Drew’s Morning Dish — Thurs., Sept. 19

September 19, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Forget the fact they never once even sent me (or Luke) an e-mail about revoking our credentials.  We had to find out “through the grapevine”.  That, in and of itself, is chickens**t times twenty.

Worse than that…they forced Monica to fight THEIR fight.

As if she doesn’t have a bigger fight on her mind right now, which you know about thanks to the wonderful interview done by Jamie Costello last winter.


The Orioles clearly don’t care that they put Monica Barlow in the middle of something that she didn’t deserve to be in the middle of…health problems or not.

The people responsible for WNST’s credentials being revoked could have manned-up and delivered the news themselves, but they’re afraid to do it, obviously.  So they made Monica do it.

Major League Baseball doesn’t have the stones to stand up to the Orioles and say, “Why do you keep fighting with this radio station?”

And they know, too, that Monica Barlow has been thrust into the middle of this and they evidently don’t care enough to say to the Orioles, “Look, if you want to continue being assh**es to WNST, go ahead, but you can’t put Monica Barlow in the middle of your silly fight.  She doesn’t deserve that.”

Perhaps most importantly, people in the Baltimore media who GREATLY respect Monica don’t have the balls to pull one of the Orioles’ higher-ups aside and say, “Really?  You’re making Monica fight with WNST?  You’re making her do the mean work…the dirty work…the work YOU should be doing?”

None of the media in town are willing to call the Orioles out for this because, of course, they face the prospect of being treated poorly by the organization.

The two big Orioles-related websites in town, Orioles Hangout and Camden Chat, have both developed a working relationship with Monica Barlow.  But you won’t see a story or a thread started over at those sites because they’re afraid of the Orioles like everyone else in town.

Someone, besides me that is, should come to Monica Barlow’s defense in this mess, but no one will.

And this isn’t about going to bat for WNST or Drew or Luke.  I don’t need or want anyone fighting MY fight for me.  I know the truth and I’m speaking it right here.  That’s good enough for me.  I’m not getting my credential back anytime soon, that’s a certainty.  Not this season, not next season…who knows when I’ll get it again.  But I’d lick a dog’s rear end before I’d sit back and ignore what has happened to me, Luke and the way the credential fiasco went down and who was “delegated” the duty of being the bad guy in The Warehouse.

This saga is about people in the Baltimore media who work with Monica every day knowing the truth about how absolutely unacceptable it is for management to say to her, “You’re going to have to be the bad guy in this fight…take over and make us proud.”

I sent her a lengthy e-mail yesterday explaining that I was going to write this and letting her know that I’m outraged on her behalf at the fact she’s been brought into this mess.  I’m particularly sympathetic to cancer victims.  My mother died from cancer at age 56 in 1987.  My 9th annual charity golf outing comes up on October 14 and this year we’re donating the proceeds to the Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital in part to honor my friend Dan Karr who passed away from brain cancer last September.

For the last two weeks, I’ve heard this question at least 25 times: “So, I heard the Orioles kicked you out again.  What did you do this time?”

And that’s why I’m writing this today.

I didn’t “do” anything.

I didn’t break any rules.

All I’ve done since last April is talk about the Orioles every morning, Monday through Friday.

And, for that, I had my credential revoked and my picture put up in the lobby of the baesball stadium with the words “DO NOT ALLOW ENTRY” stamped across the front.

That, though, pales in comparison to what the Orioles put Monica Barlow through over the last six months.

They bullied WNST for six months and then had her do all the punching when the real fight began.