Ravens vs. New England — It’s a “7-Star Lock” game

December 20, 2013 | Drew Forrester

You know how it goes in gambling.

There are games you “like”, games you “feel good about” and games where you say, “it’s a lock!”

I have a slam-dunk thing called the “7-Star Lock” that I only bring out for very special occasions.

I’ve only used the “7-Star Lock” twice this season.

It hit both times.

The first go-round was in Baltimore last month when the Ravens edged the Bengals 20-17 in overtime.  The Friday before, I ended our award-winning segment – “Picks and Comment” – with the stunning revelation that the game in Baltimore two days later was “the lock of all locks”.  Hence, the reason it was a 7-Star Lock.

You just don’t label a game a 7-Star Lock unless you know it’s a done deal.

In fact, the 7-Star Lock is just like a honeybee.  When a honeybee stings you, that’s essentially its final act, as it will perish hours later.

If the 7-Star Lock ever fails, it, too, is dead.  A 7-Star Lock can only be used while owning a perfect record.

Anyway, following the successful application of the 7-SL on the Bengals in Baltimore (“I don’t care what you say, Cincinnati isn’t coming to Baltimore and beating the Ravens this Sunday…”), I took a few weeks off before finding another 7-SL game.

Last Sunday in Miami, I called the Dolphins over New England a 7-Star Lock for the hometown ‘Fins.

You can up that record to 2-0 on 7-SL’s this season.

Oddly enough, New England will once again be involved in a 7-Star Lock game.  It’s this Sunday afternoon in Baltimore.

Baltimore 26 – New England 13

And, yes, you can make that a 7-Star Lock.

New England’s not coming to Baltimore and winning on Sunday.  They don’t have enough offense, even though they have the best QB in the league.  They don’t have a defense that can stop the Ravens long enough to let the referees work their expected late-game magic for Bill Belichick’s team.

They have a very good kicker.

The Ravens have a great one.

New England doesn’t have to win the game.

Baltimore does.

The Ravens don’t lose big home games.  Not under John Harbaugh, anyway.  Not in December.

The last time the Ravens spit the bit in a home game of this kind of magnitude was January 13, 2007 when the ’06 campaign ended abruptly with a 15-6 loss to the Colts in the AFC playoffs.

Ain’t happenin’ this Sunday in Baltimore, trust me.

Ravens in a romp.

Book it.

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  1. Kolo Jezdec Says:

    Ravens ought to take care of business on Sunday.

    One might say the December 2010 home game against Pittsburgh was a big game. The Ravens win that game and they likely win the division and maybe host Pittsburgh in the second round. (DF: The Steelers didn’t actually win that game. The referees did.)

  2. The Armchair QB Says:

    Here’s hoping you’re right! But, there are no, “gimmees” Ravens!

  3. matt Says:


  4. unitastoberry Says:

    I think the rest of the offense will step it up for Joes supposed injury. I think the Pats are old just like Megatron was.

  5. David Says:

    How about 2008 in December against the Steelers. They lost finishing 11-5 as the 6th seed instead of 12-4 like the Steelers and changing around their seedings. I like the Ravens at home but it is far from a lock.
    (DF: It’s not a “lock”. You’re right. It’s a 7-star lock.)

  6. Ralph Says:

    Drew if I would have bet some of your other locks I would own two of the houses I have now. You may not know football but I’ll be damned if you dont make good predictions. (DF: You don’t know football either. But I don’t hold that against you.)

  7. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    I can only hope your are right, Go Ravens !!! I am planning on going to the Towson, E.W.U. game on Saturday. There campus is only 1 & a half hour drive from Sandpoint, Go Tigers !!!

  8. Dan Says:

    DF- – Ravens in a romp.

    Book it.” I see it decided in the last 2 minutes ,
    ( no romp ) hope we win .

  9. John in Westminster Says:

    Find me a bookie!! The kids’ Christmas presents are riding on this and will have to wait ’till Sunday night! 😉

  10. Mike frim Carney Says:

    Flacco borrowing RG3’s knee brace and Ray Rice having another sub 50 yd rushing game. Yea, it’s a lock.

  11. Robert Says:

    Aside from the games against the Texans & Jets, I haven’t seen a Ravens romp this season. Further, like or dislike, Brady is head & shoulders above Schaub & Smith, so I don’t expect to see our offense running roughshod over any of the teams who are playoff possibilities. Cheers.

  12. BmoreB Says:

    Drew.. I’m with ya. This game is the game where all hell breaks loose.

    Ravens 34
    Pats 10

  13. BK Says:

    I quite distinctly remember you giving a lock and saying book it, about some golf predictions earlier this year. As a matter of fact you told people to go out and ‘make the investment’ on the betting market, and what happened there? Complete flop.

    Congrats on hitting your last two ‘7 star locks’, but any idiot can pick two random games and get lucky. What I really want to know, if it is such a lock, is how many thousands of ‘real’ dollars do you have on this game? And don’t tell me you don’t really gamble because anyone in their right mind would have as much money as they can afford on a game like this is they TRULY believed in the way you are saying.

    Here is hoping the Ravens do win, despite the 7-star lock theory! You can definitely say you were right (although 3 picks in a year getting right is not that amazing) if they win, but you better man up and take it if they do not! Unlike the way you would normally handle it, berating the fans for how stupid you think they are for calling you out or some other BS like that.

  14. OVER40DON Says:

    BK you are a 7 star DICK

  15. Kolo Jezdec Says:

    “One might say the December 2010 home game against Pittsburgh was a big game. The Ravens win that game and they likely win the division and maybe host Pittsburgh in the second round. (DF: The Steelers didn’t actually win that game. The referees did.)”

    You are right, of course. The no-call on the play that broke the visiting QB’s nose gave the visitors a distinct advantage in that game. Kind of like the no-call on the hit to Mr. Flacco’s lower leg helped the Ravens…

  16. Chris Says:

    I agree with OVER40DON.

  17. unitastoberry Says:

    I agree with Chris

  18. Dan Says:

    I agree with Dan , a squeaker decided in final 2 mins or OT ..

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