Orioles heed the advice of an idiot

September 04, 2012 | Drew Forrester

And this is also the occasion when I’ll remind all of you who have been waiting for this moment to react accordingly and buy tickets to any of the three home games vs. Tampa Bay.  Please don’t use the silly “it’s a weeknight” excuse and tell me how you can’t stay out late on a Tuesday night and have to get up for work early on Wednesday.  Get five hours of sleep for once.  It won’t kill you.  Honestly – and this isn’t a jab, it’s reality – this kind of opportunity to see a critical home series might not come along again for a decade.  Who would have figured way back in 1998 that it would take 14 more seasons to get to this point, right?

There’s no doubt the onus of the marketing burden falls on the Orioles, not the fans.  The team has to do the work.  The fans have to react to the call to action.

I was quite pleased to see that press release from the Orioles today…and not just because I suggested they do something like reduce ticket prices for the Rays series about two weeks ago.

I’m pleased because I think the fans will respond. I’ve said that over and over…if you give the fans a handshake that basically says, “hey, we really need you to come out to the games in September, it’s important” — and if you PROMOTE IT — I think people will take money out of their wallet and support the team.

In all fairness to the Orioles, this a delicate situation they’ve put themselves in.  If, for whatever reason, the community doesn’t respond to the ticket discount offer they’ve made and the 3-game series vs. Tampa Bay draws something in the neighborhood of 45,000 fans, that’s a sure fire indication that something is SERIOUSLY wrong with the team’s connection to the sports fan of Baltimore.

Let’s see how it goes next week, but there’s one thing for sure:  Sometimes even an idiot gets one right.