Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

May 24, 2010 | Glenn Clark

Happy Monday!

It’s a Happy Monday for me because my cousin Jeff is in town from Las Vegas, which meant yesterday was a perfect day to do this…


I can still smell Old Bay on my fingertips. Of course, I guess I should have showered last night.

Oh, and the Phoenix Suns won! It was a LITTLE awkward that I was sitting on my couch and chanting “Beat LA!”, but it was a fun night all around.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP says Willingham’s walkoff homer lifted Nationals past Orioles

Not even phased.

Hell, “Knocked Up” was on E! yesterday afternoon, and I’m pretty sure I watched more of Katherine Heigl than I did Kevin Millwood yesterday.

(Edit from GMC: That might not be true, but if it is-can you blame me?)


Millwood had one bad inning again-and this time he got it out of the way early. I will admit that I didn’t expect Julio Lugo to extend things into extra innings, but as Rob Dibble effectively explained-the Birds can partially thank Jim Riggleman for that-as he didn’t bring Justin Maxwell to play shallow RF against a hitter with about as much power as me.

I mostly didn’t care for Rob Dibble this weekend-and the forced MASN combo broadcast was just as dreadful as I always remember it being. By the way-Gary Thorne IS coming back, right? If he just quit and left us with Jim Hunter moving forward, I may never forgive him.

2. The AP/ offer numerical evidence of loss

What’s remarkable is that it took until the 45th game of the season for the team’s cleanup hitter (Ty Wigginton) to actually move to the 4th spot in the lineup.

Meanwhile, Garrett Atkins made an appearance yesterday. I feel like Atkins might as well just walk to home plate with his middle finger directly in the air; and then personally direct it towards every Orioles fan in attendance at every game.

Miguel Tejada was 0-5 with 4 LOB. In baseball terms, we call that “Playing Like an Oriole.”

3.’s Drew Forrester doesn’t think Dave Trembley will be fired today

Neither do I, for the record. I don’t think Terry Crowley will be fired either, but I think it’s more likely he falls on the sword than the manager does.

There is part of me that wonders whether or not it is okay for the team to basically pass along the message of “losing is okay” by NOT firing the manager; but I will also be the first to get in the “this isn’t the manager’s fault” line.

I don’t think Dave Trembley is a good manager, but I don’t think ANY manager could win with the woefully incomplete roster Andy MacPhail put together this season.

If you think Dave Trembley should be fired-I think that’s fine, but you have to be willing to accept the fact that the roster wasn’t built for winning the way some wanted us to believe it was before the season.

I’m really indifferent as to whether or not Trembley DOES get fired-as none of Rick Dempsey, Juan Samuel, BJ Surhoff, Mike Bordick or Brad Komminsk will make this team a winner; and I generally think coaching changes are best made in the offseason-when a full search of all candidates-including those currently employed by other MLB teams-can be considered. Of course, I would assume that none of them could do WORSE than Trembley, but isn’t that an example of “famous last words”?

As far as whether or not Dave Trembley WILL be fired? My gut remains “no.”

4. Carroll County Times’ Rich Dubroff says Uehara ‘likely’ DL bound again

If you missed Rich’s chat with Drew Forrester this morning, make sure you head on over to the Audio Vault here at

The question at this point regards what roster moves MIGHT be made before the Orioles open up their 3 game set with the Athletics tomorrow night at OPACY.

Should Uehara need to head to the DL (as it appears he will), presumably Alberto Castillo would be the most likely to get the call back up. With questions surrounding the health of Alfredo Simon after he was pulled in the 10th inning yesterday; the Birds may be forced to call up someone along the lines of Kam Mickolio to close.

The next question regards what to do about Garrett Atkins. The team appears to be just about done with him, but it is unlikely they’d want to start Scott Moore at 1B or DH. Michael Aubrey (who we thought would come up from Norfolk last week) could be the man to replace him, but this would involve MacPhail having to admit that the Atkins really WAS a mistake.

A bigger mistake? Sending Garrett Atkins to the plate against Oakland at any point this week.

5. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Brandon Erbe, Matt Hobgood had rough day on farm for O’s Sunday

The O’s are off today, they return to action tomorrow night against the A’s. Jeremy Guthrie, Brian Matusz and David Hernandez are scheduled to go for the Birds against Dallas Braden, Trevor Cahill and Gio Gonzalez.

