Penn State supporters lash out…while they conveniently forget the facts

June 27, 2012 | Drew Forrester

I know several people who attended Penn State and none of them are off-balance or unstable.

But plenty of folks who e-mailed me or responded to THIS BLOG from yesterday sure are…and they’re all busy defending the great legacy of Penn State, the football program and now-incarcerated Jerry Sandusky.

As I wrote in the piece, I don’t give a rat’s rear about Penn State.  Really, I couldn’t care less whether Penn State wins every football game they play in 2012 or if they have four consecutive losing seasons.  I. Don’t. Care.

When USC was finally busted for paying players and all of their other shenanigans, I simply said, “Shut down the football program for a year or two”.

I said the same thing about UConn basketball.  If they get caught cheating, turn out the lights in the gym for a year.

For some reason these days, people always seem to think you’re “hating” or you have an agenda when you offer an opinion that is different than the one they own.

My opinion on Penn State’s football program has zero to do with any anti-Penn State agenda.  It has to do with a school that covered up the worst story and the worst scandal in the history of sports.

Penn State allowed a pedophile to roam their campus.  They gave Jerry Sandusky an office, a key to their athletic facility and left him unchaperoned.  This carte blanche treatment occurred AFTER Sandusky had been investigated for some peculiar behavior with children in the late 1990’s.

Somehow – and I have no idea how anyone with a heart and soul can do this – people who bleed Penn State blue continue to try and make excuses for what happened up there for over a decade.

There’s no excuse for it.

Penn State allowed a pedophile to conduct his business right under their nose.

Feel free to chime in and offer some asinine comment about how this is a media-driven story and any other garbage that half-excuses Sandusky but it won’t change the facts.  Penn State didn’t blow the whistle on Sandusky four years ago because it would have wrecked their football program.  Period.

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