Maryland DC Stewart thinks Goree ready to step up in Hartsfield absence

November 07, 2012 | WNST Staff

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Offensive Coordinator Mike Locksley

On how backup quarterback Shawn Petty has been progressing:

“I think he’ll continue to get better with each practice. As we talked about last week he’s only two or three months removed from being a quarterback. He’s done it his whole life so he has some natural quarterback mechanic things that he does. But for us, we’re still trying to figure out and make sure we go in and do the things he’s capable of getting executed. That’s always the important part. It starts with doing what your quarterback is capable of doing. We’ve tried to do that with each guy that’s been back there and we’ll continue to do that with Shawn.”


On how he thought Shawn performed in his first game:

“For his first start and his first game, I commend him for his effort. It takes a lot of a true freshman to go out there under limited practice time and take in the game plan to try and win the game. Obviously we didn’t get that accomplished and there were a lot of mistakes made, not just by Shawn. The big thing that we’ve talked about with our quarterbacks is protecting the football. We didn’t feel like he did that very well and that was something we wanted to come out of that game, if at all anything, limited turnovers. We knew with that team and a limited offense we would be limited with the amount of opportunities we would get. I thought the first half he played like a freshman like a lot of the other freshmen who have started this year have done for us at all positions. I thought he got better as the game went along and in the second half I thought the game kind of slowed down. I think he’ll continue to get better not just with his performance, but as we’ve seen him under fire we have a better understanding of the things we can get executed in game situations.”


On Shawn playing in front of a loud environment at Clemson:

“Well again, we have to do what we can to prepare him for that situation. That’s where Randy [Edsall] comes into play and the things we do in practice and how we go about practicing. All we can do is simulate it, he’s a freshman it’s his first opportunity to play in an environment like that, and that’s where sometimes youth serves you well. You really don’t know and it’s not a big deal whereas a guy that’s played in that situation has some preconceived thoughts of how it may be. So, we’ll prepare him for that situation it’s a great venue to play ball in. We have to give him a plan to go out and execute and I think the better he can execute the better it’ll be on him down there in Death Valley.”


On the play of Brandon Ross last week:

“That’s what we feel Brandon is capable of doing. It’s just a matter of getting some consistency out of him. Out of all of our runners the consistency up front of putting a hat on a hat. I think our offensive line took some steps forward last week being on the right people and making sure we’re covering guys up giving him a chance. I also think having a guy like Shawn being a runner also helps open up some of the inside run game stuff for our backs.”




Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart


On losing Demetrius Hartsfield:

“Losing Demetrius, unfortunately for him you don’t want something like that to happen to a kid in his senior year so late in the season. But, we just have to keep on going. You have to prepare like you always have the opportunity to play and I think that’s what L.A [Goree] has done for us. He’s done a great job at practice this week, but again I feel sorry and my heart goes out to Demetrius, because you just hate for that to happen to him.”


On if this situation is similar to when the team was facing West Virginia:

“There are so many different variables in this situation than West Virginia. Every game presents its own good and bad, so I couldn’t even approach it that same way.”


On how you prevent the defense from getting overwhelmed on the road:

“You just have to stick to your basics, stick to your fundamentals. I truly feel our vision, what we want to do defensively, and who we want to be defensively, we still have an opportunity to control that vision. I think to do that, you just stick to what you’re doing, stick to what your base defense is, and everybody does that. That’s what the coaches preach, and that’s what I preach.”


On what happened vs. Georgia Tech:

“You know I don’t if you can say what went wrong, it’s just we didn’t make any plays. I think they got us unsettled, I think that both of those things as a coordinator are up to me to get us to be settled in and get things right. I shoulder the responsibility for that.”


On the players saying they just want to forget about a game like Georgia Tech:

“I believe to get on to the next game, you have get rid of the last game. We always talk about that. Whether it’s a win or a loss, you have to flush that last game and start preparing for the next game and gave your full focus on that next game.”


On what L.A Goree brings to the table:

“L.A Goree is a tough kid and a tough player. He’s a downhill, mean son of a gun that’s just good. The thing is we have to remember is he’s young. Last year I think he was thrust into playing and he wasn’t a starter in the beginning of the season. It’s the same thing this year, and I think he’s done a good job of preparing. I’m excited to see how he’s going to do Saturday.”


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