Monday Morning’s Crabcakes

April 14, 2008 | Glenn Clark

Crabs and Beer will return. I had some issues this weekend, but everything is better, so Tuesday morning you will again see Crabs and Beer. (There could be a few more hiccups over the next two weeks, but I’m working on it I swear.) I just have a few thoughts-which are from all over the place-to share today.
-I printed another copy of the American League East standings tonight, knowing it would be the final time this season they would be in that position. I think some players, fans, etc were getting JUST a bit ahead of themselves over the past week. I am excited about a possible future for this team-but PLEASE remember that this is a 3-4 year process, not something that is going to happen now.
-Here’s what we know about College Lacrosse after a few wacky weekends. Duke* (Thanks John Weaver for the asterisk) is far and away the best team in the country, despite their loss to Georgetown a couple weeks back. Maryland is in a lot of trouble without Travis Reed; and Navy needs to figure out how to score more goals if they really want to get to Foxboro.
Also, Loyola is better than we thought they were at the beginning of the season; both they and UMBC could easily end up in the Tournament. Hopkins still needs to beat Navy to prove to me that they are a different team than the team that dropped 5 straight. Their loss to Carolina wasn’t pretty; and Carolina’s loss to Ohio State this weekend doesn’t help. Towson could have REALLY used a win over Drexel-that might well doom them.
-Kevin Van Valkenburg’s blog about Dennis Dixon this weekend was interesting, but I’m not sure Dixon would be a good fit in Baltimore. While any QB the Ravens select will be a project, Dixon was going to be a project BEFORE his injury. Now I’m not certain he’s worth any sort of risk at all for this team. But someone will end up getting Dixon late, and he could prove to be a steal.
-I went to see Bon Jovi Friday night. They may not have made any good music in the last ten years; but they still put on a hell of a live show. They must have played for a solid three hours. Daughtry (featuring Chris Daughtry of American Idol fame) opened for them, and were also very good. I saw Bon Jovi a few years back; but they were actually better Friday than they were the last time I saw them. Here’s a question for you…..What’s the best Bon Jovi song of all time? “Wanted Dead of Alive” is the easy answer; I’m gonna go with “I’ll Be There For You.” Come on; is there any ballad besides “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” that you like more than “I’ll Be There For You”?
-In doing some YouTubing over the weekend, I caught myself jumping around to every rock performance I could find. With that being said, can we all agree that “Baba O’Riley” is the greatest song in the history of rock and roll? I mean, if you had to introduce Rock and Roll to someone in the world who had never heard it, is there any song even close to that? I had the privilege of being a Rock jock for a while; and was brought up on great Rock music. A song my station played a great deal was “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana; which isn’t in the same UNIVSERSE as “Baba O’Riley.”
However, apparently when VH1 made their list of the greatest songs of all time, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was #9, while “Baba O’Riley” was #340. How was this allowed to be published by anyone?
I’m not saying there aren’t other great rock songs; but really, HONESTLY; do you think there is a rock song better than “Baba O’Riley”?
-I have to admit that as much as I looked up to Nestor and Johnny Holliday growing up; Don and Mike were a serious part of the reason why I wanted to get into this industry. Their show was both smart and hilarious; and I will seriously miss it being on the air.
Talk to you tomorrow with an entire update-I promise.