Monday Morning’s Crabs & Beer

December 10, 2007 | Glenn Clark

The city wasn’t ready. The fans weren’t ready. And the Ravens most certainly weren’t ready. I am not the least bit surprised judging by everything that came out of this city last week. It didn’t seem like anyone was ready for a Ravens-Colts game that was a shot at redemption for a terrible season of football.

Now there comes the Dolphins, a terrible team looking to actually get a win this season. The Ravens would have lost to the Dolphins last night. This could be an interesting week.

I said the week of the Pittsburgh game that the Ravens needed to think about playing Troy Smith. The thing is, we don’t have any more questions about Steve McNair and Kyle Boller. Neither is capable of being a winning QB-as one has moved past his prime and the other never had a prime. The Ravens will obviously have to address the QB situation in the off-season, but it wouldn’t hurt to know if Troy Smith is at least capable of being part of the picture. Please spare me any of the “you don’t know what he looks like in practice” crap; as Kyle has looked great many times I’ve seen him practice. Some athletes are just game QB’s, like Smith was in College. I don’t know that Smith is a capable game QB in the NFL, but I also don’t know that he isn’t. What I do know FOR SURE is that Kyle Boller is not. Why not put Troy Smith on the field for three irrelevant games? I’m smart enough to know that Billick won’t do it, but he should.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

Best of WNST’s Sunday Blogs:

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The Sun’s Edward Lee says Figurs‘ kick return TD rare highlight for Ravens

The Examiner’s Matt Palmer says Ravens never had chance vs. Pats

Frederick News Post’s Stan Goldberg says loss was ‘ugly’

Aaron Wilson says Ravens never showed up vs. Colts

Carroll County Times’ Rich Dubroff says effort vs. Colts nothing like effort vs. Pats

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says Ravens ‘humiliated’ by Colts

Indy Star’s Phillip B. Wilson ‘impressed’ by Colts in victory

Indy Star’s Phil Richards says Colts jump out to 30-0 lead, never threatened after

Indy Star’s Mark Alesia says Colts’ ‘D’ set pace

Indy Star’s Phillip B. Wilson says Addai’s 3 Td’s paced Colts’ win

Indy Star’s Bob Kravitz thinks win puts Colts in perfect position

Ravens Roost’s Mike Zoran thinks Smith should take ball rest of way

Ravens Roost’s Mike Brown says no pride left to play for

Coltpower’s Eric Hartz says team forces five turnovers in ‘rout’ of Ravens

Ravens Touchdown’s “Stephen” says Madden suggested Ravens keep Smith under center Scouts Inc.’s Doug Kretz says Bob Sanders everywhere on field vs. Ravens

Fanhouse’s Josh Alper says Colts kings of Baltimore again

Fanhouse’s David J. Warner says Baltimore not over Mayflower truck yet


The AP says furious late rally not enough as Terps fall to BC

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss

The Official Site says Gary proud of 2nd half effort, but blames lack of effort in 1st

The Official Site says Terps hit 5 3’s in last 1:12, only one before then

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Terps couldn’t overcome “General” loss

The Examiner’s Sean Walsh says Terps blew early second half lead in loss

Frederick News Post’s Greg Swatek says Terps now 4-4 all-time vs. Eagles

Washington Post’s Marc Carig says General not on floor to direct Terps in final 10 minutes thanks to Technical

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Vasquez ‘wanted to cry’ during loss

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says time changed for Dec. 28 game due to Emerald Bowl

Carroll County Times’ Josh Land says General ‘paid consequences for losing cool’ in loss to BC

Boston Herald’s Mike Peters says Rice’s 19 lead Eagles in victory

Turtle Soup’s Jeremy Gold says Terps ‘should have’ beat Eagles


The AP says Toliver’s double-double leads Terps past Temple

Washington Times’ Mike Fratto says Terps get ‘defensive’ in win

The Sun’s Milton Kent says Terps win 13 of 14 in 31 day stretch


Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Ralph working hard during Terps‘ down time

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps getting healthier


The Examiner’s Gary Lambrecht says Tech made right choice by nabbing Johnson from Navy

The Examiner’s Ron Snyder says Niumatalolo knows how to coach, recruit at Academy


The Official Site says Spruill scored 7 in OT to lead Tigers past Niagara


The Official Site says Greyhounds open on 30-5 run, win big over Jaspers

The Sun’s Rich Scherr says win biggest since ’99 for Hounds

The Examiner’s Dave Carey says team that beat Manhattan was completely different than team blown out by Iona


Oriole Magic’s Anthony Amobi wonders if Birds on Mitchell Report big deal

St. Louis Post Dispatch’s Joe Strauss says Rasmus could be available for Birds in Bedard deal

Inside The Warehouse’s Michael Hollman names Luis Hernandez organization’s #38 prospect (must subscribe)


The Examiner’s Ron Snyder says Allen Hall of Fame eligible with win at Baltimore event


The Examiner’s Jon Gallo says River Hill already knew they would win title

The Examiner’s Jon Gallo says Dunbar kept ‘promise’ with title win

The Sun’s Pat O’Malley says Dunbar wants to battle River Hill to determine #1 in state


-As if it wasn’t bad enough watching the Ravens last night, the Terps didn’t offer much more to be excited about. As I said to Such and Thryl Saturday, there is no excuse for the fact that the Terps came out flat last night. There was energy in the building, a quality opponent across the way, and a number of Terps were getting their first taste of ACC action. The Terps didn’t lose the game after Greivis went to the bench, they lost the game because they gave up only 25 points in the 1st half and didn’t have a big lead. This team has to set the tone early. I’m not mad about Greivis‘ actions, as I think he’ll learn from what happened. Again, this team has another month to get into gear. In that time, Vasquez (or Tucker actually) has to replace Gist as this team’s go-to scorer; and have every offensive possession controlled.

-Congrats to Towson and Loyola for good wins Sunday. Maybe Coach Patsos heard what I was saying Saturday morning!

-In response to Anthony Amobi-we won’t know if the names on the Mitchell report matter until we hear what the names are. If Ramon Hernandez is on the Report, I won’t be that mad. If Nick Markakis‘ is, there will be problems.

-Attention Baltimore Sun. You need to hire a University of Maryland beat writer IMMEDIATELY. Patrick Stevens is KILLING your coverage. Heather A. is seriously missed. Also, you need to have a full-time Navy beat writer-the Capital’s Bill Wagner once again killed you this weekend in coverage of the coaching change. Sandra McKee is a nice game writer-maybe she’s the choice. But no matter who it is, they need to be full-time. They can cover College Basketball afterwards, and Navy Lacrosse as well.

-My live pick for tonight is the Monday Night Live tonight at Piv’s Pub. Should be an interesting show if nothing else.

-I will be using Tuesday morning’s Crabs and Beer to vent about how God is apparently mad at me, and is taking it out by making me suffer greatly over the last 9 months as a Baltimore Sports Fan.

Talk to you tomorrow.