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January 14, 2008 | Glenn Clark

Why not Jack Del Rio?

I’ve been thinking about this Saturday night. I know Del Rio’s name has been floated around, but not really as an actual candidate for the Head Coaching position.

Del Rio is OVERLY qualified to coach this team. He earns respect amongst the veterans for the fact that he was there in ’01, and was credited for the success of the Ravens’ defense. He also earns respect for the success his Jaguars have had in recent years, and he ESPECIALLY earns respect from this team’s veterans for his 11-year playing career; including being a former All-Pro; as well as his success at USC. Obviously he has had no problems in coaching young players in Jacksonville, so should the Ravens need to re-build; he would likely be able to handle that as well.

I want you to read this column from last week in a paper called The Independent Florida Alligator. I don’t know ANYTHING about the paper, or about the columnist; but I think he touches on why Jack Del Rio may be interested in getting out of Jacksonville.

For some reason, despite the team’s success; fans in Florida haven’t exactly been driving the bandwagon. Jacksonville is a TERRIBLE NFL market to begin with, and everyone who has ever been to the Gator Bowl/Jacksonville Stadium/Alltel Stadium knows that the facility there isn’t particularly nice, nor ever particularly filled to capacity. Del Rio has taken the Jags to the playoffs twice now, and while he’s won no Division titles and just 1 playoff game; he’s turned the franchise into one moving solidly in the right direction; making gutsy moves in the process.

Del Rio‘s contract runs up after the ’08 season, meaning the Jags would likely look to start extension talks immediately. Del Rio has a good situation, but a move to Baltimore would bring about a much stronger NFL market, a team that DOES have talent (albeit talent that needs SERIOUS guidance), and a team that is willing to invest behind him.

To me, I would think that Jack Del Rio might jump at the opportunity to come to Baltimore…..unless there’s something I don’t know. (Which IS possible; as I wasn’t covering the team in 2001. I think Brian may have been disappointed because he had selected Jack to replace Marvin Lewis; only to see Jack leave with John Fox instead; but I don’t know of any beef with the organization.)

The question now is the idea of giving up draft picks for a Head Coach with a roster that appears to DESPERATELY need help. And here is where I also have to admit that I don’t fully know the NFL rules anymore. We remember that the Buccaneers had to give up 2 First Round Picks AND 2 2nd Round Picks AND $8 Million to acquire Jon Gruden. However, the NFL banned such picks-for-coaches trades in 2003; and I have no idea if they have since reversed that rule or not. If they have not, what do you have to give up as compensation to hire another team’s Coach? That I have to genuinely admit that I don’t know; and despite all of the research I’ve done at 3 am……I haven’t gotten a conclusive answer.

If the price is 2 1sts and 2 2nds, then I don’t think it’s worth it. However, if the price is NOT that steep……say, if the Ravens could hang on to their upcoming Top ten pick and trade future picks instead; it might well become a worthwhile deal. Del Rio COULD make this a decent team next season, making the picks less valuable. What do you think?

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

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-Why does it surprise me very little to hear that Jason Garrett is Steve Biscotti’s frontrunner? Biscotti doesn’t know much about football; but knows that Jason Garrett is the hottest name amongst Assistant Coaches in the NFL. Note to Steve Biscotti: Wade Phillips is 0-4 for his career in the playoffs. Dallas will be looking for a Head Coach soon; and we can only assume that Jerry Jones will expect Jason Garrett to come running back no questions asked.

-The Terps can use ALL of the support you can give them tonight. There aren’t going to be a lot of exciting men’s games this year; but tonight’s game could have SERIOUS implications on seeding for the NCAA Tournament, and the Terps hopeful attempt to challenge Tennessee for a National Championship. You may not be a fan of the women’s game, but go support the Terps tonight PLEASE! If you can’t make it, they’re on ESPN2 at 7; Morgan’s trip to Norfolk St. is on ESPNU at 9.

-Coppin State and UMES are each also in action tonight; I REALLY wish their websites (as well as many of the other MEAC sites) would do a better job getting the information out. The Nighthawks are leaving a lot to be desired as well. I know these are low-budgets we’re looking at; but this whole internet thing is kinda catching on; might be worth getting updated for.

-Can you EVER eat 50 dollars worth of hot dogs and nachos at a stadium??? Now, if it was turkey dogs and multi-grain chips; this blogger might be on his way already!

Talk to you tomorrow.