Penn State supporters lash out…while they conveniently forget the facts

June 27, 2012 | Drew Forrester

I know several people who attended Penn State and none of them are off-balance or unstable.

But plenty of folks who e-mailed me or responded to THIS BLOG from yesterday sure are…and they’re all busy defending the great legacy of Penn State, the football program and now-incarcerated Jerry Sandusky.

As I wrote in the piece, I don’t give a rat’s rear about Penn State.  Really, I couldn’t care less whether Penn State wins every football game they play in 2012 or if they have four consecutive losing seasons.  I. Don’t. Care.

When USC was finally busted for paying players and all of their other shenanigans, I simply said, “Shut down the football program for a year or two”.

I said the same thing about UConn basketball.  If they get caught cheating, turn out the lights in the gym for a year.

For some reason these days, people always seem to think you’re “hating” or you have an agenda when you offer an opinion that is different than the one they own.

My opinion on Penn State’s football program has zero to do with any anti-Penn State agenda.  It has to do with a school that covered up the worst story and the worst scandal in the history of sports.

Penn State allowed a pedophile to roam their campus.  They gave Jerry Sandusky an office, a key to their athletic facility and left him unchaperoned.  This carte blanche treatment occurred AFTER Sandusky had been investigated for some peculiar behavior with children in the late 1990’s.

Somehow – and I have no idea how anyone with a heart and soul can do this – people who bleed Penn State blue continue to try and make excuses for what happened up there for over a decade.

There’s no excuse for it.

Penn State allowed a pedophile to conduct his business right under their nose.

Feel free to chime in and offer some asinine comment about how this is a media-driven story and any other garbage that half-excuses Sandusky but it won’t change the facts.  Penn State didn’t blow the whistle on Sandusky four years ago because it would have wrecked their football program.  Period.

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  1. JVP Says:

    Once again, Penn State did not allow anything. You seem to forget the facts. The people who have been suspected of being responsible for allowing Sandusky to roam the campus are facing charges.

    Not Penn State. Individuals.

    Such terribly flawed logic you have.

  2. pwg Says:

    Institutional corruption by ALL of big time NCAA schools. They are addicted to the money of what Football and Hoops bring, so obviously their collective “integrity” is tarnished. Keeping the program safe was responsible for the cover-up. Well, it blew up in their faces and SEVERE consequences should be implemented. Who cares what happens to the people who are innocent that go to PSU? That is their happenstance, just as it was those that are the real collertal damage of this whole episode. The raped children at Sandusky’s hands.

    People use the shallow words “our thought and prayers” are with the victims. BS…. unless something is done to PSU as an institution who any blind man can see, “Looked this one off”. Pun intended.

    Really is symptomatic of what plagues COLLEGE D1 sports. Money corrupts. It is said so frequently that w/out the cash that TV and other revenue streams bring that other sports could not be played. How do D111 fund their athletic teams? Just is a very weak arguement. College is for learning, not for SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT. And I played sports in College.

    And now I hear the same people who condemn PSU, applauding an expanded College Football “playoff”. This is only going to get uglier and uglier as “Upstanding” Universities will sink lower and lower to get “student athletes” who in many cases bring danger to the campuses.

    I guess we are in the “bread and circus” of our civilization.


  3. JVP Says:

    “Penn State didn’t blow the whistle on Sandusky four years ago because it would have wrecked their football program. Period.”


    “The football program at Penn State was put ahead of the kids that Jerry Sandusky tortured.

    Another fact.”


    You can’t go around claiming things to be facts when you have no evidence to support them other than your opinion.

  4. pwg Says:

    Very twisted logic, trying to get “proof” on something that they worked hard to cover up. Follow the clues, it doesn’t take a genius.

    1. Sandusky was one of the top DC’s in D1. Heir apparent to Paterno. Allegations or hints of things in 1998. He “retired” at a young age. They knew(or highly suspected) that he was one weird dude….
    2. It must have been known throughout College sports that he was “off limits” to have at your univeristy.
    3. PSU let him run around campus as “Coach Emiritus” due to his highly successful career.
    4. Tacitly they let him ply his wares on young boys, they covered it up due to scrutiny and hurting the program. It got out of hand and they screwed the whole thing up. They most likely fired him in ’98, yet they didn’t have the guts to cut ties completley. That is where the institution messed up. Athletic Dept. was looking out for one of their buddies.
    You can chose to be blind, but this one is easy to figure out. Absolute proof? No, but easy to see what the University was doing/.

  5. JVP Says:

    So basically what you are saying is that the facts being presented are purely speculation?

    Got it.

    If they can charge two men with perjury and with the rumors of an uncovered cover up, then proof would not be hard to find. Until then, whether you like it or not, the statements are nothing more than opinion and you or any other person can not claim them as fact. That is poor and irresponsible journalism, condemning an entire university and trying to sway public opinion by passing of person opinion as truth.

    Also, when the state police and the AG investigated in 1998 and could not charge him with anything, Penn State should then have treated him as though he were convicted of a crime?

