Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

March 08, 2010 | Glenn Clark

Happy Monday!

It’s a Happy Monday for me because this weekend’s trip to Charlottesville was MUCH better than some of the other trips to Charlottesville I’ve made for football and basketball games in recent years. Did it get interesting late? Sure. Was it still a big win to clinch a share of the ACC regular season title? You bet your ass.

Plus, I made a pit stop in DC Friday night, and I wasn’t cut by the Redskins! (That’s a funnier joke if you know that the Skins cut 10 players last week. Of course, that only means that life got BETTER for 10 NFL players last week.) After a long evening of drinking heavily having responsible fun, a friend looked at me at about 3am and said “do you want an empanada?” Of course I responded with “I’ve never wanted anything more.”

So, she directed us to something called “Julia’s Empanadas” in Adams Morgan. I ordered a saltenas empanada….


…and continued to howl in delight with a mix of chicken, potato, green peas, hard boiled egg, raisins, green olives and onion swirling in my gullet.

But I’m sure your Friday night was good too….

Let’s see what everyone has to say….

1.’s Luke Jones says Maryland to face Georgia Tech/North Carolina winner in ACC Tournament quarterfinals Friday night

Which gives me an excuse (like it did for Luke) to watch the video of Cliff Tucker’s shot again….

I could watch that video all day.


It would NOT be a good matchup for the Terps if they had to face Georgia Tech Friday night. The reason Cliff Tucker HAD to hit that miraculous shot was because the Terps couldn’t put away the tough interior of the Wreck, who killed them on the glass. The Yellow Jackets may also be in a potentially similar situation as the Terrapins were going into the ACC Tournament a season ago, needing two wins to be able to sleep easier going into Selection Sunday. The Terps used that motivation to knock off Wake Forest last year.

That being said, Maryland would be well served to face a Paul Hewitt team that was playing a second game in as many nights. A less-rested Derrick Favors would likely not be as effective against a well-rested Jordan Williams.

And if Maryland were to be fortunate to face Carolina…..what are the mercy rules for college hoops?

2.’s Jim Young picks Greivis Vasquez ACC Player of the Year, Gary Williams ACC Coach of the Year

Homer Simpson I might be, but I’m in complete agreement.

Look, if there were another candidate for ACC Coach of the Year, I’d consider it. Seth Greenberg had this award on ice before the Hokies dropped 3 straight a couple weeks ago, same for Tony Bennett before closing the season with 9 straight losses. Dino Gaudio and Oliver Purnell actually didn’t reach the heights they were expected to, and Paul Hewitt’s team never really got over the hump.

Apparently Mike Gminski nominated Coach K last night during the FSN broadcast of Clemson-Wake Forest, and I won’t be quite so dismissive here. Sometimes the award just SHOULD go to the coach of the best team in the conference. But seeing as how Duke had superior talent and higher expectations yet finished tied with Maryland; it’s hard to see how Mike Krzyzewski could be labeled as having been a BETTER coach than Gary Williams this season.

As far as Player of the Year is concerned, the guy that drilled 3 HUGE 3-balls in the 2nd half down in Charlottesville Saturday is well-deserving. If he splits it with Jon Scheyer (similar to how Shane Battier and Joe Forte did in ’00-’01), I won’t be nearly as enraged as some of you apparently would be.

3. The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Terps using yesterday, today to rest after grueling stretch, with trip to Greensboro looming

As Gary Williams pointed out following Saturday’s game in the bowels of John Paul Jones Arena-the Wednesday/Saturday turnaround seems a lot longer than it really is when you play at 9pm Wednesday and 1:30pm Saturday.

The Terps can use a few days off before preparing for GT and UNC. You could tell at different times over the last 3 weeks that they were losing their legs a bit-which makes you wonder how things may have been worse had the team not hired new strength coach Paul Ricci.

You know who probably DOESN’T need a new strength coach??? Shakira….


4. Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Tony Bennett’s technical Saturday different situation than when Gary Williams tossed his jacket against Georgia Tech

In the end, you just can’t show up officials. Yanda points out (and Maryland fans everywhere probably REFUSE to believe that Steve would defend Gary Williams-but he DID) that when Gary tossed his jacket, he did it because he was frustrated with how the Yellow Jackets were just beating the tar out of the Terps on the glass.

When Tony Bennett threw his jacket Saturday, he did it immediately after a Jerome Meyinsse foul call that he apparently thought should have been a charge on Sean Mosley. Whether the call was right or not (and in fairness-it was questionable), every coach has to know he can’t show up an official in that moment. He can disagree, and he can try to get the official’s attention for an explanation. But he can’t show up an official.

