Maryland QB Brown says rehab “ahead of schedule”

February 25, 2013 | WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall


Opening Statement:

“Well this will be the earliest that I have ever started spring, but for good reason. It allows us to start on Saturday; it allows us to take advantage of getting done April 12th and giving our players three weeks or so with the rest of the semester. Plus we get our summer program started sooner with the players. It also gives us the ability to take full advantage of the six-week spring evaluation period that we are allowed by NCAA standards. I think it will be good as well as we go: Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday and then our players leave for spring break for a week. We will get six practices in and then their bodies will heal up a little bit. We will come back and go Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and then Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. I think it is a good schedule, a good mix. We are really looking forward to getting started.

“We have had good winter workouts that have taken place over the last five weeks. Guys have really worked hard, both in the weight room and when we have done our conditioning on the field once a week. They are in good shape and now it is time to get better fundamentally and technique wise. Get them to understand that they have to do their job and their job only. Master everything that they can in terms of their job. It will be a situation where we will have some guys who won’t be playing or partaking in everything this spring. Starting offensively; C.J. [Brown] will do some individual drills to start out with. We will see how he progresses doing those. It could progress to him getting in and doing some seven-on-seven. We will start him out with some individual work and see how he goes from there. Caleb [Rowe] and Perry [Hills] they won’t be able to do anything this spring from a football standpoint. Wes Brown will be out for the spring. He had his shoulder done, but he also had his ankle taken care of on Friday. He had some surgery there. We will hopefully have a healthy Wes Brown. The ankle was from an injury that followed him here to Maryland from high school, but that went well. Levern Jacobs won’t be doing anything this spring. We might be able to get him where he can do some routes on air. We will find that out a little bit later this week. Marcus Leak won’t be doing anything. Marcus has some injuries, but Marcus has some academic things that he has to sure up and take care of.

“Defensively Andre Monroe will be doing some individual stuff during practice and we will progress him from there. I’m not sure he will get into any contact stuff or team work. Matt Robinson will be able to do noncontact work when he is out there. C.J. [Brown], Andre [Monroe], and Matt [Robinson] will be able to do things. Wes [Brown], Cole Farrand, Perry [Hills], Marcus Leak, and Caleb [Rowe] will be out. Levern [Jacobs] hopefully we will be able to do a little bit with him on routes on air. Just from a position standpoint I think the only thing that we have done since we have talked last was Matt Robinson will be an outside linebacker for us, moving from the safety position. Really he is more suited for that position plus getting our best 11 on the field that is something that we thought would be the best for us. Taking a look at Matt right now he is weighing 234. He will probably get to 240 as he continues to train. He has the ability to do that. Alex Twine will stay at SAM. We will have Alex, Avery [Thompson] and Matt there. We will have good competition; we will have good competition all over.”


On expectations from Ricardo Young:

“Ricardo is going to get a lot of work. It will be good for Ricardo because he had to sit out because of the transfer. It will be good for him to get all of these reps and get him working to see where he will be able to fit in for us in the fall. We won’t let him get hit. We only have two quarterbacks for the spring between Ricardo and Dustin Dailey. We will keep those guys off limits. I am anxious to see him go out there and get to work every day and see what he can do and how far he can progress.

“From what I have seen he is a very good athlete, he can throw the football. We will see how accurate he will be this spring but like I said in terms of being a guy who can be a duel threat, he has those capabilities and that talent to be able to do that. He can do all of the things that we want to do with our offense. The other added dimension that he gives you is if he is back there and he drops back throwing the ball and things break down, he has more than enough speed and athletic ability to make a play. He will be able to make plays with his feet and his arm.”


On taking spring practices on the road:

“One of the things that we want to do is grow our brand throughout the area and state. March 30th we will be going up to Dunbar High School in Baltimore and work out on their brand new facility and field up there. On April the 6th we are going to go out to Middletown High School in Frederick to work out there. I felt it was important for us to go out and reach out to the community, rather than have them come down here. Like I said, I want to grow our brand more in different areas of the state. We hope to move them around each year. This year we wanted to get up into Baltimore because of the fact that we are going to be playing West Virginia up at M&T [Bank] Stadium this year. I wanted to establish more of a presence in the western part of the state there in Frederick. People there and in Hagerstown and even from Pennsylvania can drive down to see us there. It is all about developing the brand in terms of Maryland Pride, and being out and in the community.”