  6. JVP Says:

    “Who cares what happens to the people who are innocent that go to PSU? That is their happenstance”

    Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet, right?

    THAT, right there, is twisted logic. Punish the innocent to send a message?

  7. JVP Says:

    “Follow the clues, it doesn’t take a genius”

    You’re right. It doesn’t take a genius. Since I am fairly certain that someone of superior intelligence, a “genius,” would be able to determine the difference between fact and speculation. The “less than genius” that it would take treats speculation as truth.

  8. pwg Says:

    In answer to your question, why did he resign in 1998? If the University was so convinced that he was OK, then the long presumed “passing of the torch” to Sandusky would have gone on.

    Speculation is not fact, but the clues are just so evident. It may be opinion but I think I am really close to the heart of the matter.

    Don’t give one hoot about PSU, the victims are out there and PSU should be made an example of. We need the big time College Sports to employ, recruit people that are interested in EDUCATION not W & L’s. Just play the games for the benefit of the athletes themselves, not for a huge payday. The system stinks and with the “pressure” to win, we will see more cover-ups to protect the programs.

    In the book “Forrest Gump” when Gump was at Alabama one of the football players ripped out a urinal and heaved it on a cop car. According to Gump “Coach Bryant made him run 5 extra laps for that one”. It was a work of fiction but it made a great point about what goes on at big time athletic programs. Read Lawrence Taylor’s book for even more examples of this stuff.

  9. pwg Says:

    And it is Sports against the raping of young boys by a coach. Not very balanced.
    Who cares about the innocence of PSU students and alumni? Against the innocence stolen by a REPRESENTATIVE of the Institution.

    Not even close!

  10. JVP Says:

    Bottom line. Speculation does not equal fact.

    And what evidence is so evident (redundant)?

    If the evidence was out there, then it would be fact. Instead, it’s speculation. Feel free to speculate. Just don’t tell me it’s a fact.

  11. JVP Says:

    As I said in the previous article, the school is a state university. A representative of the state. Do you punish the whole state then?

    Punishing an institution for the action of a(n) individual(s) is doing so just to make a statement. Its wrong and should not be supported.

    For all of those who do support it, I hope you would also support the loss of your own job when your boss commits a crime unrelated to his job.

  12. pwg Says:

    I guess you would be the guy sticking his hand in the wound to make sure.

    Also a perfect juror for the defense, if their is no video tape of the actual crime, then there must have not been one?

    Absolutes? No one who is walking, talking and living can go through life without speculation and assumption. If you only lived that way, you would never leave the house. Critical thinking my man.

    Being contrarian is fine, but there is too much stuff out here to think that PSU is pure and innocent. Same thing could have happened at any college, but the “goodness” of Paterno provides the irony of such a horrid state of affairs. If the same thing happened at Auburn or some other well known “long time cheater” we wouldn’t be so forgiving of them.

  13. JVP Says:

    PSU is pure and innocent, since it’s an institution. It can not perform an act that would prevent it from being pure and innocent.

    Three individuals who were at one time employed by PSU are criminals or suspects.

    Get your facts straight.

    And there was more than sufficient evidence to obtain a guilty verdict, by me or most anyone, especially those who actually handed it down. However, those charges are very different than the “facts” being thrown around in this irresponsible article.

    So you support the loss of your job if your boss molested children? Because that’s the equivalent.

  14. JVP Says:

    Also, what purpose does a one year ban on football serve?

    What lesson is learned?

    Nothing is learned, because you are punishing innocent people. It’s nothing but a big show of holier-than-thou attitude, just so you can show that you are so against rape and enablers that you want to punish anyone even remotely linked to the situation.

  15. pwg Says:

    More illogic, punishment is for other schools. An example of what not to do when you have a “bad apple” in your dept.

    The only thing that Sandusky was involved in was PENN ST FOOTBALL. So no punishment is in order for an institutional problem? We can argue about the merits of what was known, but that is what can speak for the abused children and other institutions who harbor criminals or at the very least… questionable characters.

    If he were not at least a question mark for the University he would have taken over for Paterno at some point. NO ONE can argue that. That they gave him keys to the kingdom while he was questionable is testament to an institutional problem.

  16. JVP Says:

    More speculation.

    So with what you just said, it’s clear you would accept the loss of your job if not just your boss, but anyone in your office, were to be convicted of child molestation.

    That’s all I needed to hear.

  17. Jason Manelli Says:

    For the record, I stand by my comment from yesterday that having PSU play their games is the right thing to do. Think about this Drew, they didn’t shut down all of the Catholic Church parishes after the pedophilia scandal. I keep bringing up the Catholic scandal because both the Church and PSU are religions with faithful adherents and sharp critics. Sunshine is the best sanitizer for these kinds of instituionally scandals, in my opinion. Every time PSU football is on TV, the words pedophile and Sandusky will trend up on Twitter. Eventually, maybe that taint will go away, but not for a long, long time.

