Penn State supporters lash out…while they conveniently forget the facts

June 27, 2012 | Drew Forrester

The football program at Penn State was put ahead of the kids that Jerry Sandusky tortured.

Another fact.

“We have to keep this Sandusky thing quiet or we might lose out on that Smith kid…you know, the stud linebacker from Richfield, Ohio that’s going to help us win a bunch of football games over the next four years.”

Penn State and people employed by the school covered up the Jerry Sandusky crimes and, even worse, continued to allow him access to their facility and property even after his hideous behavior was well known.

And somehow, these goofs who responded to me yesterday think that’s OK?


Football and the legacy of Penn State is so important that you’ll put the kids second and everything else up in Happy Valley first?

Shame on you.  All of you up there who have the nerve to try and sweep this story away as if it’s some kind of media witch hunt should be ashamed.

Here’s a very fair question to ask all of you who support Penn State football.  In your opinion, what SHOULD happen to Penn State as a result of the whole Sandusky saga?  A bunch of you commented yesterday that “everyone involved has already died or been fired or is going to jail.”  So…that’s it?  No other steps need to be taken to punish the school for allowing a pedophile to open up shop with keys that you – the school – gave him?

I’ll ask it again:  What SHOULD happen to Penn State?

I wrote yesterday that Penn State doesn’t deserve football in 2012.  That’s what I think should happen.

And I believe that even more now that I’ve read the emails and comments from people who don’t get it.

Should Penn State merely get a slap on the wrist for allowing a child molester to roam their campus without supervision or intervention?  Should Penn State get after school detention for allowing a pedophile to bring a young boy on a team trip some five years after they knew he was investigated for child molestation?

Is that where we’re at as a country?  Wrist slaps and no-TV-for-3-nights?

Penn State enabled a pedophile.  It’s that simple.  They knew about Jerry Sandusky.  They knew all about him.  And they not only ignored it, they failed to out him when they knew full good and well what he was doing.

He did the deeds, but Penn State allowed him to do it.

If you don’t get that, there’s no helping you.