of our guys did. We were forced to throw the ball, we were able to give Perry enough time to make some decisions back there, and make some plays when we needed to have them. I know with [Evan] Mulrooney it’s his first experience with extended playing time and Josh [Cary] is a guy that’s played football around here last season before getting nicked up and again this season. It’s great they were able to go in and do the things they’ve been coached to do and help us win.


On what the team has done to improve the run game in practice:

“It’s all mechanics, fundamentals. Like I told the offense, if it was just one guy, we’d find a way to replace that guy. When you go across the board, it’s different guys making mistakes. It’s tough as a coach because you sit there and watch it, and the execution isn’t at a high percentage. Then you look at some of the guys and we’re playing a true freshman at left tackle, and major extended playing time with a guy like Mike Madaras. There’s going to be times when they get exposed, all we can do is continue to pound the fundamentals, doing things the right way doing things the way they were coached. It’s something we’re not going to give up on and also lends itself to some of the things we’ve talked about having balance. If the run game isn’t going, then we need to use the pass game maybe to set up the run. If you look at the second half, that was one of the adjustments we made against Virginia and it worked for us.”


If changes to the offensive line could happen again this season:

“Well roles change daily. The run game, pass game, running back play, quarterback play, the name of the game is being productive. I think that our guys understand that they have to do their job if they want to continue to play. It’s not a measure we use to threaten them, it’s just good to have competition and it’s good to have guys that can compete. If a guy is not getting the job done, you find a way to find a guy to get it done. We’ll continue to search for answers to find a guy to get it done. For us to win ball games and continue to win ball games, we’re going to have to find ways to run. As I said before, maybe if teams choose to outnumber the box, we’ll put a little more on Perry’s plate to throw the ball.”


On Matt Furstenburg’ increased involvement vs. Virginia:

“We keep a chart of guys we would like to get the ball to in the passing game, it’s so tough. Some of the things we’ve asked him to do, as far as staying in to protect and help us from a protection standpoint, it has limited his opportunities in some games. But, he’s a guy when his number is called he’s usually pretty reliable. He’s one of our better players on the offensive side of the ball, and he’s one of the few experienced players that can lend some leadership to the younger group. We have to continue to find ways to keep him involved, but also he’s doing some of the things that may go unnoticed with the pass protection and staying in to kind of protect our quarterback give us a chance to get the ball off.”


Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart

On the team’s performance in the Virginia game:

“The most disappointing thing was how we picked up the runs. I thought we could do a better job verses the run, and when we came back and took a look at it, we wanted to make sure it wasn’t something schematically or just a person. We kind of looked at it, and wanted to clean that up. I feel like we got that cleaned up, we just have to do a better job on the run, tackling, pursuit angles and staying gap sound.”


On the Virginia game being a wakeup call, despite the win:

“I just think you have to respect all opponents and what they can do to you the same. I think that week of practice we thought we were better than we were and it showed. I just think that I don’t want that to be a lesson, but it turned out to be a lesson. You’d hate to have the hard lessons come, and then you lose. I think that was a wakeup call to tell everyone that we’re a good defense if we do what we’re supposed to do.”


On NC State quarterback Mike Glennon:

“I kind of go game by game, so I haven’t seen the quarterbacks outside of watching college games on TV. Today, Glennon is probably the best pro-style quarterback we’ve seen. He does a good job of getting his hips and his body to follow his throw, so he has some velocity on them. He can throw outside the numbers, he can throw down the field, they’re a vertical passing team that suits him well. He’s a big, tall kid so trying to get balls blocked down at the line of scrimmage is going to be a challenge for us, which is something we like to do. I think we’ll have a clean plan for him, we’re going to go after him, but he’s still the best pro-style upright style quarterback we’ve seen.”


On the play of Darin Drakeford:

“With Drakeford, that Will position that’s the same position we were in in Dallas when we had DeMarcus Ware. So you kind of expect that guy to get a chance to do some things because he’s usually more athletic than the offensive tackle. That’s the matchup we want, and if they slide and try to bring a back to him, we still win that one. So not that we’re taking anything away from him, I think he’s done a great job, but those kinds of things are expected from that position.”


On AJ Francis’ ability to block kicks:

“He wants to do it. I think everything in football from tackling, to blocking kicks, to blocking, comes down to if you want to do it; it’s 90% in technique. You guys talked to him I’m sure he was pretty happy about it.”


On the play of the secondary:

“One thing, we haven’t gotten a lot of pass interference calls lately. I hope, knock on wood, that stays the same. I think we’re still a work in progress, we need to get to a point where everybody plays to a higher standard.”


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