Morgan State owes Todd Bozeman an apology

January 10, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Shame on Morgan State.

Shame on Floyd Kerr.

And shame on the President of South Carolina State for sticking his nose in an area that it clearly didn’t belong.

In the event you don’t know the details, here’s the 30-second version.  Late in Saturday’s game at South Carolina State, Bozeman and his player, Larry Bastfield, were involved in an incident that led some in the arena to believe that the head coach had struck his player in the face.  Bozeman was approached afterwards by South Carolina State President George E. Cooper, who criticized the Bears’ coach for his treatment of Bastfield and his players in the aftermath of Morgan’s win.  He asked Bozeman for the phone number to his athletic director and the coach complied.  Later on Sunday night, Morgan State AD Floyd Kerr informed Bozeman he was being suspended with pay pending an investigation into the alleged incident.  Kerr told Bozeman to return to Baltimore and an assistant coach led the Bears on Monday night in a 2-point loss at Savannah State.

Talk about getting the cart before the horse, huh?

Todd Bozeman deserved better treatment from Kerr and the administration at Morgan State.

And he certainly didn’t deserve to get suspended by his employer without a full account of exactly what happened at South Carolina State on Saturday.

This isn’t about Todd Bozeman’s role in re-shaping Morgan State basketball over the last six years, which has included a pair trips to the NCAA tournament.  And it isn’t about Morgan State taking a collossal gamble on Bozeman when he was hired in 2006.  Both parties owe their successes to one another.

Suspending their head coach without a full review of the situation was horribly wrong.

It got Bozeman – and Morgan State – on the front page of and when you “google search” Todd Bozeman right now, stories popping up first center on the Saturday night incident and the suspension that followed.

Morgan State should be ashamed of the way they handled the whole thing.

Now, in fairness — and you can hear exactly what I said on Monday RIGHT HERE – I’ve seen Todd operate on the sidelines a lot over the years and there’s no doubt he’s very intense.  As I said in the piece you just listened to, I’ve seen Bozeman grab his players and be a tad overly-aggressive while (Please see next page)