MobTown Sports Beat Thursday Agenda

December 29, 2011 | Thyrl Nelson


Sleeping Through Bowl Season


The Bowl Season is ongoing and so far I could care less. I’m resigned to the fact that Alabama will walk away the undeserved champion and am actually looking forward to the reaction that will follow. Otherwise though the start of NBA and college basketball, the anticipation of the NFL playoffs and week to week fight action have left me with little interest in the staggered and belabored official ending to a season that for all intents and purposes actually finished about a month ago.


Moreover, I watched a lot of college football this season, much more than most and much more than I’ve ever watched in the past. Still, as I filled out my college bowl pools on Tuesday I found myself at a loss guessing over the resumes of teams that I hadn’t seen much or at all this season. It troubles me for 2 reasons. First, because so many irrelevant teams are being forced on us as big game inclusions and secondly because it speaks to the impossibility for anyone to accurately assess and rank the entire BCS field, yet those assessments remain at the heart of the championship formula. Whatever…



The Nail…is for Air Force Falcon head football coach Todd Calhoun.


Calhoun’s Falcons lost in the Military Bowl to Toledo on Wednesday in an exciting, edge of your seat shootout, when Calhoun elected to go for two after an Air Force touchdown made the score 42-41 with just 52 seconds remaining. Fortune favors the bold, and I’m all for the decision. Electing to go for two in that situation puts Calhoun in great and esteemed company with legendary coaches who have also gone for two in similar game circumstances and certainly on much bigger stages and with far greater stakes. Putting the game though in the hands of your field goal holder and kicker to execute a run option is dumb. They should have put it in the hands of an offense that had already scored 6 TDs (3 on runs of 3 yards or less). I’ve never heard anyone say that fortune favors the tricky.