It really doesn’t matter that much to Maryland fans-as it wasn’t THE reason why the Terps won the game-it just made the final moments much more comfortable than they could have been had the Cavaliers managed to get the ball back down just 3-especially with once-College Park bound Jeff Jones having been red hot in the 2nd half.

Fortunately, we’ll never have to know how that situation would have played out.

5. Mt. St. Mary’s Official Site says Mountaineers’ hopes of returning to NCAA Tournament dashed by Robert Morris in NEC Tournament semis

Milan Brown’s ‘Eers had a chance to do what Randy Monroe’s UMBC Retrievers couldn’t and what Todd Bozeman’s Morgan State Bears will try to do-play for a 3rd straight conference championship.

While he fell short, MSM was very competitive again this season, and Brown has continued to do an OUTSTANDING job since replacing the legendary Jim Phelan.

Emmittsburg is a tough place to be noticed, but hopefully Brown is. He deserves some consideration for a job at a higher level. Not an ACC or  even a Conference USA level gig necessarily, but certainly consideration for jobs in conferences like the America East or the MAAC. If he’s interested in moving up to those levels that is.

6. Stevenson Official Site says Richie Ford scored 3 goals as Mustangs topped Western New England

Congratulations to Paul Cantabene’s ‘Stangs-who actually showed some defense yesterday in improving to 4-0 to start the lacrosse season. If you follow us on Twitter (@WNST), you’d know that my weekly “OldLineLax7” poll (of the 7 D1 lacrosse schools in the state of Maryland) looks like this following this weekend’s action, including the Konica Minolta Face-Off Classic…

2-Johns Hopkins
7-Mt. St. Mary’s

I’m not trying to say the Mustangs could necessarily beat the Tigers or Mountaineers, but I will say that neither of those teams have won a game yet….

7.’s Brittany Ghiroli says Nick Markakis homered, but Birds lost to Red Sox

Knowing that the O’s would be playing the BoSox yesterday, I decided to be a professional reporter and went to the “Boston” page at for info about the team. I spent about 15 minutes really studying up on pictures of Casey Batchelor….


….what position will she be manning at Fenway Park this season?

8. Carroll County Times’ Rich Dubroff says Jason Berken off to solid start in Spring Training

At times, it actually really did look like Jason Berken was capable of pitching last season. I don’t know it for sure, but he definitely at least APPEARED capable of being able to pitch, at least after his WOEFUL start.

That being said, it’s too easy to call his role “long relief and spot starts” and just expect that he’ll experience some sort of renaissance this season. He’s gonna be in for a battle again, and it will certainly be interesting to see how he performs.

9. ESPN The Magazine’s Tim Kurkjian says Orioles ‘could flirt with .500’

Insert the name of many other national baseball writers where the name “Tim Kurkjian” is, and you can see the general tone many analysts have when it comes to this year’s Orioles.

The problem is-while they address what the Orioles have done to improve, they don’t really address how the Orioles stack up against the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays and Jays in the AL East. The same writers who say they think the Orioles can finish around .500 are usually writers for publications who think the Orioles will finish no better than 4th in the division.

Is it possible that 4 teams in the AL East could all finish at .500 or better? I guess. Is it likely? No.

.500 would be a REMARKABLE accomplishment for this Orioles team, not something that should be expected.

10. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Marlin Jackson will visit Eagles after visiting Ravens Tuesday

Which means Marlin Jackson probably isn’t the type of player that will get a contract offer from Ozzie Newsome Tuesday and call Philadelphia to say “forget it, I’m signing here!”

If the Ravens are looking to add a CB, Jackson would at least give them a little bit more size (the CB’s on their current roster are all sub-6’0″) even if his health remains a question mark. But the Ravens will be looking to get him for a bargain, meaning a contract offer for big money won’t be coming. He’ll go to Philly for another visit, and he might not end up deciding on Charm City.

11. LA Times’ John Horn says Sandra Bullock won Academy Award for her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy-adoptive mother of Michael Oher

Which was maybe the least surprising thing….ever.

And as much as I loved “The Blind Side” (I really did-even if it was a chick flick), where was the love for the green chick from “Star Trek” in this category???


12. The Sun’s Ken Murray says international soccer to return to M&T Bank Stadium July 25

Love the idea…don’t love the date. This would either be a Sunday night match, or a July afternoon match. They did a Real Mardrid-DC United match at FedEx Field last summer, and I was told it was about 187 degrees on the field at the time of kickoff.


But otherwise, I’m all in. Love the idea, especially as the city tries to earn a bid to host World Cup games.

And finally, I leave you with this.

Here’s a video Busted Coverage had of two young ladies expressing their feelings for each other at a Chicago Bulls game. Now the explanation ends and the video begins….

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983….