Merry Christmas from Crabs and Beer

December 25, 2007 | Glenn Clark

Sorry I haven’t been able to get a whole post up recently. Seeing friends, family, old co-workers, etc. while in Baltimore. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family, friends, etc.

Couple quick thoughts:

-We all agree that Troy Smith should start Sunday.

-James Franklin is a good hire for the Terps. He is someone Ralph knows, and he is a solid recruiter. Hopefully he can slow down the pipeline Ron Zook has to DC right now.

-Loved hearing Kevin Eck on with Rob Long today. His blog is awesome, and deep down inside-we’re all Pro Wrestling fans.

As my Uncle Mike would say, “Happy Merry”. I’ll be eating stuffed shells with my family tomorrow (we’re Italian), and hopefully Crabcakes later this week with the girlfriend’s family in Ocean City.