Ravens TE Ed Dickson attributes “playing catch-up” for lack of offensive balance

November 16, 2011 | Ryan Chell

It’s been a long season, but Ravens tight end Ed Dickson finally had his breakout game of the year Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

“It was just Joe finding me,” Dickson told Glenn Clark on “The Reality Check” Tuesday. “I ran some hard, clean routes and Joe did a good job of finding me.”

Dickson was Baltimore’s leading receiver with 10 catches for 79 yards and two touchdowns-his second and third scores of the year.

It was the first time Dickson had reached the end zone since the Ravens Week 1 win over the Steelers.

Ironically though, his first score  came not from his quarterback in Joe Flacco, but from running back Ray Rice on a halfback pass in Sunday’s 22-17 loss.

Dickson said that they’ve been working on that play for weeks, and that bringing it out of the playbook was necessary in an effort to get back in the game with the team on the ropes against Seattle.

“We’ve been working on that since the beginning of the season,” Dickson told Clark. “It’s always been up in the playbook, but it was a prime time to call that play because we kind of have a run tendency once we get down that close.”

He and Rice joked back about the play.

“Some of the balls he throws…I’m like, ‘Jesus, just throw it up there.’ He’s a running back, not a quarterback so I told him that it might be wide open and just to get it there.”

That was a creative play out of Cam Cameron’s playbook, and despite some criticism of the play-calling this week, Dickson felt like he, Flacco, and the rest of the offense are at a good pace right now.

“We’re very comfortable,” Dickson said. “I think that is our strong point right now. We can do the “two-minute” anytime whenever they’re ready to call it. We run that to perfection.”

But at the same time, he understands why Ray Rice cannot be “forgotten about” in their offense.

“He’s one of our best players,” Dickson said. “However, we give Ray Rice the ball, you have to get Ray Rice the ball. You have to feed the beast.”

But to quell the “Fire Cam Cameron talk”, Dickson said it was the turnovers, missed field goals, and lack of execution that made Ray Rice non-existent-not Cameron blacking out the run plays on his play-sheet.

“The game got kind of weird because we didn’t expect to fumble two kickoff returns,” said Dickson. “It kind of put us in a bad spot, and we were playing catch-up the whole game.”

Dickson gave the Seahawks all the credit in the world for hitting the target on their backs, but now it’s their job to avoid their AFC North foes in the Cincinnati Bengals doing the same.

“Everybody wants to beat us,” Dickson said, “and that’s something we have to realize this week. Every team is going to be gunning for us, and we’ve got to give our best every week.”

And in a critical three-team race in the AFC North, they know the importance of bringing their “A” game Sunday versus the Bengals.

“Even if Coach Harbaugh doesn’t say anything this week-not even two words-we already know the magnitude of this game, and where it puts us. We’re coming off a loss, so expect a pretty scrappy Ravens team to be ready for this game.”

Dickson basically guaranteed that next Tuesday when he joins Glenn again, the mood in Ravens Nation will be the same as it was two weeks ago against the Steelers, and that Sunday was just a bump in the road.

“We want to get back to the basics,” Dickson said, “and do the things that we do well. We get to come home and play for our home fans and be very physical against this team. We want to be the Ravens team that we showed you guys when we beat up on the Steelers…and flat out win the game.”

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