Congratulations to our pal “The Professor”, Pete DiLutis. Don’t ever change Pete. He’s our “Apologist of the Morning” with an assist from Fangraphs, as chosen by “The Great Arbitrator” today on “The Morning Reaction” on AM1570 WNST. Pete “highly disagrees” with the idea that Koji Uehara is a bust; which is an interesting proclimation to make considering the overwhelming evidence otherwise.

Pete goes on to point out that according to Fangraphs, Uehara was worth $7.3 million last season. This of course goes to prove that Fangraphs is not a practical way to measure ANYTHING baseball-related. Not only was Koji not worth 7.3 million DOLLARS last season, he wasn’t worth 7.3 million PENNIES.

You have to PITCH to be worth something. This is why stats only tell half the story. According to Fangraphs, Uehara was worth $7.3 million because a pitcher who made twice as many starts with similar numbers would have been worth roughly $14 million.

The problem is-no team is interested in giving a pitcher ANY money for half a season’s worth of work.

Sometimes you have to actually use your EYES to figure out if a pitcher is valuable-not just what a math equation says.

6. The Sun’s Ken Murray says Flacco in ‘learning mode’ once more now with new receivers Boldin, Stallworth

Which is why the team has so many of these “Passing Camp” type events like the one they’re back at this morning out at 1 Winning Drive. This gives Flacco, Boldin, Stallworth, etc. the chance to run routes and learn about each other’s tendencies. They’re not the most crucial of the OTA events, but they’re certainly helpful for these situations in particular.

Plus, why WOULDN’T they want to be in Owings Mills this week? Where else would they be? On the beach with Nina Dobrev? (Thanks CelebSlam via Busted Coverage)…


7. says Dave Cottle stepped down as Maryland lacrosse coach

And as I wrote yesterday-while Cottle is by no means a bad coach, this was an inevitable and likely necessary split following the completely unacceptable performance Saturday in a loss to Notre Dame.

For me, all of the juice is gone from this weekend’s Final Four; which SUCKS considering it’s happening RIGHT HERE. Sure there’s excitement for the Virginia-Duke game, but…umm…I don’t like EITHER of those teams, nor would I be particularly comfortable with seeing either of them win. Cornell-Notre Dame is about as exciting to me as the D2 title game between C.W. Post and Le Moyne. And while I have plenty of friends who went to Salisbury…no thanks to their showdown with Tufts for the D3 crown.

Just a major letdown without Maryland.

8. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Cottle believes he made Terps’ lacrosse program ‘better’ during tenure

That might be true. Of course, the program was in good shape under Dick Edell-he just failed to deliver the NCAA Championship that also eluded Cottle. I’m not sure how much Cottle actually improved the program, but he’s certainly leaving it in very good shape.

The atmosphere around the program now shifts to the coaching search for Debbie Yow and Michael Lipitz. Plenty of names have been thrown about-ranging from UMBC coach Don Zimmerman, Loyola coach Charley Toomey, Albany coach Scott Marr, Bayhawks coach John Tucker, Bryant coach (and former Duke coach) Mike Pressler, and Stevenson coach Paul Cantabene. Speaking of which…

9. says Stevenson fell to Salisbury in NCAA Tournament semifinals

Cantabene told Drew Forrester this morning that he’s “not thinking about” the Maryland job, but instead looking toward the 2011 season for the Mustangs; which will hopefully be one in which they finally get over the hump and reach the NCAA Championship Game.

The real shame about yesterday’s game is that the two best teams in the country played at Sea Gull Stadium instead of playing at M&T Bank Stadium. It isn’t an excuse for why the ‘Stangs lost, but they should have had the chance to play the game on a neutral field with a title on the line.

Salisbury was the only team to defeat Stevenson this season, unfortunately they did it twice-including once when it mattered most.

10. says Blue Jays topped Kean to advance to D3 College World Series in Wisconsin

I’m not going to pretend to know anything at all about D3 College Baseball, and my knowledge of Wisconsin is pretty much limited to That 70’s Show…

…but I’m happy for JHU. Mostly because I need something to be happy about right now.

11.’s Joe DiBlasi says Larry Sheets’ Gilman club topped Calvert Hall to claim ‘A’ conference title

In a related story, Guyism had pictures of Esha Janssen…


That’s not related? Sorry, I’m not any good at this, am I?

And finally, I leave you with this.

Here’s the Scott Hall mugshot…


…I’d laugh, but I’m actually fairly sad.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…