  18. matt Says:


  19. Joe Says:

    The facts are a lot of illicit, immoral, activity happened, on the PSU campus, inside Athletic department facilities, committed by a prominent member of the football team. PSU allowed it to continue by allowing Sandusky to leave without being fired, and by allowing him continued access to their facilities. The institution should be punished and if that means no football for a little while than so be it.

  20. JVP Says:

    So Penn State, the actual institution, allowed this to happen? The football team allowed this to happen?


  21. rich Says:

    What did you study at PSU Semantics?

    Did Penn State the “Institution”,through its employees owe the victims a duty of care? Did they have a responsibility to ensure they not create and foster an environment where children were systematically abused?
    The civil litigation will likely prove they did have that responsibility and when the litigants are paid,it wont be with physical parts of the building or footballs. By the way your “boss analogy is equally ridiculous. Success With Honor indeed.

  22. Kurt Nico Says:

    If Paterno is found to be culpable in the emails forpart of the coverup, his wins from 2002 onward should be disallowed. Its my belief Paterno wanted this kept under wraps to keep prying eyes off his program. He didnt want any scrutiny on himself or his son Jay. I think PSU should be suspended from its bowl game this year, no question. But to cancel the season will never happen, because PSU is like an NFL team in fan support. it would also effect the other teams on its schedule.

  23. JVP Says:

    I am not a fan of, nor have I studied at, penn state. However, I am disgusted by irresponsible journalism.

    Suing an institution in a civil suit and an institution being guilty of a crime are very different.

    If I slip and fall because the janitor at your office didn’t put up a wet floor sign, I can sue the company, but did the company do anything wrong?

  24. JVP Says:

    And how is it an awful analogy?

    If the football program is canceled, then coaches are out of a job and players are out of an opportunity. And this would happen because an employee committed a crime? Punishing those that are innocent is wrong.

    It is exactly the same situation as an employee losing his job because a boss/employee committed a crime.

  25. pwg Says:

    Out of an opportunity? In what way? No one is suggesting that they get kicked out of school or that Coaches are fired. A one year suspension of the program means that VICTIMS are somewhat spoken for. College is for education NOT SPORTS. It is people that believe that the end of the world will occur if PSU does not play that are the problem. Honoring the commitment to the education of the “student athletes” has never been discussed. That the flow of revenue to PSU is the punishment for allowing this predator to set up shop with the “look away” stance of the institution. And as a WARNING to other NCAA institutions to clean out questionable characters.

    It may not be fair in your mind but a transgression of this type must have consequences. I guess NO College sports program should ever be punished(in your mind). That is totally illogical. What would be your breaking point for “shutting down” a program?? Whatever it is, some innocent people will be left in the wake. Lots of revenue was lost when SMU was shut down in the 80’s but NOT ONE PERSON DIED. We do not know what is going to happen to these kids that Sandusky had in his orbit. Think of them before your worry about “innocent” victims that you purport the football program of PSU to be.

  26. JVP Says:

    Sports programs should only be shut down when they violate rules set by the NCAA or whatever governing body they fall under.

    These are violations that give them an advantage on the field/court/etc. and not crimes committed by individuals unrelated to the game itself.

  27. JVP Says:

    And the opportunity they lose is possibly their education.

    Most student athletes work very hard to achieve the skill required to obtain an athletic scholarship. Most of these students use that scholarship to attend college without collecting debt only, while very few will use it as a stepping stone towards professional sports.

    Either way, those students lose their opportunity, whether it be a free education or a year to work towards the pros, as a canceled season would almost definitely be paired with a loss of scholarships.

    Comparing it to SMU makes no sense, since the players at SMU committed the violations themselves.

  28. pwg Says:

    Facts?? SMU boosters w/full knowledge of the administration were paying players. Those are the facts. The facts in Sandusky’s association with PSU football WERE different… but the administration knew that they had a guy that at the very least was questionable.

    And not one person would lose their educational opportunity, the college would be penalized financially, if they choose to defund the Football program, that is the price that must be paid. Balanced against what happened to the REAL victims is just so silly that you would “feel” for the players.

  29. rich Says:

    “If I slip and fall because the janitor at your office didn’t put up a wet floor sign, I can sue the company, but did the company do anything wrong?”

    Do you really need the two basic concepts that underlie employer liability explained?

    You’ve failed to answer either one of my questions.

    “These are violations that give them an advantage on the field/court/etc. and not crimes committed by individuals unrelated to the game itself.”

    Really? I’m sure there’s nothing in the NCAA bylaws about withholding information from law enforcement officials of a crime, especially on campus, within an athletic department’s facilities.

  30. JVP Says:

    There is nothing in the bylaws about withholding information. Nothing that results in sanctions, at least.

    Think of it this way: If Sandusky was a recently retired surgeon, Paterno was the chief of surgery and Curley was the dean of Penn State’s College of Medicine, would you be asking the Liaison Committee on Medical Education to make it impossible for Penn State to continue training physicians 11 years after the fact? Of course you wouldn’t.

  31. Tim Says:

    JVP, lots of proof, facts, and deeply involved people to read about today. There’s no way to defend / excuse something this horrific.


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