Opinions and more opinions

April 17, 2014 | Drew Forrester

The great John Eisenberg used to author a monthly column at The Sun called “Fact and Opinion”.

I can’t possibly touch the greatness of that, so I occasionally author this piece called “Opinion and only Opinion”.


> You might as well just give the A.L. Rookie of the Year award to Masahiro Tanaka now and get it over with.  I know, it’s a small sample size, as the baseball nerds like to say, but when the season ends and he’s 17-8 with a 3.09 ERA and 231 K’s, he’s your winner.

>  I’ll take the Boston Bruins to beat Anaheim in the Stanley Cup finals.  With the Caps not in, I’m not sure how much “early” playoff hockey I’ll watch, but by the time they get to the final four, I’ll be fully engaged.  Anyone but the Flyers…

>  If he’s there when they select at #17, the Ravens are taking Ha Ha Clinton-Dix in the first round of the NFL draft.

>  I have to look at the PGA TOUR stats for chipping, scrambling and putting a little more closely, because the guys who do that the best are going to prosper at Pinehurst #2 when they play the U.S. Open there in June.  At first glance, though, I like a guy like Harris English or Keegan Bradley. Both are good iron players and decent enough putters.  I’ll have an official pick for you a few weeks before the tournament so you can bet it and win a bunch of money to take with you to the beach this summer.

>  Oklahoma City beats Miami in the NBA Championship Series.  I think those two teams are still in the league, right?

>  Speaking of the NBA, I saw yesterday where the Bucks were sold for $550 million.  The story also indicated that the new ownership group had to pledge $100 million in cash to contribute to the building of a new arena in Milwaukee.  New arena?  The Bradley Center is gorgeous.  It’s only 25 years old or something like that.  We haven’t built a new arena in Baltimore since the early 1960’s.  They’re raising funds to build their second state-of-the-art sports facility in less than 30 years in Milwaukee.  I don’t get it.

>  I’m hearing people are bent out of shape about the Orioles buying some billboards down in D.C. to promote baseball in Baltimore.  What’s the big deal?  The teams are business partners.  Well, sort of, I guess.  They’re business partners until the Nationals lawsuit against MASN gets settled and then that’s the end of the friendship.  For now, though, who cares where they advertise?  It’s not like people in D.C. are SHOCKED to see an Orioles billboard.  “Oh, wow!  I didn’t know they had a team in Baltimore.  Let’s go up there and catch a game.”

>  Chris Davis will finish the season with 36 home runs.

>  Chris Tillman will win 18 games with an ERA of 2.88.  He’ll finish in the top three in Cy Young voting.