MobTown Sports Beat Thursday Agenda

December 29, 2011 | Thyrl Nelson

Turgeon’s Terps are Tourney Timber


The ACC is mediocre and the Terps’ body of work so far, while not overly impressive is all but marvelous when you consider that they were without their starting point guard and center, two of their best and most valuable assets. Recent wins over less than stellar opponents have been anything but inspiring, but their losses haven’t been tough or plentiful so far. They remain a work in progress but my hopes are high.



Wizards Tough to Watch…But I Will


That’s why I’m trying to find out if Baltimore is a Wizards town. I’ll watch them if you’re watching them, if not, there’s plenty of better NBA action on TV nearly every night. The Wiz are uninspired and look poorly coached, Flip Saunders will be lucky to see the All-Star Break with the club and Rashard Lewis just brings me down. There’s talent to be found on the roster and maybe they’ll find the right combos to win some games. There’s lots of room for mediocre teams in the Eastern side of the NBA Playoffs. The question then becomes whether the Wizards can at least improve themselves to mediocrity.



Red Zone Sunday


If you listen to the show at all, you’re probably aware of my unapologetic love for the Red Zone Channel. While week 17 usually has little of consequence going on, this week nearly every game has a playoff (or draft) storyline. It’s a great Sunday to have a date with the sofa.