On if C.J. Brown is ahead of schedule on his rehab:

“I would say that he is from the standpoint that he has worked extremely hard. The one thing that we aren’t going to do is rush him. We are going to do the things that we feel or the doctors tell us that he can do. I think he is. He has worked his tail off in terms of the rehab. Whatever we can get with him this spring in terms of the throwing, and different things will be a bonus. He is pretty much ahead of schedule.”


On the benefit of being in year two of the offensive and defensive systems:

“It is a really good thing. I expect from the day that we go out there that the players will know exactly what to do. They will be playing a little bit faster and they will know things. Anytime you can go in and have people coming back that are going to be familiar with what you are doing, it gives you a chance to get a lot better fundamentally and technique wise. But also put a couple of other things in that will take advantage of our skill set.”


On the offensive line:

“We have to get five guys up there on the offensive line. As we start on Saturday it will be Mike Madaras at left tackle, De’Onte [Arnett] at left guard, Sal [Conaboy] and Evan [Mulrooney] fighting it out at center, Andy [Andrew] Zeller at right guard, and Nick Kelmm at right tackle. What I want to do there is get at least eight. At center I think we are in pretty good shape there between Sal and Evan and Steve Grommer, who is getting better. Who can be the top three guards and the top three tackles? That is one of my concerns offensively.”


Quarterback C.J. Brown

On his rehab:

“I’ve pushed my body to the max, and I feel like I’m ahead of schedule because if I didn’t take this seriously, I could be behind a lot of guys. I’m really excited for where I’m at right now from where I’ve come. I’m just going day-by–day.”


On competing with Ricardo Young for starting position:

“There’s going to be competition everywhere. No one’s going to be handed over the job. You have to earn it. I’m going to do as much as I can to earn the job and he’s going to do as much as he can to earn the job. I know the coaches will give everyone a fair chance. Anytime you’re out there and can take all the reps, it’s going to help.”


On the offense:

“We look pretty good on paper. It’ll be exciting to see when we’re all out there and the damage that we can do because we’ve got some explosive guys on the field. It’ll be exciting to see how this offense takes off.”


Defensive Lineman Darius Kilo

On spring football:

“Coming back to spring, we know what we have to do. We’re not learning anything; we’re not changing anything differently. It should be simple and it should be easier to execute. I’m pretty excited.”


On his personal goals:

“I just want to be the best player I can be. I feel like I worked hard in the winter workouts and I feel like I can definitely be an impact player for the defense. I just want to be able to step up in that role.”


On returning the defensive system from last season:

“I’m definitely a lot more comfortable. Coming back for the second year with the same playbook is definitely an advantage. I feel comfortable with the plays and the system.”


Wide Receiver Deon Long

On starting practice:

“I’m just excited. I’m excited to get out there and start playing. I’m excited to be playing against some better competition and I’m just looking forward to proving myself.”


On his relationship with quarterback Ricardo Young:

“I wanted to play with him in junior college. We were never on the same team — we were rivals — but we were always good friends. I said, ‘Wherever you’re going, that’s where I’m going.’”


On what he learned from playing in junior college:

“Make it a team thing; don’t make it about you. Even though you might be a featured player, do everything you can to help the team and make everyone around you better.”


On Offensive Coordinator Mike Locksley’s system:

“Playing in the offense at a less-fortunate team at New Mexico, we did a lot of explosive things. With the personnel we have here and the talent we have here, I think [Offensive Coordinator Mike] Locksley can go deep into the playbook and we can run it.”


Quarterback Ricardo Young

On spring football:

“I just want to use this spring to make my team a lot better. We’ve got a lot of young receivers, a lot of good receivers. I want to use this spring to take the time to get them acquainted – actually, to take the time and get myself back acquainted. I feel like I’m a veteran at this now. It should be a good showing from me and we’re just trying to get the team to where we’re going.”


On what he brings to the team:

“I want to bring a leadership role as a quarterback. I’m a guy that’s always going to be in the film room, always diligent in my work. I’m a guy that’s going to go out and try to get it done for you every day. I bring nothing less than 110 percent every day.”


On his relationship with the wide receivers:

“Me, Deon [Long], Stefon [Diggs], Nigel [King] — a lot of those guys that are veterans and have been in it, we have a great rapport. We go out there every single day, and I’m on them every day about being crisp in rotations and route running and sticking and stacking DBs. I’m just really on them about getting in the film room and staying on their course work, and really staying in the game every single day to show nothing less than 110 percent effort. We have a really great rapport. I think that’ll help us a lot when it comes to connecting on certain routes and certain things that we should be on point at.”