Ravens fans: Angry about the team, angry about the team’s marketing decisions

October 24, 2013 | Drew Forrester

It’s easy for me to tell someone not to take $130,000 when it’s offered to them.

It’s not all that easy to NOT take it, though, if it’s offered to you.

The story circulating about the Ravens taking $130,000 from the state of Maryland as they push the “Affordable Care Act” on the citizens of Maryland is quite the hot button topic.

Lots of football fans in town are angry at the Ravens for aligning themselves with “ObamaCare”.  I’m not sure if any of those who are irate are willing to divorce themselves from the team because of the situation, but that’s the chance the Ravens took when they signed on “ObamaCare” as a marketing partner.

The Ravens didn’t ask me, so I didn’t get to tell them this in advance of the deal, and I’m quite certain they don’t care what I think, anyway.

But I’ll use this space to opine on it because it’s my right to do that.

If I were advising the Ravens, I would have told them to say “no thanks” to the deal and the $130,000.

Look, I get it…a hundred and thirty grand is a hundred and thirty grand.  Even when you’re valued at upwards of three-quarters-of-a-billion-dollars, $130,000 is still a nice chunk of change.

That said, it’s not enough – in my opinion – to sell your soul to something as volatile as the nation’s new health insurance system, which is clearly the most dysfunctional “thing” the United States has rolled out in – well – maybe forever.

It’s just not worth the hassle and ill will it potentially creates.

And yes, the Ravens have a right to sign on any “advertiser” they want.  Just because they advertise beer, it doesn’t mean you have to buy the product they advertise.  You don’t have to purchase the particular brand of hot dogs they market to you at the stadium.

In this case, though, whoring yourself for $130,000 to a client that potentially has such a negative impact on the folks who are “mandated” to participate just reeks of a bad choice by the Ravens.

When marijuana becomes legal in Maryland — and that will happen before 2023, once the state figures out how to profit off of it — will the Ravens advertise THAT product, too?

It will be a hot button topic the day Maryland legalizes pot…the same way “ObamaCare” is a hot button topic…and I’m curious to see if the Ravens take marketing money from weed growers and sellers.

I’m personally not affected at all by the country’s new insurance system.  I think it’s a horrible policy, frankly, but most of what the current administration in D.C. has done can be filed under “horrible”.  That said, since my family already has health insurance, I don’t really have a dog in the hunt on this one, other than receiving a bunch of e-mails from disgusted Ravens fans who don’t understand why the Ravens would take $130,000 from the state of Maryland to promote something as potentially damaging as “ObamaCare”.

I don’t have an answer for those folks who are angry.  You can either keep rooting for the team or turn in your tickets so someone else can buy them.

That said, the Ravens would have been far better served to just say “no thanks” when the sponsorship opportunity came their way and the $130,000 was offered.  Unless — “ahem” — some high ranking state official who also happens to own a sky box or two at the football stadium put the heat on them to do the deal and help out “his friend” in Washington D.C.

When it comes to football – and politics – we all know this:  It’s a dirty game under the pile.